Write-in votes were tallied and winners were announced Thursday for the races which did not have a nominee or enough to fill the number of seats being vacated.


Michael Spade was elected mayor of Admire with eight write-in votes, which was three more than Melanie Deshon and Donna Ule. Mike Kuhn and Rich Gould came in with four and three votes, respectively.

Robert Reust was the only candidate to file for a city council position in Admire. With two open seats, the write-in candidate receiving the most votes was Michael Uhl with 11.


Incumbent Charles Eastman won the mayoral election in Allen Tuesday when he ran unopposed. Sidney Conger also earned a spot on the city council as a regular candidate, but that filled only one of two seats being vacated in January.

Rachel Brunmeier was chosen as a write-in candidate for the city council with 11 votes. Robert Mason also picked up five votes while eight people — and one cartoon character — received a single vote each.

Neosho Rapids

Dallas Shepherd received 20 write-in votes to be named mayor of Neosho Rapids. However, he had already filed and run for a spot on the city council. He will be given a choice as to which position he would like to fill.

Adam Heckathorn and Larry Rosenquist received six and three votes, respectively, for mayor of Neosho Rapids. Julie Buckridge and Steve Zumbrunn picked up two votes each.

Five seats were up for grabs on the Neosho Rapids City Council this year, and four of them were filled by filed candidates Larren Masenthin, Karla Mendoza, Brian Shank and Shepherd on Tuesday night. Matt Martin received nearly half of the 53 write-in votes with 26 to be chosen for the five vacancy. Robert Wilson and David Wilson were the next closest with eight and four votes while Heckathorn gained three votes.


No candidates filed to become the mayor of Olpe, leaving that race to a write-in as well. Keith Pimple earned 21 votes to claim election. Rick Jones, Jerry Tempelmeyer and Greg Markowitz also received multiple votes.

Jones and Les Farr tied for the remaining spot on the Olpe City Council.

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