Lyon County surpassed 1,000 cases of the novel coronavirus, Thursday, adding 11 new positives and seven new recoveries to local numbers.

The county now has 76 active cases of COVID-19.

Three people are currently hospitalized.

To date, 1,007 cases have been reported including 909 recoveries and 21 deaths. There were an additional 15 death certificates pending review at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

According to Public Health Emergency Preparedness Director Jennifer Millbern, those deaths pending review are counted as recovered — not active cases.

A total of 6,496 tests have been performed in the county since March.

Ongoing clusters include long-term care, colleges and universities and schools.

Long Term Care: 1 active cluster, 160 total cases, 8 active cases, 14 deaths (Plus 14 pending death certificates from KDHE)

Colleges and Universities: 1 active cluster, 55 total cases, 24 active cases, 0 deaths

Schools: 1 active cluster, 5 total cases, 4 active cases, 0 deaths

Both Emporia State University and Emporia Public Schools will update their respective COVID dashboards Friday.

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so with 33,195 residents in Lyon County that gives us a fatality rate of .0006.

This is all stupid and an infringement on everyone's personal rights. Citizens need to remember every elected official that supported removing our legal rights when they come up for re-election and vote them all out of office.


You're very misinformed if you think the Lyon Co. fatality rate is .0006%...

Fatality rates are calculated by dividing (deaths) by (total cases). In the case of Lyon County, 27 deaths divided by 1,012 cases gives us 0.026%, or 26 deaths per 1000 cases. Your claim of 6 deaths per 10,000 cases is silly.

If all 33,195 residents of Lyon County did become infected, the number of deaths will be around 850. Theres around 14,000 households in Lyon County, so around 1 in 15 homes would suffer a covid death.

Your willingness to let this amount of people die because you don't feel like wearing a mask to prevent it shows what type of person you are. One of those whiny crybaby conservative types that "aint gunna let sumthin invisible control muh life".... see you at church!


Save the keystrokes, Aim. It doesn't seem that very many of the folks arguing that mitigation against a pandemic "infringes" somehow on their perceived rights understand statistics or analysis.


I noticed something quite intriguing.

For weeks we read a daily doom and gloom report of increasing Covid numbers...until...just a few days before city commissioners were to determine whether their mask mandate was slated to expire or continue.

Then something magical happened. Reports showed the number of active cases decreased. Just before the vote, the numbers had decreased further. Miracle of miracles! It was a breakthrough! Until the morning after.

Surprise! The morning following the vote, the number of active cases have increased again. What a downer! Perhaps the masks themselves are rebelling against the collective good of the community.

This is truly intriguing.

And convenient.

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