This image has gotten thousands of reactions on social media and on news websites across the country in recent weeks after Emporia photographer Thomas Felts captured the moment while shooting a wedding in Derby in late April. The bride’s grandmother served as flower girl and had a gleeful reaction during a post wedding photo shoot.

Even though Thomas Felts has only been doing professional photography for a few years, he’s learned how much spontaneity can add to any image.

That’s become even more true in recent weeks after a picture Felts — who owns Thomas Felts Photography in Emporia — took as a wedding photographer has itself taken off, garnering a heavy load of attention on the internet.

The image — which was taken in late April — focuses on the flower girl, who also happened to be the bride’s grandmother, joyfully flinging flower petals in the air with the bride smiling admirably in the background.

The photograph, after being shared on a few sites, has drawn more than 80,000 reactions on Facebook and was featured in a story by the Huffington Post earlier this week.

“Hopefully, it’s spreading a positive message,” Felts said. “In my mind, (it encourages us) to make connections with those people close to us.

“Grandparents are special people.”

Felts, who was a school counselor in Topeka for four years, even while living in Emporia, said he had been caught off-guard by the incredible level of publicity the photo had received, but is taking it in stride as he continues to capture memories of those seeking his services.

“I think it’s great,” Felts said. “(But) ... once this has kind of run its course, it’s time for me to get back to work and keep doing what I do.”

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