President Trump: our Current and next President, and leader of the free world. The best first family ever.

You see, when we need to fix things in this country we elect people who are fixers and leaders.

We don’t accept that a community organizer, Clinton thief, or “China Joe” is the best we can do. We believe cheating, stealing, lying and complete failure is unacceptable behavior. Thus, we vote for people with character, class and values that we see in the Heartland of this country, “Like our President Trump,” everyday.

We want people running and leading this country just like people who run and lead businesses to be our leaders. We want them to get out and do things that help us and the list of President Trump’s accomplishments in four years is unprecedented. We want leaders that lead by example with a work ethic to accomplish things. We want safety and protection from abroad and at home. Trump is doing this and more. Great military rebuilding and support of our Veterans.

The cheaters, the liars, “the enemy of the people (you, the press and all media)” Yahoo, Twitter and every single coverage attacking Trump is sick. The media is the new USA Mafia.

We will never apologize for being the greatest country in the world. When the vote is tallied the USA will be red from coast to coast.

Yes, in a few days we each have the opportunity to vote for the leader of the free world. Free is the key word. A very important requirement of maintaining our leadership is keeping our country free and “Corrupt China Joe” will sell us out for him and his family gain. He is a liar and a thief and part of the Swamp inside the Beltway for 47 years.

Yes, we have issues to fix in our country and it’s fair to say our problems are equally created by both political parties. President Trump has made promises and kept them. He will help fix our issues. Our President Trump supports the working class people of this country and despises laziness, cheaters, system suckers and liars.

Make corrupt politicians and corrupt federal employees go to jail.

Establish three-term limits for all elected political positions federal and state.

Finish The Wall.

Create Improved Health Care for all and Lower Drug Cost for all.

Break up Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple etc.

Create a coast-to-coast high-speed train system if feasible and focus on improving broadband for everyone. Create a national infrastructure impact plan.

Continue Development of Educational Systems that fundamentally push us to be the best in the world. No other outcome is acceptable.

Advance Space Force

Advance Military

Improve National, State and Local Policing with strong Support and Improved Education.

Ken Bazil,


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Review: 3 Kansas teens were shot after a man thought he'd found the people responsible for stealing his Trump campaign lawn signs

"Police told the Topeka Capital-Journal on Sunday that a man had shot the teens because he believed they were responsible for his missing signs."

No arrests. Sad.

Gary Lukert

And, Donald Trump and his Republican Thugs and followers all support that guy!


Review: Dow closes up more than 400 points on eve of Election Day as Wall Street predicts Biden win.

Gary Lukert

I love it. Trump would be touting it...if he were leading the polls. However, even though Hillary DID COVER THE "POINT SPREAD" 4 years ago, she lost the Electoral Vote. But, Hillary DID BEAT TRUMP 4 YEARS AGO BY 3 MILLION VOTES!


"Do tell how Joe Biden made his money." Joe Biden earned his money serving as both a senator and VP. He also made $8 million from a book publisher, he is a professor at Penn state, and the rest comes from speaking engagements. It's all in his financial disclosures and his tax returns also prove he paid his fair share. Trump is still hiding his tax returns. It's obvious who is being honest and who has something to hide. All Biden's money is accounted for. It's Trumps debts and which foreign countries he owes them to that is the mystery. But lets not beat that dead horse...smh.

I'm not sure why you think I adore socialism... I am in favor of democratic socialism, but I wouldn't expect you to understand the difference. You're just repeating stuff from Trumps twitter... Socialism and communism bad, capitalism good. Sad.

I am a true Patriot. The Republican party doesn't have a monopoly on patriotism... and their actions lately have proven to me how unpatriotic they actually are. Being a Patriot goes beyond standing on a corner waving a flag and yelling at those you disagree with. Blocking bridges to stop people from getting to the polls.... extremely unpatriotic. It wasn't long ago they were complaining about "antifa" doing the same things... now they are doing the exact same things, but for a completely unpatriotic purpose.

I will continue earning my money... and continue proudly paying my taxes, too. The money I am allowed to keep is already taxed (sales tax) There's no reason anyone should go without healthcare in this country with the amount of taxes we pay.


Do you hear violins play when you talk or do you have a soundtrack of violins that you play when you think about politics?

I laughed when you ended with a complaint about taxes. Socialists are always a victim in their minds.

Socialists always think they are above the masses. They're never part of the masses.

