Cotti Foods is excited to announce the grand opening of Wendy’s in Emporia.

Chance Taylor is the restaurant manager of the 55-seat facility. To celebrate the event, the first 200 customers will receive a free small frosty.

The Emporia restaurant is Cotti Foods’ 21st Wendy’s in Kansas and first location in Emporia.

The newly remodeled location will include a new modern layout, WiFi and Coca-Cola Freestyle with more than 100 flavor combinations including the Wendy’s exclusive flavors: Berry Different Root Beer, Cherry Cream and Orange Cream Sodas.

“The community of Emporia will thoroughly enjoy our new restaurant design," Cotti Foods President and CEO Peter Capriotti II. "At Wendy’s, we constantly strive to provide fresh, quality food at an affordable price, with friendly service, and a clean and happy environment. We look forward to the opportunity to earn Emporia’s loyalty.”

Located in California, Cotti Foods Corporation is a third-generation family restaurant business that currently owns and operates 82 Taco Bells, 104 Wendy’s and 10 Pieology restaurants across the US.

The Cotti Foods story began in 1967 with the purchase of a Taco Bell by Peter Capriotti Sr. Peter slowly grew his store count through the years. His son, Peter, purchased his first restaurant in 1982 and began the same trajectory.

The two joined forces in 1996 and created Cotti Foods Corporation.

For employment opportunities, visit the Wendy’s Emporia location, located at 1928 W. 6th Ave. near the AAA, or go to www.cottiwendys.com to apply.

Be sure to join Cotti Foods in celebrating the new Emporia location with a free small frosty on Wednesday.

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Bill free

Cotti foods located in California owns it. It's a franchise. It's in the first couple of paragraphs


Another fast food joint. Amazing! Your article does not state whether this is a corporate owned store or a local franchise. Which is it?


Apparently 6th avenue is going to be one lane between O'Reilly's and Dairy queen from now on. Not sure why they couldnt make the entrance to the drive through off of woodland.

Gary Lukert

They should have 2 entrances? Somewhere someone/someones have their head/heads up somewhere!

Out Of Here Prev: SnowGypsy

Emporia welcomes another fast food joint. I guess that will work for some people.

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