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Newman Regional Health has received a $100,000 grant from the Patterson Family Foundation to cover expenses related to pandemic-related medical equipment, supplies and personal protective equipment.

The funding is intended to be used by rural-serving hospitals currently caring for COVID-19 inpatients.

The Patterson Family Foundation is based in Kansas City, Missouri, and has deep roots in rural Kansas and Missouri. With a passion for helping rural communities, the goal of the Patterson Family Foundation by offering this opportunity to hospitals like Newman Regional Health is to financially assist with medical equipment or supplies that would improve the safety, care, or comfort of patients or hospital staff during this difficult time.

“Patterson Family Foundation is pleased to contribute funding to Newman Regional Health as front line providers and staff work tirelessly to care for patients,” said a Patterson Family Foundation spokesperson in a written release. “We hope this funding helps Newman Regional Health purchase the critical equipment and supplies needed to treat COVID-19. It is both our privilege and pleasure to offer a helping hand to rural communities navigating through these unprecedented times.”

As a result of the grant, the equipment being purchased allows Newman Regional Health to provide obstetrical care for COVID-19 positive mothers, as well as, medical surgical care to COVID-19 positive patients in our intensive care and medical surgical units.

“It is through the generosity of family’s like the Patterson’s, that rural community hospitals can purchase state-of-the-art equipment needed to improve the health in our communities,” stated Julia Pyle, Chief Operating Officer at Newman Regional Health. “We are thankful for the opportunity this grant provides in ensuring we continue to meet our vision to be a valued, trusted partner and regional provider of exemplary services.”

Eligible recipients were required to meet the following outlined criteria before applying:

F Rural-serving hospital in a Kansas or Missouri county with less than a 50,000 total population within a specified region.

F Nonprofit, or have a related charitable nonprofit entity that can receive the donation.

F Provide inpatient care for patients with COVID-19 (will be verified using state-level public health data).

F Have obtained formal price quotes for the equipment or supplies and validated a timely delivery and installation upon purchase.

F Can attest to having the appropriate licensed staff in place to operate any equipment that will be purchased using these funds.

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