Thanks for spelling out that you're a democrat socialist.

The term "Nazi" stood for "National Socialist." You go ahead and support your democrat "National Socialist" movement. Did you get a brown shirt and shiny boots with your membership card?

Those of us who oppose you "National Socialists" may be found waving American flags and protesting your "National Socialist" movement to change this country.


Why do you keep changing the subject? You asked about Bidens finances, now you want to talk about hearing violins? You must really hate it when your questions get answered with facts and you have no clue what to say... we all know how much money Biden has earned and how much he has paid in taxes... don't you ever get tired of making excuses for crooked Donnie and his lies?

I also never complained about taxes, if you read a little slower you might comprehend what "continue proudly paying my taxes" actually means. You might want to also learn the difference between nazi socialists, socialism, and democratic socialism. All the actual "nazi socialists" support Trump. You can see them all over YouTube displaying their swastikas...There is no "national socialist" movement in America, at least not on the Democratic side. Educate yourself.... you sound like a fool.


Your brotherhood of Democrat National Socialists have made quite an impression. Cities across this country are boarding up businesses in anticipation of the goosesteppers wreaking havoc. Excuse me, I mean "peacefully protesting." Will we see your shiny boots amongst the goosesteppers?


Watchman believes they are applying Socratic questioning. They don't quite have it right--but they're working to improve their critical thinking skills. Understanding this makes it easier for me to show Watchman some patience and cut them some slack, Aim.

Gary Lukert

Republicans ARE NAZI'S...or, Support Nazi's! Hitler is Smiling in Hell Now! And, Trump said he opposed America joining the War against Hitler's Germany. TRUMP SUPPORTS Hitler's Holocaust. Trump supports the Roundup of Jews, sending them to Death Camps, Gassing Them Burning their bodies. Yes, that's the Donald Trump much of White America Loves!


Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem- the ONLY president to follow through with that promise.

Orthodox Jews are backing Trump by massive margins.

Jews in Israel and in the US support Pres Trump.

Jewish people know Trump is no Nazi. He's not the reason major cities are boarded up- socialist democrats are.

Educate yourself

Gary Lukert

Well, I am sure your hear "harps" playing when you hear of, speak of Donald, The Rapist, Trump! You Republicans have relegated Jesus Christ to the back door, or, the basement...actually, more like...THE ATTIC! A RELIC!

Gary Lukert

Yes, Trump does NOT want people to know how he made his money. Unscrupulous if NOT Illegal. Republicans are NOT Patriots, either. They use Patriotism and "fronts"--but, like Drug Dealers, it is only a Front for what they REALLY DO.

An Expatriate Emporian

I really have to ask, does Ken really in his heart of heart believe the diatribe that he wrote above? I cannot take anyone seriously that would actually use the terms "character, class and values" with Trump.

Character, or sure, if you want to compare him with the leading speaker from the Berlin Sportpalast in November of '28. But beyond that he's made America the laughing stock of the world's countries. When he spoke at the UN and commented, "I don't believe there has been any administration in the history of this country that has done more in two years" - and the assembled body laughed in his face.

I hadn't really thought that people in the heartland would be so fond of an abject bully. But let's move on - is he unclear that tech companies are not public venues and not subject to freedom of speech in the first place. And there's a reason that no major tech companies have been architected by conservatives.

Greatest country in the world? Based on what metric beyond military spending? Other countries have already surpassed us in personal freedoms. He's rolled us back from our position as a leading superpower to a rogue superpower.

The current national education system produces students nowhere in even the top dozen countries in reading, math, or science. That is in part to GOP-led defunding of STEM beyond test targeting, and even then they fail. Trump put Betsy DeVos, an individual with zero experience in education and had never actually attended public schools at any time.

That Trump's original nomination for the GOP candidate highlights that the rural regions of the country feel both disenfranchised and often uninvolved on national and international-level conversations is a very real issue. And finding a way to bridge that gap is definitely something to pursue. Look across the majority of the country at the state level and the blue areas are almost all around cities.

The conversation should be around understanding where those stark differences in perspectives are stemming from (city folk can't understand why rural sorts don't get that there's people unlike them that deserve to thrive. rural folk think of city folk as arrogant eggheads that will haul the country into unbridled socialism)? Or is there something else to it?

