Answering the call from Editor and Publisher Chris Walker for community leaders to find ways to get people back into the workforce, I’ve been advocating for the last two years Kansas adopts the law allowing MEHKO — Micro Enterprise Home Kitchen Operations.

Over the last two years, California has permitted over 120 Micro Home Restaurants, note: without a single food safety complaint. Utah also passed the law this year allowing the permitting of Micro Home Restaurants.

Washington St. HB 1258 states- “MEHKO’s provides an opportunity to help people get out of poverty. Food brings the community together and lets them share their identity and culture.” The bill is on to the Senate.

28 States are updating their home-cooking food laws, and the investors are getting in the game. received $28 million, and Burger King’s parent invested $8 million as they see the potential of these new laws, and the societal benefits of.

The Phoenix 2025 Food Plan calls for residents to have access to healthier food within a quarter-mile of their home.

With many workers continuing to work at home, the MEHKO not only does all the above but can also help reduce food waste, and the use of disposables.

During the summers I work for a family at a ranch and operate as a MEHKO, preparing food specifically to the needs of the seven people I serve. I shop at a Farmers Market, and freeze any leftovers to take to the local food bank. The family also returns the ceramic dishes I deliver the food in for re-use.

The Gazette published a success story of an ESU student, Hussain Almukhtar, who successfully prepared Middle Eastern Food and had several hundred customers until he was shut down for cooking from his residence.

Certainly, this would bring many benefits to our community.

Michael J. “Chef Mikey” Garahan, CEC


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What a great idea; I'd love to see it adopted. I remember years ago when one lady whose cinnamon rolls I adored was told she could no longer sell them at the Farmers Market because she was baking at home. There went my absolute favorite thing in the world. Since then, I've seen other baked goods at the Farmers Market so I guess cinnamon rolls are back. Since I can't get out to go anymore, I hope others can sample that lady's goodness. I would love to sample the Middle Eastern fare of that ESU student. I hope he can cook again.

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