Lyon County Public Health officials confirmed two more cases of COVID-19 in the county Wednesday.

There is one more confirmed COVID-19 case in Lyon County and another patient who is presumed positive, according to Lyon County Public Health.

Wednesday’s announcement doubles the amount of cases in the county. Two confirmed cases were announced by Lyon County Public Health on Sunday evening. As of Tuesday, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment had announced 98 cases statewide. Those cases include three deaths — one in each Johnson, Wyandotte and Douglas counties.

Those who are known to have been in contact with those who have tested positive for the virus will be notified by Lyon County Public Health officials.

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I have noticed people have become rude towards each.

Also all this hoarding is out of hand. Just buy what you need.

No way todays people could have gotten through WW2.


I've had the opposite experience (in grocery stores). While distant, everyone I've encountered in the last week has been polite. It may be that the hoarders have run out of money.

Vintage Queen

Well, actually, the stay-at-home order does make sense IF people do social distancing, staying at least six feet apart. That's why people can go out running, walking their dogs, shopping. My cousin who lives in another state, said he used grocery store's bags rather than a cart, wore disposable gloves, carried wipes. I also read where retail stores are putting plastic guards around the check out. NOTHING will be perfect, BUT the MORE precautions we can take now, the more we can at least SLOW the virus. Lots of people in NYC didn't heed the warnings and look where they are.


Absolutely. If we all cooperate, it will impact the larger damage that may be done by this virus otherwise.

James Bordonaro

I"d hasten to add that it wasn't just New Yorkers who failed to heed warnings as the U.S. now has more cases than any country.


So no one touches anything or sneezes or coughs and gets it on hands or anything on products or rubs there nose and touches anything especially if a little toddler who dont know better ?


Oh come on. Be real. What is wrong with people like you who have to always have some kind of "yeah, but..."? I call them YABBUTS. And it's THEIR nose, and DOESN'T know better. Sounds like you don't know better.


That is why you sanitize EVERYTHING when you get home and then sanitize the area where you put those bags and sanitize the bags. Take no chances.


So what about the fact that they say you can get it off surfaces and it stays on them for hours if not days


We can assume there persons have not been in any stores, is this correct


My guess is no based on another article in the Gazette and what Public Health stated at that time, and I question it since this the most likely mode of transmission is droplets which can surely be an issue in a store or other business. This is what was said, I have asked KDHE to weigh in on it, but have not heard from them, although one government agency rarely will correct another, so............

"Hively said a “thorough” investigation had been done and all people who had come into close contact with the individuals had been contacted. A close contact for exposure is someone who has sustained contact of less than 6-feet apart for more than 10 minutes. It would be unlikely to become infected by passing someone in the grocery store or gas station."

This is why a stay-at-home order doesn't make all that much sense when you can go out for essentials, etc. "Droplets" from coughing and sneezing.

James Bordonaro

Well reasoned which is why the failure of the federal government to accurately test at the outset is costing Americans so dearly now.

James Bordonaro

good one!

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