And where does the abject fear of the term socialism come from? Farm subsidies, just one example of favored heartland socialist programs, you would wipe out the remaining family farms all together? Somewhere from the red scare of the 50s came the idea that nazis, communists, and socialism were somehow all equal flavors of satanic evil. Folks in cities understand that you have to help each other out. Ken must assume that helping neighbors is some kind of weakness. What happened to the old custom of helping down on their luck neighbors there in the midwest? Or is that only when they're straight, white, and go to the same church as you?

Just bewildering.

An Expatriate Emporian

Wonder about people's thoughts that with this election, it will make seven of the last eight presidential elections that more people voted for the Democratic nominee than the Republican one (that single exception being Bush Jr's second term). GOP will speak of democracy as holy, however they can't escape the foundational truth that they have not had any form of populace mandate.


Why can Trump never finish reading a book? He always gets stuck in Chapter 11.


Support BLM ---Biden's Laptop Matters !!!!!


The emails and supposed 25,000 photos are fake news.

"Trump and his allies say there is evidence of corruption in emails and documents allegedly found on a laptop belonging to Democrat Joe Biden’s son. They say those and other documents show that Hunter Biden used his father’s influence to enrich himself through business deals in Ukraine and China, and that his father not only facilitated that, but may have benefited financially.

But the Wall Street Journal and FOX News — among the only news organizations that have been given access to key documents — found that the emails and other records don’t make that case. Leaving aside the many questions about their provenance, the materials offered no evidence that Joe Biden played any role in his son’s dealings in China, let alone profited from them, both news organizations concluded."


An Expatriate Emporian

As much as I'm loathe to the whole "fake news" as a phrase, the provenance of this laptop is challenging at the very least. Yes, it's a real laptop. It has real data on it. However there's literally nothing that ties Hunter to its ownership other than some individuals with dubious credibility already say so. Remember none of the reporting staff of the outlet that ran the story would put their name on it believing it to be bogus from the get go, so they had the intern run the piece.

And also, let's be real, the notion of nepotism and double dipping by this point should be so second nature to the GOP, what are they complaining about? That he wasn't getting enough kickbacks? Jeronimo should go peruse the emoluments clauses and think about how Trump and kids have abjured them from day one. He can come back here and ask for help with the big words.


Review: Yes, Joe Biden has released 22 years of tax returns online .

Trump has again broken his promise to release his tax returns for the 4th year in a row, and continues to lie to the public about his $750 being a "filing fee".


You're kicking a dead horse.

The IRS always gets its pound of flesh- and doubly so from conservatives.

His payment satisfied the IRS and the tax code.

What do you think you'll find in his tax records? That he's richer than you? That he's smarter than you? That he knows the tax laws better than you?

Have you survived multiple tax audits? Have those tax audits continued year after year, month after month?

You strike me as the kind of person who would watch a little kid drop a quarter so you could triumphantly snatch it off the ground and put it in your purse proud that you scored some free money. Such depravity.

Trump didn't take anything from you. You're not getting Trump's money. If you want money, go earn it.


You consider Trump keeping a promise "kicking a dead horse?" Sad.

You think conservatives pay "doubly so" to the IRS? Laughable.

You say his payment satisfied the IRS and the tax code, but if that were true, he wouldn't be under audit... Obviously.

The IRS has also said if he was under audit (implying he's not), there's nothing stopping him from releasing his tax returns.

You say Trump tax records could reveal a few things, but one of them wasn't "That he paid more taxes than you." $750 is shameful. I paid just over $27k in federal income taxes in 2017. Biden paid over $300k. Trump paid $750.

I have not been audited, as I pay my taxes and can prove it. The IRS only audits shady people. If you're being audited "year after year, month after month" then you're probably doing things you shouldn't be doing.

You strike me as the type of person you have to talk very slowly to. You assume anyone who doesn't vote for Trump has their hand out. Can't make an argument that makes any sense. Just some nonsense about a quarter and wanting free money... sad. I earn good money, and I pay my taxes. True Patriot.


Do tell how Joe Biden made his money. I'm not convinced that the senator earned more than $170,000 when he left office or more than $240,000 per year as vice pres. How did Joe pay for that mansion?

Be sure to include payments made to Hunter Biden from Ukraine.

And because you adore socialism then I suggest you be audited so the community can divide up what you once called "your assets." Why? Because the community needs what you have more than you do. There are families in need and as a self declared "true patriot," you should see that the needs of the majority usurp your needs. It's your patriotic duty in a socialist country.

