Court proceedings have started for the five men charged a 2017 murder in Lyon County District Court.

Andrew John “AJ” Granado, 21, of Tulsa, Okla., Jordy Cornejo-Campoverde, 21, Armando Nunez, 20, Alan Alanis, 19, and Jovan Pecina, 22, — all of Emporia — are each facing multiple counts related to the Sept. 6, 2017 murder of 19-year-old Jesus Avila.

Each suspect is facing six counts, including one count of conspiracy murder in the first degree, murder in the first degree, conspiracy aggravated robbery, aggravated robbery, theft of property or services, arson and interference with a Law enforcement officer by concealing, altering or destroying evidence.

According to complaints filed with Lyon County District Court, Granado, Cornejo-Campoverde, Nunez, Alanis and Pecina and Samuel Garcia — who is currently serving seven years for an unrelated offense — “communicated through social media applications and/or electronic devices to aid in the commission of the crime.”

The complaint alleges that Garcia, Granado, Alanis, Nunez and Pecina skipped school and met at Cornejo-Campoverde’s house. Garcia then contacted Avila.

Garcia and Pecina left with Avila in his vehicle.

Garcia allegedly shot and killed Avila. Granado then drove himself, Alanis, Nunez and Cornejo-Campoverde and took gasoline to a “predesignated location” where they met Garcia and Pecina with Avila’s body.

The complaint states an AK47 rifle, money and a speaker were removed from Avila’s vehicle. One of the suspects then poured gasoline into the vehicle and set it on fire.

Granado then drove the group back to Cornejo-Campoverde’s home where they disposed of the .22 caliber pistol.

The complaint states the group distributed the currency among themselves and concealed the speaker and AK47.

The murder was allegedly planned between Aug. 1, 2017 - Sept. 5, 2017.

Bond has been set at $750,000 for each of the defendants. Should they make bond, they will be required to submit to GPS monitoring, not have contact with any witnesses, surrender any passports prior to release from custody and waive extradition requests.

The next hearing for all five suspects is 3 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 24 in Lyon County District Court with Judge Douglas Jones.

The state has filed motions to try all defendants as adults.

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Oh,oh!! Sounds to me like someone singing behind bars and is not the alleluia 😁😁


Has Garcia been charged with Avila’s murder or will he be charged? Or did he just roll over on everyone?





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