Due to the increase in respiratory illnesses in our community, Newman Regional Health is instituting temporary visitation restrictions on the Labor and Delivery/OB floor (4th floor).

Children under the age of 12 should not be brought to the hospital to visit. Siblings will be given permission to visit after they have been screened by a nurse for symptoms of a cold or fever.

According to Newman Regional Health’s Chief Operating Officer, Julia Pyle, the numbers of respiratory infections in children rise during the fall and winter months.

“It is typical for hospitals to initiate sibling visitor restrictions to children’s and women’s inpatient areas for the protection of our patients,” Pyle said. “This is an annual practice and is usually lifted at the end of the winter season.”

The hospital is requesting that people only visit if they are healthy. Do not visit if you have a fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea or have been exposed to someone with those symptoms within the past seven days.

All healthy visitors are asked to clean their hands before and after each patient visit using soap and water or alcohol foam cleaner. Although visitation restrictions are strictly in place for Labor and Delivery/OB, Newman Regional Health would like to remind all visitors that it is necessary to practice safe and healthy visitation guidelines for all patients and visitors.

Family and friends do have the option to send a patient greeting using Newman Regional Health’s website. Visit www.newmanrh.org/patientgreetings for more information. Your cooperation is appreciated and greatly assists in community safety.

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