You say you earn your money, so keep earning and we will take what you earn because you earned it for us. Then we will tax what we allow you to keep so everyone can have socialized medicine because we all know socialized medicine is the key to destroying Covid and cancers and heart disease and...

In a socialist society you never pay your fair share because in a socialist society you never pay enough to the state.

Thank you for doing so well. Now go get your checkbook.

An Expatriate Emporian

@Anon - first off, on your point about how much Joe makes - do you have any idea how much a single speaking engagement can net? North of 100k per speaking engagement would be the norm. Plus speaking engagements. It's easy to run up significant income really quickly.

Heck, earning 170k in a year is far less than I make. That's not even a moderate salary, be real. Also, don't forget all former members of congress and the president automatically get a pension (vice presidents do not, but they earn based on their congressional history) -

However I've no problem with higher tax brackets based on tiers. The one being spoken about for those earning over 400k annually. Exactly how much at risk are you of ever making that much in a year? Plus those are marginal tax rates. meaning the increased % only applies to the amount over a given tier, not the amount below.

Taxes which go towards services that improve society as a whole are a good thing. Those which go toward theoretical wars, less so. You'd rather have a new brand of supercarrier rather than being able to address the entirety of the country's homeless problem for over 30 years. And that's not even eliminating the existing fleet of carriers that outmatch all of the others in the world.

But your priorities are more on killing people than saving them, good christian soul that you are.


Review:Trump never received majority job approval rating during his entire presidency, 41 separate polls show.




Smells like desperation is in the air.


Desperate like "Suburban women, will you please like me? I saved your damn neighborhood, OK?”



Trump supporters storm state houses with ARs

Trump supporters attempt to kidnap government officials

Trump supporters attempt to run off a Vice President off the road

And yet it’s the “dems” that are the danger to America.

Okay, sure.


1. Thomas Jefferson said: "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." On the flip side democrat governors killed elder Americans by deliberately shoving sick people into nursing homes. That was deliberate and intentional. The end result was the death of innocent lives. One could make the case that is murder. Educate yourself.

2. The guy picked up for saying he wanted to kidnap Gov Gretchen had also posted comments and video on his social media on how he hated Trump. He is a Biden supporter. Research it. Educate yourself.

3. Kamala Harris was not on the bus in Texas. Neither was Joe. Trucks flying Trump flags escorted the bus out of town. Apparently a Biden staffer in a car hit one of the trucks but sped away. If rioters can storm streets and districts and be called "protestors," then 10 truck driving patriots can fly flags and drive next to a bus. Educate yourself.

Enough of the double standards.


1. Deflection, changing the subject from armed men in government buildings to nursing homes... saaad. Comparing wearing a mask to tyranny.... saaad. EdUcAtE YoUrSelF... Oh, you got me there!!!

2. I'm not sure what guy who was picked up you're talking about, but in reality there are 13 people who have been arrested. One of them possibly claims to support Biden? This doesn't excuse the other 12 Trump worshiping idiots... EdUcAtE YoUrSeLf.

3. These people thought Biden and Harris were on the bus... These trucks have absolutely zero right to "escort" anyone out of town... this is how blacks used to be treated during segregation... A Biden staffer also did not "apparently" hit any truck... The truck veered left and hit the car... it's all on video. The car never sped away either... the car was being driven by a Biden staffer traveling with the bus, and there is video proof the car was behind the bus before the attack... the black Trump truck is on the right hand shoulder and forced the white car into the next lane to the left. EdUcAtE YoUrSeLf!!

Intimidating a political opponent in any way is absolutely not patriotic. It is cowardly. It says a lot about your charachter when you support this type of stuff... There are no democrats with guns intimidating Trump or his supporters... Learn what the term "double standard" means before you try to apply it to something!


"There are no democrats with guns intimidating Trump or his supporters".

Apparently you've missed the Trump supporter shot and killed in Portland, by the Antifa member.

Or the Colorado Trump supporter shot and killed by a leftist during a rally.

Or Maryland man who was putting up Biden signs in his yard when a pickup truck with Trump stickers drove by and honked several times. He took a shot at the truck with a shotgun. (Apparently its illegal to honk your horn now).

So with the exception of the last one I listed... you are partially correct. They are not taking guns and "intimidating" them. They're just shooting them dead.


Consider them all "peaceful protests" then. Liberals love soft squishy labels even if they don't truly reflect what's going on. These "peaceful protests" didn't result in barricades in roads, beaten police officers, torched businesses, raping, looting, or killing. They are all peacefully protesting liberal fanatics.


