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Dear subscribers,

As we reported last week, beginning Tuesday The Emporia Gazette will be delivered by the United States Postal Service and the newspaper will come with your daily mail.

The question most readers are asking is by using post office mail delivery, will our news not be as timely as it is now?

Readers should not notice any differences in our reporting. Just as it is now, the day your paper is printed is the day you will receive it. The paper will have all the same breaking news, evening meetings and sports just as the paper currently does.

The newspaper will not be routed in the mail stream to Kansas City like the standard mail. The newspapers will be dropped at the Emporia Post Office and rural post offices every morning by 7 a.m. and placed on the postal trucks for same-day delivery. The newspaper will be printed in the early morning hours and any news before our press time will be included.

By partnering with the Emporia and surrounding post offices to bring same-day newspaper delivery, customers should have a more stable and consistent delivery; and it will likely mean your paper will arrive earlier in the day for you to enjoy. This also means that some rural areas that had been cut off from same-day delivery will now have same-day delivery once again.

During the changeover and as we adjust to new schedules, our staff and the post office may have a few issues to work through, but we believe you will be happy with the new delivery service.

If you have any questions please email us at walker@emporia.com

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