City and county commissioners meet over lunch on Wednesday to discuss ongoing projects.

The City of Emporia and Lyon County commissioners met Wednesday afternoon to check in with one another about ongoing projects.

Lyon County Zoning and Floodplain Manager Sam Seeley reported on zoning regulations that are still in the works. The city and county adopted the joint comprehensive plan, PlanELC, in Nov. 2017. Since that time, each entity has been working on updating its zoning regulations to support and implement the plan.

As part of this process, the city and county are combining the zoning and subdivision regulations into one joint document in order to develop consistent regulations that support and adhere to the vision, goals and patterns included in PlanELC. The updated zoning regulations will supersede the present zoning ordinances and other local land development regulations that apply to the City of Emporia and Lyon County when adopted.

The zoning regulations will guide form as well as use to create clear, simple, flexible and objective criteria for development consistent with PlanELC.

PlanELC also includes an updated Land Use Plan, called a Regulating Plan. The Regulating Plan introduces several new development typologies, none of which are currently reflected in current zoning regulations. The participatory process for this update started with a week-long workshop in Oct. 2018. This process included education and training on how to use and implement the new zoning regulations, and now it’s time for public review and comment.

There will be a public meeting at 6:30 p.m. July 24 in the White Auditorium Little Theatre, consisting of a short presentation and open discussion of the drafted documents.

Another topic of discussion was the communications radio project. Assistant Fire Chief Brandon Beck said site visits are ongoing, including a structural analysis. The 911 Board asked Motorola for a 95 percent coverage rate, and Beck said Motorola is confident the updates will be satisfactory. They are looking to finalize numbers in a couple weeks and present a final proposal to commissioners. The board will know more after their meeting on the July 25.

According to Scott Price with Police Department IT, Lyon County owns the north and south towers, and the city owns the Hatcher Street tower. He said there will be a lease tower from Westar, as well.

County Commissioner Scott Briggs updated commissioners on the Wind Farm project. Transformers will be delivered this week.

County Chairman Rollie Martin informed commissioners that it takes 50 loads of concrete and a mile-long reinforcement bar for the windmill foundation. There are going to be 62 towers in Lyon County and 6 in Osage County.

Commissioners updated one another of their budget process, both of which are nearing final numbers.

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