Emporia City Commissioners unanimously approved the signing of a development agreement for the upcoming Riverside Addition Subdivision during an abbreviated meeting Wednesday morning.

On Dec. 18, the city passed Resolution No. 3625 establishing the Riverside Rural Housing Incentive District pursuant to K.S.A. 12-5219 et seq, which was also later approved by the Secretary of Commerce on Feb. 10. Wednesday’s agreement signed with developer Riverside Court, LLC simply ensured the firm will develop the Riverside Subdivision in accordance with the adopted subdivision regulations and policies of the city and as a Rural Housing Incentive District under the Statutes of Kansas.

“There are no tax dollars coming out from the city, this is all [Rural Housing Incentive District] money,” City Engineer Jim Ubert said. “With all that in mind, I want to remind everyone that we have a public hearing on this sometime next week, which will mark the last phase of the state requirement.”

After the single item of business had been taken care of, commissioners briefly discussed the impact COVID-19 would have on financial matters. City Manager Mark McAnarney said he wasn’t expecting to see a significant reduction in tax money until sometime in the summer, seeing as the city’s budget is usually done months in advance. In the meantime, McAnarney hopes to provide city employees with more clarity on their work situation, perhaps having a set plan in place by sometime next week.

“At this time, we’ve started the week with the majority of city positions being considered essential,” Assistant City Manager Lane Massey added. “This week and next week, we’ll be taking the group we already have, and drill it down because of the new shelter-in-place order. We want to meet those requirements as best we can. If there are individuals who can work from home, we’re going to have them try to do that … we might have to reorganize and repurpose other positions to help with other things moving forward.”

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Where does the money from rural housing incentive money come from?


The money comes from property taxes. For example if the average property generates 2k annually in taxes, and a developer buys that property and builds 5 more houses, the total property tax bill for all 6 houses is now closer to 12k . A Rural housing incentive district is where the city keeps their original 2k, but anything over goes to the developer for a set amount of time or until X amount of dollars are met.

Whether or not these are "tax dollars" is another debate.


Explain to me where the money the rural housing development comes from if it isn't tax dollars from somewhere.


Actually, the developers are paying for the infrastructure and the only way they will ever receive any of those funds back is if they build and sell the homes. The developer


What about the infrastructure, the sewer lines, water lines, electrical, etc., will the city be paying for those? By the city, of course, I mean other taxpayers that won't be living in those new houses.


Actually, the Developers are local and paying for the Infrastructure. The only way they will ever see a dime of the money is if they build the homes and sell them. The new taxes the homeowners will pay will hopefully pay back the developers.The developers are taking a huge risk as there is only a certain amount of time the homes can be built and sold so that the new taxes can pay off the Infrastructure. No money is coming from your tax dollars or the city! The developers have also hired a local contractor so all the money to build is staying local. The developers may never any profits and have already paid a large amount of money out of pocket. New homes are greatly needed in Emporia and we should be excited people are risking millions to help the community!


Maybe there are no city tax dollars but they are still tax dollars paying for it.


See above comments. Actually, unless you buy one of the houses you won't pay anything towards the Infrastructure.

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