Lyon County Appraiser Ryan Janzen updated the county commission Thursday on his recent trip to the 2019 International Association of Assessing Officers Annual Conference that took place in Niagara Falls, Canada.

In July, Janzen asked the commission for a maximum of $1,400 toward the conference but hoped to receive scholarships to reduce the price. He did receive a scholarship for $1,250.

“By the time we factor in that scholarship and what we paid out of our own pockets to go and attend, we really made it probably more affordable than some of the in-state conferences that we attend,” Janzen said.

At the conference, Janzen and David Gillmore with the appraiser’s office attended various sessions to gain information on incorporating different technologies, examining different forms of obsolescence and much more.

Gillmore was then motivated to pursue higher education to earn an International Association of Assessing Officers designation.

Janzen and Gillmore presented on how to analyze data in small, rural jurisdictions, which was well-received and well-attended.

The conference was also a good way for them to network and to bring back new ideas to improve processes and procedures.

Janzen presented the annual Substantial Compliance Results with the commission. The appraiser’s office received 100 percent on its compliance.

“The staff did a great job,” Janzen said.

From Facilities

Lyon County Facilities Manager Mark McKenna said three and five years ago, the county’s facilities moved from Mapcon computer software to a different company, because Mapcon quit supporting what was being used. However, the company they have been using since was recently bought out, and the annual price was going to increase 10 percent. When researching updates and doing a trial with the new software, Mapcon once again became the preferred company. The county is capable of hosting the installment.

The replacement was quoted at $5,474 with some additional fees for tech support.

The commission motioned to approve the maintenance software replacement.

From the Engineer

Lyon County Engineer Chip Woods asked the commission to consider approving the quote from Frank Black Pipe and Supply for approximately 650 feet of surplus 18-inch casing at $30 per foot, as well as approximately 600 feet of surplus 24-inch casing at $32 per foot for an estimated total amount of $38,700, paid from the Road and Bridge Fund.

The price is a little higher than what the county was paying because of the materials categorized as surplus, rather than new. The commission approved the quote.

Woods also asked the commission to consider approving the entrance application for Travis Heins at 1526 Road 75.

The commission motioned to approve the application.

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KB Thomas

I do not think it is wise to be going out country to a international conference and where did the scholarship come from, probably an organization backed by George Soras. This sounds like UN Agenda 2030 to me. We need to send our appraiser to a. ROSA KOIRE UN Agenda 2030 seminar or you can review her videos. A very good one is Democrats against agenda 21 Rosa Moore. Remember your government is your responsibly. I have a property for sale at 2 south state for 165,000 that is appraised for 220,000 dollars.

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