Workers were busy repairing a main water line rupture overnight Sunday in the area between Candlewood Drive and Presbyterian Manor.

At approximately 5:35 p.m. Sunday, the City of Emporia discovered a main line water leak. Assistant City Manager Lane Massey told the Gazette the pipe was repaired at 6 a.m. Monday after crews worked all night to repair one of the city’s main water lines, a 20-inch pipe, supplying water to all of Emporia. The rupture was approximately 10-12 feet long, blowing the top off the pipe.

Public Works Director Dean Grant said approximately 3 million gallons of water were lost before repairs could be made. The plant will have to operate at a higher flow for a period of time to recover the loss. Grant attributed the rupture to age, as the pipe was 95 years old.

Most citizens experienced low water pressure while the pipe was down.

Grant said the speedy fix of the pipe was partly due to the use of an excavator through a local contractor.

“Essentially, the line supplies all of town, and when you take and potentially put a hole in a pipe that size, a lot of water moves through it in a short period of time,” he said. “The city in the last 4-5 years has done a lot to improve the infrastructure here in town and spent a lot of money on sewer, a lot of money on the water systems and the commission continues to approve and do new projects to help the system. Our city manager and our finance director do a fabulous job of trying to ensure that as we do projects, that we get done, and do them in a way that we try to keep the rates level for our citizens and and industries here in town.”

Grant said the city and the engineering department is working hard to put a plan together to ensure that they don’t just acknowledge there is aging infrastructure but there is plan in place and continue to move forward with every year.

Grant acknowledged the crew’s working overnight to fix the problem.

“I attribute the response to the fact that they made a priority to get it done as quickly as possible.”

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95 years! How long do you think a pipe made today would last? It's a shame to lose so much water but it could be worse... major pipelines, dams and bridges across the country should start failing any time now.


yes I believe it's time the city guys and dolls decide to spend money where it needs to be spent instead of where they have been spending it.


Yes, we are thankful to the workers that were up all night to fix the problem.

I question why a boil order wasn’t issued since the water pressure dropped so low? It appears the line that broke yesterday is the same “line” that ends up on prairie street between 15th and 18th that broke 3 or so years ago? That time, it emptied both water tanks by Walmart and the city was on a boil order for a few days in upper 90 degrees heat.

I am curious how many linear feet of 20” line that $1 million would replace? $1 million being the amount the city paid for the Smoot’s industrial property that the city is just sitting on now for future used. Would $1 million of paid the replacement of the 20” line from the water tanks to the point of where it broke last night? Maybe even more? What is the actual monetary value of 60% of the cities water preserves? Would that value have replaced the 20” line from where it broke last night to where it broke 3 years ago?

Just some thoughts to ponder. The utilities boss is quick to pay the backs of the finance and other city government for what they have done so far. Well that’s his job and of course he’s going the pat the backs of those that sign his paycheck.

Just some things to think about. How important is water to our human existence? Is the Emporia government prioritizing this need to reflect the importance of water?


We should all be very thankful that we have pickle ball in Emporia.

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