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Emporia has been without downtown parking enforcement for several months. That will change Monday morning when Jack’s Security will begin downtown enforcement.

The City of Emporia’s Police Department will oversee the downtown enforcement now contracted through Jack’s Security.

"Parking laws protect public safety and advance policy goals such as ensuring parking turnover so that customers can access businesses," read a written statement from the Emporia Police Department.

The most common parking restrictions in and around the downtown area are:

• Time limit (signs posted)

• Handicapped (public and private property)

• Proper parking in stalls (i.e. direction and within lines)

• Parking with traffic flow (vehicle should face the proper direction of traffic flow)

Drivers are responsible for parking properly and abiding by the laws. They also need to ensure that their vehicle does not become a hazard when it is parked. Failure to follow the law could result in getting a ticket and a fine, as well as potentially having your vehicle towed.

Civilian personnel through Jack’s Security will monitor parking and issue necessary tickets. Questions and comments regarding any parking enforcement within the City of Emporia should be directed to the Emporia Police Department at 343-4200.

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I would like to see the police crack down on the semi trucks jakebraking at I-35 & Burlingame Road. Also, there should be some way to check the Harley motorcycles, as those here seem a lot louder than most places. I think the riders just think it cool to rattle everyones brains when they roar by.


I believe in taking are and protecting mine and myself. If we all did this then police would not be needed.


Regarding; Acceptable Behavior of Law Enforcement Professionals and the General Public at large. 1. Identify, Verify and if necessary Recertify only myself period; try to Certify everybody possible including myself comma, but Identify, Verify and if necessary [ Recertify only myself ] Period. 2. Patrol and Report always remembering that me is the person most responsible for keeping myself alive period. 3. Never Intervene and never Decertify anybody comma, including myself period.


Think someone from the paper or city would answer who Jack's security? Don't the city want us to know?

KB Thomas

I heard a story about a Sheriff who wanted to inspect a field for illegal crops and the farmer said, "what right do you have to inspect my property? The Sheriff said, "this badge gives me the authority." The farmer said, "do not inspect the north 40." The farmer said, "he was sorry," Twenty minutes later the sheriff was screaming as a huge bull was chasing him and the farmer yelled,"show him your badge, show him your badge."

KB Thomas

Years ago one police officer wrote so many tickets that a bunch of businessmen complained to the city and police officer was dispatched to the water department reading water meters to save his retirement.


Hmmm...well, at least a FEW of our town's laws are enforced. Daily we see people texting while driving, speeding (particularly on 6th), loud mufflers, "burning rubber" on Commercial, U-turns on Commercial (also known as highway 99), driving in pouring rain without turning on head-lights, failure to use turn indicators, littering, jaywalking (often with small children in tow), running traffic lights/signs, etc. Enforcing the law should 1.) protect citizens, 2.) prosecute law breakers and, 3.) enrich the city's coffers by fines being paid by those who ignore the law. Instead, it's just easier to raise property and sales tax.


You could ticket bike riders running stop signs and running lights to pay for new streets!


Yes, Bike Riders should be ticketed, too, for running Stop Lights, Stop SIgns.




Who is Jack's security?



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