The Cottonwood River south of Emporia was still well above flood stage Friday.

According to the National Weather Service in Topeka, the water level was still at 25.1 feet. The flood stage is 20 feet.

This has caused Highway 99 south in Emporia all the way to U.S. Highway 54 in Greenwood County to be shut down since Tuesday evening. The All Veterans Memorial and Commercial Street south of Logan Avenue are also closed.

Greenwood County Emergency Management said the 40-mile stretch of Highway 99 was closed due to “life-threatening flooding.”

Another dousing of rain late Friday afternoon — a storm which spawned a Tornado Warning but no confirmed sightings — dropped another significant amount of rain on Lyon County. One of the roads which was flooded due to the Friday storm was Road 140 — the detour for Kansas Highway 99.

"K99 detour to flood gates on KTA Turnpike is being rerouted," the Lyon County Sheriff's Office wrote in a Facebook post Friday evening. "Road 140 has water over it. Vehicles are advised to take Road 110 to Road F and then north."

More rain is in the forecast throughout the weekend, though the river is expected to drop below flood stage on Monday.

This list of road closures will be updated as they are announced:

Road 140 between roads F and H

Road 250 between roads D and F

Road H between roads 130 and 140

400 block of Road 240

Road 170 and Road P

South Highway 99 to U.S. Highway 54 in Greenwood County

Road 190 and Road M

1000 block of Road 210

1200 block of Road 210

Burlingame Road and Road 190, East and West

700 - 800 block of Road 160 (Lockerman Road)

1600 - 1700 block of Road G

600 Block Road 170

Road A from Highway 50 north to Road 180

Road M from Road 190 north to Road 197

Road 190 from Road L5 east to Road M

Road B5 from Road 170 north to Road 173

Road 240 from Road C east to Road D

Road K from Road 210 south to Road 190

Road 210 from Road K east to Road L

Road 190 east of Burlingame Road

Road 180 east of Burlingame Road

Road 160 west of Road J

Road F north of Road 140

Road G north of Road 160

Road 160 west of Road G

Road G south of Road 170

Road K7 south of Road 70

Road 250 from Road D east to Road E 

Road B2 north of Highway 50 to Road 180

Road B5 north of Highway 50 to Road 180

1750-1778 Road P2 around Camp Alexander

1400 block of Road 170

Part of the 1500 block of Road 170 from Road R to Road R1

1900 block of Road J

400 block of Road 170

1700 block of Road D

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I hope the detour is correctly and visibly marked so no one makes a wrong turn and gets in deep ... do do ,,, water. I'm new to the area so I am hoping this is not the normal spring weather.


Sawyer --this is normal weather for most years


I would tend to disagree that the current weather pattern is normal. I saw a report on TV that said there were (nationwide) 500 reported tornadoes within the past 30 days. This is only the 5th time such has occurred since records began of this type. The years were all from 2000 onward which suggests to me the growing influence of global warming.


The river might rise enough once or twice a year to block 99 south for short periods, but getting enough rain to overflow Melvern lakes emergency spillway and John Redmond being forced to release massive amounts of water, along with 99 North and South being closed for extended periods is definitely not normal weather for most years. It it was, that poor water treatment plant would be damaged again every time it was fixed. Even the turnpike detour flooded...

You most likely won't see flooding this bad for another 20 years. Not sure why jeronimo thinks this is "normal weather", but I can assure you he is wrong. Plenty of historical data to back that up.

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