The West U.S. 50 roundabout ground to a halt Tuesday morning when a tractor-trailer filled with fish flipped over.

A statement from Emporia Police said Alien Vazquez-Moreno, 39, was heading east into Emporia when the rollover occurred around 8:35 a.m. He was not hurt. But it took about two hours to remove the big rig.

Police are not sure exactly what caused the vehicle to flip onto its side.

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It all amounts to one fact. Can you drive or not? There's nothing wrong with the roundabout it beats the hell out of stop lights.


Like I wrote to KDOT............All they have to do is replace that little 15 m.p.h. sign that's all bunched up with the direction signs is to put up a sign that is as big as the speed limit signs on turnpike and interstate, so the truckers will be sure to see it.


That roundabout is just poorly built... and has been flipping semi trucks on a regular basis since it was built. People can say its built fine and blame the driver all they want, but lets see another roundabout with this amount of rollovers with the same angle this one does...

Gary Lukert

While I have been "on and around" the Roundabout, I have never Checked. Are they flashing warning lights on the Hiway West, maybe at least a Quarter of a mile, warning Trucks to Slow to 20 or so miles an hour. I will take a run out there to check. Has a car or pickup every rolled over on it?


Car or pickup versus semi. Apples and oranges.


If you look at the bank angle of the roundabout it is minimal elevation on the outside of the curve, of course they are going to flip over. They are a high profile vehicle.Just 3 more degrees of elevation on the outside of the curve would do wonders. poorly designed.

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