Joe Biden spoke at Robert Byrds funeral- said he was a great guy.

Robert Byrd was a Grand Cyclops of the KKK.

Biden is a racist.

Educate yourself.


Oh there's plenty of horrible behavior on both sides. In 2018 a Utah man was convicted of plotting to kill Trump. Heck in 2016 a man tried to grab a policeman's gun and shoot Trump during a rally... even BEFORE he became president. How about the woman who mailed ricin to the White House in September of this year and was arrested after attempting to enter the US with a loaded gun and knife from Canada, after making other death threats against Trump? But those got at most the barest mention on CNN/MSNBC... if even that. But I condemn ALL of it... by either side.

How about dems manufacture fake "Russian collusion" to attempt a coup to overthrow a duly elected president? So far at least 1 FBI lawyer has pled guilty to altering documents.... more to come...

Remember back in 2010, all the Tea Party protests? All the looting and rioting, shooting police, burning cars, burning down businesses, walling off entire city blocks and not allowing the police to enter? Remember all that? Well..... neither do I. Media made it sound about that bad at times though. Meanwhile, when those things ACTUALLY happen... its all just peaceful assertion of the 1st amendment. Yes, that very same 1st amendment that Twitter, Facebook, Google & the like have no problem with trampling all over.

As you say.... "Okay, sure".


Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the Jews For Trump rally recently. People were throwing eggs and rocks at them off of overpasses. Again... "Okay, sure".


Oh and I almost forgot about the black Milwaukee Trump supporter who was killed "execution style" back in July. He was both a vocal Trump supporter as well as BLM supporter. He was shot dead by a vehicle that pulled up as he sat outside in front of his publishing company.


You know, there was a time when I used to get involved in discussions here. (Most) of the time it was reasonable and constructive. That pretty much stopped long ago. I still check in here from time to time for a good laugh. I do worry about Gary Lukert's health though, I'm afraid sometimes when he's screaming in all caps with lots of exclamation marks something is going to burst. Please take a deep breath now and then, I would truly miss your comedy routines here.

So I'm going to make a prediction. First, a little background:

So Hillary Clinton deletes 33,000 emails after they have been under subpoena, and goes the further step of running BleachBit software to permanently erase the data (often referred to, misleadingly, as "acid washed") to make them unrecoverable. (Sure, she had nothing to hide. Sure). And the best the FBI can do (for something that would put every poster here behind bars for years) is say she was "extremely careless". Yeah, I accidentally run BleachBit and wipe my hard drives every so often, I'm just that careless.

So then the FBI asks for Lois Lerner's hard drive. Of course, soon afterwards it crashes, is wiped, and then the backup tapes "mistakenly" get deleted as well (despite a preservation order and subpoena). Not only that, somewhere around 20 of the people she often communicated with at the IRS experienced hard drive "crashes" at about the same time. (Never mind a statistician computed you have a better chance of winning the lottery 7 times in a row than that happening). Well, I've worked in IT for ~30 years, and the most hard drive crashes I've ever seen in a single office was 2 in the same week. But hey, lots of rich people win the lottery that many times in a row. Heck, I've won it 5 consecutive times myself.

Then in 2016, after some questionable expenses & deals are discovered, the IRS "mistakenly" wipes the hard drive of an IRS official, Mr. Samuel Maruca (Despite a court order to preserve documents).

So fast forward to the big Mueller investigation. When "investigating the investigators", the DOJ finds that 27 of the smartphones used and turned in by Mueller's team were wiped of all data. Some just "spontaneously wiped themselves", most were wiped because they entered the incorrect password too many times. Yeah, these are the people we're supposed to trust to lead extensive investigations. The whole group can't even remember their passwords.

And of course, Peter Strzok & his lovers' texts all "accidentally" got deleted.

Anyone starting to notice a pattern here? So first, I have zero faith in our corrupt FBI. Not a single person involved in any of the above has been convicted. Heck, Lois Lerner retired immediately with a full pension. (We all just LOVE paying our taxes every year, knowing that's what she's living off of).

So here's my prediction. As they start to unravel Joe Biden's many crooked pay for play schemes..... hard drives will start crashing. They will be wiped and unrecoverable. Backup tapes will "accidentally" get destroyed. Phones will spontaneously wipe themselves. Mass password forgetfullness will infect many of the people involved causing their phones to wipe themselves.

