During the past four years, we have had an impeached president who embodies all the worst of our sins, whose malignant narcissism is tied to too many un-American and anti-American values: misogyny, racism, white supremacy, religious bigotry, utter moral and financial corruption, nepotism, endless lying, disregard for our health and welfare, utter failure to address the pandemic, admiration and support of autocratic dictators, alienation of our allies, stifling the free press, projecting all his faults onto those who criticize him, and — yes — fascism. Even though we are not engaged in a declared war, treason is not too strong a word.

Despite all this, he still garnered over 70 million votes in an election that should not have been close. It staggers the imagination. This election shows that white America’s preference for Trump betrays a large persistent constituency that feels comfortable in ignoring or supporting explicit racism and corruption. I feel shame in my status as a white American. We obviously have a long way to go to become that “shining city on the hill.” Racial hatred and bigotry are way too strong. It is not hyperbole to state that – although not all Trump supporters are racists – all the racists are Trump supporters. The religious injunction to “love thy neighbor” is lost in translation.

Thankfully, progressives — despite their reservations about “centrist” Biden — backed him. So did most Hispanics. Black Americans, despite 400 years of oppression, despite being continually shut out and pushed down and suppressed in their vote, still believe enough in their country to vote overwhelmingly for Biden. They essentially made the difference in the race. It is quite clear that one of the most significant contributions to the saving of our democracy came from women of color, especially Black women. This older white male proudly stands with them and in their shadow.

Douglas McGaw,


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burn'n daylight

Mr Trump is my President. All you haters are blind. To vote biden was a mistake. If he becomes president, it will be because of the fact that the democrats cheated. Well, you have set the table. And now you'll have to live with the consequences.


Enough democrats and independents combined would have probably voted for a Republican over Sleepy Joe, but Republicans didn't have a viable candidate. Trump maintained and deserved the lowest approval ratings throughout his presidency, and Republicans still felt he was the best chance they had to win...lol. Trumps loss has been forcasted for over a year. Nate Silver gave Biden a 90% chance... Now that all the legal votes have been counted, this election wasn't even that close. Nate Silver was spot on. If Republicans hadn't made up rules about when mail ballots could be opened, we would have known Biden was the clear winner on Nov. 4th. All the Pennsylvania nonsense was manufactured. It should have went much smoother... Making sure this doesn't happen again is part of Bidens election integrity plan.

Claiming "the democrats cheated" with zero evidence is like the little kid who gets mad and flips the monopoly board over. Trumps fanbase has spent every day since George Floyds death putting down the black community... and it was the black community who ultimately gave Biden enough votes in Georgia to seal the deal. All their dismantling sorting machines at post offices and limiting drop off boxes was not enough suppression to keep democrats from having their voices heard. They performed their patriotic duty and showed up... not for Biden, but against Trump.

Hollowed Ground

A very well written work, but of course it only scratches the surface of the most evil administration this once-great nation has seen. Under Trump we have seen Nazis and Jew Baiters galvanized to action in the street, with Charlottesville and El Paso coming immediately to mind. Our beautiful but fragile western public lands have been opened to ravage and plunder by mining and drilling interests. Requirements for clean air and water have been tossed to the wind. Republicans, once a bastion of sound conservative economics have become devout socialists and debt lovers when it comes to business. Under the impeachment, Republicans were handed the perfect cover for removing the despicable Trump and putting Pence in his place, yet every one to a T except one lined up and declined. If you have read of Hitler's behavior in the waning months of WWII, where he ordered everything destroyed, Paris to be razed, the German people to be left with nothing, and blamed his own generals and fallen soldiers for not being brave enough, blamed the German people for not being strong enough, but never blamed himself for anything, you will recognize Trump's behavior as he fired appointee after appointee for not being extreme enough, for not violating laws blatantly enough, for not lying enough, and blamed gold star families and former POWs for not being strong enough. Remember that, and always remember Republicans enabled and continue to enable this behavior. Trump could never have been as successful at his evil without the avid support of the Republican party. Never.


Trump showed the world America at its worst. The fact that so many voted for him again showed that we haven't learned to be any better.


Society is a better place for your issuance of a mea culpa. The sun is brighter, the air is fresher, the birds chirps are happier, and everyone's life became blissfully idyllic. Thank you, scapegoat. If a problem arises we will know who to blame.

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