Peggy Mast’s commentary from the weekend edition is disappointing. I wish this viewpoint were one frozen in amber, valorized by a few who remember “the good old days.” But this is not true. It’s all over the place. The goal of this commentary is not clear, but the thing about painting with this wide of a brush is that you can ignore nuance in favor of your argument. Readers wring their hands because they have seen one or two of these and oh no! We are well on our way to hell. Melodrama is much more entertaining than reason.

Fascism is the trouble. We continue to see what the further radicalization of the right has done/is doing. We are still cleaning up from Jan. 6. It is abhorrent that any individual today would seemingly praise or endorse the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). It was an abuse of congressional power, a targeted attack on anyone who held views not in line with “what was American.” Those Americans who refused to speak and had their careers ruined are heroes. If you read this period of American history and see Eugene McCarthy as the hero, you are the problem. Communism was and remains the great bogeyman, an ad hominem attack in lieu of a meaningful domestic policy and levied in succession at anything progressive. I encourage Mast to update their political and cultural references if they are going to go after a hip new term like “woke.” I would call it our next great bogeyman, but if you look under the mask it’s the same old bogeyman the right has favored for a century now. Some Americans are eager to bring back HUAC, and Merry Christmas! The House Republicans in Congress might just have that present for you. Those Americans, however, should not be surprised to find coal in their stockings.

Jesse Lobbs


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Arm Chair communist, want to redistribute but not what they have, You want"everyone to have enough" start with giving away your own money an property, side point do the heaters an A/C units at the college not take electricity? how is that Green? Why is a Large Victorian home with a wanna be proffesor occupied by ultra liberals with tweed sports jackets an scraggly hair not elitist ? Live simple so others can something or other, just a bumper sticker


I'm sorry but that's not how it works. You either take criticism well after you step up and throw your deceit and lies to the wind trying to sow some seeds in people who don't know better or you give facts to show you're right. If you can't be an adult who has a defendable position you're just someone who's aged but didn't grow the hell up. That crap plays on fox (and in the Kansas statehouse) but in real life nobody with principles has them for no reason. And debate with a person of the opposite beliefs might be hard but it's damned impossible to have a debate where the other person #1 can't give true logical reasoning #2 resorts to telling the other person they have to change something to prove they really believe in a way other than their way and #3 brings up a form of government that nobody here wants and in fact in every country who called themselves "communist" have shown that it's not practical nor desirable. Our republic (that's what we are, not a democracy) isn't headed for and there's no group that publicly wants communism here, not that I've heard . National socialism? Completely different monster and we already have parts of it running just fine. Wanna debate that? Debate it but stop being a petulant child calling others names and using faulty reasoning.


Right on!


very fair, somebody writes something the Woke Gazette doesn't like an not only gets tons of carbon copy comments but a article denouncing her opinion, Glad to see how fair the gazette is


ibtirish, Your are as free to humiliate yourself here in the Gazette as Peggy Mast is. Good job, by the way, to you both. Your grammar, her memory and both of your logic here all seem faulty.


Here's an idea, Irish. Write a response that supports/ praises former Representative Mast's opinion. Ask them to publish it.


Woke: 1. alert to injustice and discrimination in society, especially racism:

Call me "woke" any day. I will wear it as a badge of honor!


Did I miss something? Perhaps those of of you who objected to the comments by Peggy Mast forgot to address the 40 plus points the Communists stated they were going to use to overtake us. Care to comment on what they have not accomplished?


Apparently, Lunch, you missed Aim's post on the other piece that pointed out the Communists did not issue that list of "40 plus points." Also, you missed several people's posts who pointed out the former Representative's submission didn't address wokeness.


Very beautifully written. I agree with every word including any criticism of Peggy Mast.

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