I have made the following a standard basic topic in both Democrat and particularly Republican meetings recently. I have verbally asked these questions in front of a lot of citizens. The main theme of these questions is just who has been fired over the various listed debacles of late?

The following are the main screw-ups that I have inquired about.

How can anyone lose $700 million in unemployment fraud in just Kansas and not notice it? How can at least 75% of the last quarters unemployment claims be a fraud and no one stop it? How come no one in the whole department was fired?

How come none of our state-elected officials have even once suggested that someone is fired over unemployment fraud? No one has been recommended to be fired by them. What good are they to be watchmen working for us if they don’t get lots of incompetent state employees fired due to their inaction?

In Pres. Bush’s and Clinton’s time, there was a ton of evidence that terrorists were targeting America. Our political response was a pontificate of words and our government formed a new bureaucracy of “Homeland Security” after 9/11. Millions of words yet not one person was fired.

We fund our intelligence departments about $85 billion (that’s $1 billion a year). This is more than Russia, England and France spends on their whole military. Yet when the American stooge President Ghani of Afghanistan skedaddled no one in our bloated intelligence network knew. They had to be told by the media. And of course, no one was fired. And again no one was fired due to this incompetence.

Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth McKenzy had the courage to go against Pres. Biden’s assessment of the cowardly Afghan government soldiers, but he still has his job. He was defeated in only 11 days. And no one fired him.

General Mark A. Milley is the 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation’s highest-ranking military officer and the principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense and National Security Council. Over and over he covered his butt by saying that there was just no way for them to know that the Taliban was coming. Does this remind you of our government officials during the Vietnam War as the Vietcong rode their tanks into Saigon? Here again, no one has canned Milley.

What a showman was Sec of State Tony Blinken’s well-tanned body upon his return from his vacation while Kabul was being sacked. Do I need to list what he said about this mess? And no one has fired him.

“No one could have known,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. Those five words explaining their incompetence, to me, is all that we needed to can him. But he probably does not know where the exit door was either. How about the job that his bosses performed. This outfit is responsible for the greatest turnover of military gear in world history. Are you surprised that Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks on public communications still have their positions? I am not.

How is it possible to have an election with a 7 million margin of winning and with a 100% certification of that election by even the Republican State Secretary of States plus the vice president and that no one is fired if there is any evidence of fraud? Could this be nothing more than political propaganda to keep their base stirred up? And as usual no one was bagged?

Who in the Trump administration created the agreement with the Taliban? What a piece of junk. Few Americans know that this junk deal set most of this into motion. Has anyone been fired over that escapade? Few know about Trump’s deal with the Taliban.

Who’s watch was it when a commandeered American Black Hawk helicopter hung a corpse under it and flew the dead person over Kabul? Should someone be fired over this overlooked insult? If the US had someone like General Wm. Tecumseh Sherman of our Civil War days, or “Give en Hell” Harry Truman, there would damn sure of been consequences for such a dastardly insult. No one was discharged and a trillion dollar war machine just sat and watched.

Here might be the only person fired for dereliction in this whole list. Lt. Col. Sheller stated on YouTube that the situation in Afghanistan was being managed by incompetence. He was three years short of his retirement. He was fired. He made a real real bad decision as someone in active duty in the military to make such a statement. Even though I agree with him, he really goofed as a military officer entering into civilian politics. He could have said all of what he thought in just three years after his retirement, but not while in active duty. He seems to be the only one that I can think of as being sacked during all this junk.

For those who say that voting will address this issue; I disagree. Hasn’t voting created most of this? I stand with Jefferson at this juncture of incompetence by so many.

The Shay’s Rebellion was when citizens had their fill.

Shay’s Rebellion — a sometimes-violent uprising of farmers angry over conditions in Massachusetts in 1786 — prompted Thomas Jefferson to express the view that “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing” for America.

A rebellion in the form of Gandhi’s peaceful actions should, and could, very well now be at hand.

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Well, MWS I'm glad to see that we are moving closer to agreeing. When your only criticism is that you believe our leaders shouldn't accept responsibility or learn along the way, I'm comfortable with that.


Freemonster hit it our of the park on this one: "Our current President accepts responsibility, learns along the way, and keeps going." Incredible.


We certainly got used to our previous president firing all his mistakes. He went through personnel like paper towels. Well, that's one way to deal with a bad situation. When you can't use "fake news" any longer, assign your problems to someone then fire them and walk away "clean". Our current President accepts responsibility, learns along the way, and keeps going. After what we have seen in the recent past, this approach does feel completely different. That's a major reason that Trump was canned.


The guy hanging from the helicopter wasn't a corpse, he was a Taliban fighter being lowered to the governors office to plant a Taliban flag.

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