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Two suspects were apprehended following a short manhunt in Lyon County Wednesday evening.

Lyon County Sheriff Jeff Cope told The Emporia Gazette that the search was related to a car chase that originated in Butler County earlier in the afternoon. Two people had already been arrested in Lyon County as a result of that incident, Cope said.

“Butler County had a vehicle coming up the turnpike and they were able to spike strip them out and the vehicle finally stopped in the area of Road 160,” he said. “Two people were apprehended after pursuit and were taken into custody and transported back to Butler County for charges.”

A third person was then sighted in the area.

“He ran for a short time and was finally located in the area of 1600 Road G and he’s in custody,” Cope said. “He’s on his way to Butler County.”

That arrest was made around 6:25 p.m. A fourth arrest was made around 8 p.m. after reports of suspicious activity.

Cope said law enforcement personnel believed all suspects have now been apprehended, but anyone who sees anything suspicious should call the sheriff’s office right away.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at 620-343-4225 for non-emergent calls. In the event of an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

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Car chases will continue.... what we do not need is another life lost needlessly. Obviously I refer to Steve Henry when he was killed in front of Braum's last March. I've been told by city officials that a notification COULD come out to all cell phones when a chase is in pursuit... similar to when we receive Amber alerts... If this is possible, then we NEED to have this... Would it have made a difference for Steve Henry?

Possibly! Being notified when driving, that a high-speed chase is happening, one may be alert to surroundings. If one life could be saved, wouldn't it be worth it?

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