Lyon County Sheriff

On Friday at approximately 1:14 a.m., Lyon County Sheriff's deputies were involved in a pursuit beginning in the 1700 block of E5 Road with a silver Hyundai Accent.

The pursuit later ended in the 2500 block of Road K where the suspect was identified as 28-year old Justin Lee Heston from Reading.

Heston was transported to the Lyon County Jail and held on the charges of felony flee and elude, ignition interlock device required, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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Hollowed Ground

Remember when Trump bemoaned all the drug pushers from Mexico? Described them as invaders? Well, they come here because of people like this jerk. Lock this pothead up for good and others like him and the Mexican drug runner problem will self-resolve. Not only that, the roads will be much safer without jerks like this driving on them. Now let's find out where he works, if he even has a job, and ask the employer why they hire such irresponsible potheads, what they do to ensure a drug-free workplace. Make them accountable for supporting the illegal drug trade by hiring drug users.


Kansans still buy marijuana from Mexico? Pretty crazy to think Kansas is still supporting the drug cartels... it's time for Kansas to join the 21st century and start taxing and regulating pot, and use the proceeds to fund real problems.

This guy was also not charged with DUI, and if he had any real amount of pot you would see charges like "intent to distribute" or "traffiking" so he obviously didn't have much... "lock this pothead up for good" might be a little extreme... Alcohol is several times deadlier than marijuana as far as impaired driving goes, and we're serving that up with dinner knowing these people will be driving home shortly.

Going after this guys job is also a pretty crappy thing to do. You can't get better when you have people holding you down... Just my opinion of course.


WOW ! One certainly would think that lil’ Hyundai Accent would have left that patrol vehicle in the DUST!!


He probably bought one without racing stripes.

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