And not a single person will be convicted. The corrupt FBI will bury reports and do nothing, as long as those involved are democrats. Most of the major media outlets outside of Fox News will only carry the story to parade person after person thru to explain how it was an honest accident or technical failure. Twitter and Facebook will ban spreading the news.

Anyone doubt any of that?

Gary Lukert

Hey, CHICKEN Open Eyes, Who are You. If you are criticizing me, then, how about telling everyone who you are! You are a Total Chicken! My health, at 80, is Great! Although, I am sure, Trump wants me to die, I am sure he does. So I would be taking those Social Security Checks every month. I going to be 90 for sure, and and pretty sure....on to 100 and beyond! Trump wants all old people to die. As for my CAPITOL letters...they did the job, YOU SAW AND READ IT! And, it--the TRUTH -- gets under your skin! You and Trump are likely brothers!!! Chicken S's to the end!


You remind me that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Every family has that crazy but lovable uncle who rants, hollers and spits obscenities while stabbing a serving fork into another piece of turkey or snagging a fluffy butter topped roll.

You're that uncle.

Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without you. I hope you do make it to 90 and beyond because laughter is always welcome at a thanksgiving table. It wouldn't be fun if you had nothing to rant about.

So vote for Trump.

Do it for the crazy uncles.

Because if Trump isn't re-elected then they wouldn't have anything to complain about. We like crazy uncles and they're only crazy if they're irritated and agitated. So vote Trump to keep Thanksgiving 2020 entertaining!


I would say you pretty much nailed it, WatchmanAnon. It would be much more boring here otherwise. :-)


"Trump wants all old people to die". LOL, that's one of your best comedy lines yet. So Trump sent a 1,000 bed Navy hospital ship to NY to assist, but after treating only 179 patients in 3 weeks (only 20 the first day), Democratic Governor Cuomo told Trump it wasn't needed, and they re-stationed it elsewhere. Instead, covid patients went to nursing homes.... where thousands of the elderly died. Nursing homes? Moving covid patients into the one place where people were the most at risk? Congratulations on your age and good health :-). Would you have felt safer (safer "from Trump") if you had been in a NY nursing home?

Gary Lukert

I never read past your garbage...other than about the first 3 lines! I am glad I really got under your Nazi Skin!

Gary Lukert

#1, Trump is a Criminal, using a Phony Lifetime Medical he wouldn't have to go to Viet Nam! His daddy bought off a doctor. Takes money for that! My Dad was an Honest Carpenter...was drafted, with 3 kids...I was youngest of the 3. He was 33. Nobody named Trump (of that Trump family) ever served a minute! Trump as said, in the past year, he didn't support the United States going to war against Germany. Stands to Reason Trump and the Trump family are Nazis. Look at Trump...he carries on like a maniac. Like a spoiled brat. Anything wrong is always someone else's fault. Anyone working for Trump has to first be loyal to Trump. To Trump and his Mobsters...the Law is what anything Trump says it is.

KB Thomas

Aim High, UPS found those damaging documents on the Biden's. I heard UPS and FedX were going to merge. The name of the new company Fed Up.


I wonder what Tuckers next excuse for not showing these documents will be? It's unfortunate the Republicans have had all this evidence on Joe and Hunter but chose to protect them instead of sharing this damning information with the public...

I bet Tucker will claim all the damaging stuff was removed...


Yep, Kinda reminds you of Adam Schiff, doesn't it? He had all this damning evidence of Trump/Russian collusion that he had personal first-hand access to. Yet for some strange, strange, reason.... apparently refused to share it with the Mueller investigation. And still refuses to go public with it. Schiff sure is a hard guy to figure out.... [huh]


Haha, very true.


It kind of solidifies the fact that the mail delivery service can be corrupted.

And nationwide to boot.

Since people are mailing in their election ballots...

Gary Lukert

Quite a deal, all that noise. He just wanted the News media to bite...on nothing!


Well done Ken, do not let illogical hate filled progressives bother you stick to the truth.

KB Thomas

Review: Alex Jones Show Thursday 10 29 20 full show YouTube


Alex Jones is banned from YouTube, as well as Facebook and some other social media for lying/misinformation and hate speech... You should really find some better people to listen to, KB.

KB Thomas

Aim high if someone told you 2 plus 2 was 4, you would say it was 5.


