Sunday afternoon the Granada Theatre held a sensory-friendly showing of the Greatest Showman on Earth.

The Emporia Gazette

The Emporia Granada Theatre is joining the growing number of venues across the country requiring patrons to provide proof of vaccination or mask up for entry.

In a statement made to social media Friday evening, executive director Rebeca Herrera and board president Michael Helbert said the move was needed due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases.

“Masks of unvaccinated people may be removed when drinking. However, failure to wear a mask when not engaged in drinking a beverage is grounds for removal from the premises,” the statement reads. “It is our sincere hope that all of our patrons will respect their fellow citizens and follow these rules. These rules are being put in place for the benefit of the patrons, the staff of the Granada, and the performers.

“All patrons should know that there is a risk of being with unvaccinated people and the Granada cannot guarantee or insure that all patrons will follow these rules or that some may attempt to circumvent them. All patrons are attending at their own individual risk.”

Herrera and Helbert expressed their desire for patrons, staff and performers to have “a safe and wonderful experience” at the Granada.

The policy is effective immediately but “subject to change.”

“It should be noted that artists may refuse to perform before unvaccinated people,” they said.

The Granada is set to welcome comedian Andy Gross at 7 p.m. Aug. 28.

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Granada Theatre’s does not need to know the medical history of anyone.

My medical history is between my doctor and I.


Then wear a mask or just don't go there. Simple.


Granada does not require anyone’s medical data. One may choose to mask up instead. You’re complaining about something that isn’t a problem, Blue.


If we were talking about abortion you'd suddenly believe you have a place in the conversation between a woman and her doctor.


COVID, Aim. Stay on topic, please.


When a conservative claims to care about racism, that's when you know they are full of 💩💩💩.


The KKK belongs to the Democrat party.


The KKK actually belongs to racist christians, but whatever you say, lol.


Where our governments--municipal, county, state, and national--have been failing us, individual organizations are stepping in to fill the void. I am grateful they feel and address this social obligation. I fear for the corporatocracy being formed to provide the leadership our democratically elected leaders have failed to provide.


You're a racist for promoting segregation of the community.


Statistics show that minority groups have a lower "vaccination" rate than Caucasians.

This move seems like a way to keep minorities out of the Granada Theatre.

Sounds like RACISM to me.


People like you are a problem with this society


Denying equal access is the problem.

The Granada board is restricting access, not me.

Thanks for showcasing what side of Racism you're on.


GeT a LaWyEr, lol.


Yet again, Watchman, you superficially address the symptom of a thing, not its root cause. If the issue is that non-majority groups have less access to vaccines, the smarter thing to do is solve the problem of access to vaccines.


It's good to know you think Racism is a superficial issue. Clearly you've never been discriminated against because you don't understand that Racism hides behind friendly faces and "logical" solutions. The argument for segregation started with "People are diseased..." Then came separate water fountains, bathrooms, entrances, bus seats, and even shut doors. Go ahead and hide behind your lily white argument.


Once more you've rearranged the words used in a clear and direct statement into something it doesn't say. I didn't call racism a superficial issue, I called your post superficial because you look only at the surface of the problem and bury your head in the sand regarding the root cause you addle-brained race-baiting ignoramus.


The biggest minority group and most unvaccinated group in the United States (Republicans lol) are mostly caucasian. Sounds like you're just being a SNOWFLAKE to me. Anyone can go to the Granada, vaccinated or otherwise. Who would need to wear a face mask has nothing to do with race, lol.

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