No, I would offer credible proof that 2+2 is indeed 4, and you would say something along the lines of "Review: Michael Snyder Why 2+2 no longer equals 4 and the impending economic collapse of America" or some other nonsense.

You're the one who never has any factual information, its always conspiracy theories or blatantly biased shock journalism/entertainment... saaad!


Did anyone see all the elderly people stuck out in the cold for a Trump rally... because their buses couldn't get to them? (Yes Trump has to have crowds bused in...saaad!) Several had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for hypothermia... they thought winter hats and coats would save them... what a bunch of sheep.

I did my own research and found only 1,500 people die from hypothermia in the US per year. That's only 0.0005% of the population. These sheep are living in fear of something 99.9995% of people won't die from. A lot of people who died of hypothermia were also wearing coats and hats, but still died. Coats don't work!! Cold air molecules are so small they go right through a cloth coat!


Please state sources.


Watch a video on Youtube (30 People Treated for Hypothermia Following Trump Rally) or

Just google "Trump hypothermia" for tons more sources, or watch the videos on Facebook and Youtube.


So you're blaming Trump for a bus driver who didn't show up?

If you don't pick your kids up from school exactly when the bell rings, is it Trump's fault? If you don't pay your electric bill and your lights turn off, is it Trump's fault? If you stub your toe, is it Trump's fault?

I'm willing to bet not one person who was affected by the ineptitude of a bus driver blamed Trump. You weren't affected and you blame POTUS. They were affected and they blamed themselves.

You spelled out the differences between Trump supporters and Biden supporters without realizing it.

Trump supporters take ownership and responsibility. Biden supporters blame and redirect attention to someone or something else.

Just look at the candidates' websites. Trump outlines successes and solutions. Biden focuses on Trump. Biden's Pity Party Website. So sad it's embarrassing.


MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! 2016 - Trump's Battle Cry 2020 - Trump's Departing Challenge

KB Thomas

The Dems believe in the Socialist dream but, you have to be a sleep to believe it.


"The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it." -George Carlin

KB Thomas

2020 will go down as the year of Democrats and diapers. What a mess.

Gary Lukert

Well, if Biden wins....who cares. After all, Trump and the Republican Senators LIED 4 years ago..and YOU don't care. To heck with God's Commandments. And, the REPUBLICANS ARE ALWAYS BOASTING ABOUT WHAT GREAT CHRISTIANS THEY ARE! That is a Lie. Republicans have NO CARE for Jesus Christ! Plus, those great Republican Christians also lie about purity...and are crazy over a man (if you can call Trump a MAN) who is MARRIED and has sex with other women. Also, has raped at least one woman! He Lies, Steels, Bullies. Likes to grab women's crotches, and shove his tongue into their mouths. Yup, THAT'S A REPUBLICAN! Also, Racist..really loves watching a policeman kill a man in handcuffs, by cutting off his breating with the cop's knee pressing down hard on the man in custody...who also is in handcuffs. Yes, you know REPUBLICANS by the the people they murder!


Well let's put the brakes on here. Biden is no angel. Let's start with his first marriage.

Neilia Hunter and Joe once had a nanny for their kids Naomi, Beau, and Hunter. The nanny's name was/is Jill. That nanny was something- at least Joe thought so.

I gurss that's why he made her his wife after Neilia Hunter Biden died in a car wreck on December 18, 1972.

If you're any sort of a researcher, you will look at the actual marriage date of good ol opportunist Joe and Jill, the nanny.

The date listed on their marriage license ain't the same date that comes up on a Google search. In fact, Neilia Hunter Biden wasn't cold before pervert Joe moved on to the nanny. If one were a conspiracy theorist, one may start to wonder.


Oh brother, there's a new one!!!


Where does any of this come from?


You can order a copy of their marriage license from the state vital statistics office.

Hollowed Ground

The writer is definitely mixed up. This incoherent letter indicates he either missed his meds or has overdosed on them. But yesterday I read a funny article headlined, "Trump Stirs Up Rallies With Lies About Biden". Heck, he stirs up his base with lies about everything. Everything, period. No one in his administration has ever spoken truth. No one. Has been doing so since 1/20/16 when alternative facts were born. His debased based laps up every lie with more enthusiasm than the one before, like flies lap up fresh cow manure. Amazing. I thought we were an educated country, but we definitely are not.

KB Thomas

The left wing radicals know that if Joe Biden is elected, he will be removed from office and they may even turn on Joe to get their left wing agenda passed.

Gary Lukert

Biden wants to be re-elected, doesn't want the Democrats to lose the Senate (if they win it now) to the Republicans, nor lose the House. You are Vile. Know Nothing!

Hollowed Ground

One can hope. We need much more socialism for the people. Much more.

Lawrence Travers

Agree with railroadhorn. I just finished reading WILLIAM ALLEN WHITE, DEFENDER OF DEMOCRACY, 1919-1944. How far we have fallen.

Gary Lukert

Yes, right now...with Trump, we are on the edge of losing democracy. We will have to wait until Tuesday to find out...even if Biden wins and wins decidedly if he will ever be president. I can see Trump getting it to the Supreme court, and Trump's packed court ruling in his favor. It will be 2 1/2 months before January 20th. The first thing Trump will do if this take away the GUNS. Mark My Word. Hitler did it in Germany. Trump is a Carbon Copy of Hitler.


You are ignorant of the term "packed court."

Filling a vacancy is not a "packed court."

AOC says the dems want to pack the court if Biden wins- she tweeted this earlier in the week.

"Packing the court" means to ADD justice seats to the court. Instead of 9 justices, the legislature could CREATE 15 new seats, or 53 seats, or 135 seats for justices on the Supreme Court.

Packing a court is watering down the court with new justices, not filling a vacancy.

Educate yourself.

KB Thomas

Joe Biden will experience a crushing defeat and then face treason charges.Industrial espionage, cyber warfare, and economic coercion has cost America trillions of dollars.This is how China rivals the United States.

Gary Lukert

You have all of those charges right, Except they are all on Trump. Trump is the Thug, the Mobster, the Crook, The Liar, The Bully...and sadly, many Christians Adore him.


Not everyone gets your extreme sarcasm Ken, but I find you hilarious!!!

Gary Lukert

You are the Extremist!


Where We Go One We Go All, brother.


I made $16 a hour in 2016 Today I make $29.10 , What destruction has Trump created? Liberals never have a answer, The situation on the border spans 4 administrations an the supposed problem with the police if it was real must have existed before 2016, So what??? Gary had his feelings hurt what? Oh thats right the planet is melting , but the sky is it falling too?: Telling Folks that the world will end if they do not put you in power or pay tribute goes waaaay back, I think the Incas and Egyptians did a form of that

Gary Lukert

Where did you get this garbage about me? Trump? You are sick! Sick! Sick! Call Crosswinds in the Morning and tell them you need to see them immediately, if not sooner!

Hollowed Ground

Graduating from high school usually does bring an increase in earning power.


I should be so in debt. He’s worth over 2 billion. People as rich as he is always lose & gain wealth. I realize all of you get your information from the fake news. Especially CNN. I did not vote for him and I will not vote for him again but I have always believed that we needed somebody in there that is a businessman and I realize there are much better choices, but that’s who we got. And we are about ready to get somebody else that is just as bad I’m just as much of a liar and a cheat as Trump is. As sooner all you people who believe in the fake news realize that they’re all liars the sooner we may be able to turn this country around.


Yep definitely a lesser of two evils situation... we would be better off with a do-nothing for 51 years Biden than 4 more destructive years of Trump.


Planes travel to Cuba daily.

Ask a Cuban who lived under Fidel Castro how great it was to live in Cuba.

If this country is so bad, then why do so many people want to emigrate here?

Why do hordes of people try to start new lives here?

One of the most moving ceremonies you could witness is a naturalization ceremony when people choose to be Americans. It is wonderful to see how much each new citizen appreciates and loves this country and the promise of opportunities.

They're not coming here for socialism.

If America falls to the socialists, then where would people immigrate to?

We are the last bastion of hope as we currently exist.

Gary Lukert

The Reason Trump and his Scummy Republicans, including you, is CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, WASHINGTON POST, NEW YORK TIMES....Speak Truth. And, Like ALL Criminals (and Trump is a Mobster).... hate Truth that exposes you. FOX, You and the Republicans are the Criminals, the Liars!

Gary Lukert

Well, all of that 2 billion...Trump Swindled to get it. Also, refused to pay for Millions and Millions of companies and people. People LOVED Hitler, too! Trump is a carbon copy


May I suggest that you read The Art of the Deal.


Pretty silly how Mr. Bazil claims to despise laziness, cheaters, system suckers and liars, but then he goes and supports a lazy, cheating, system sucking liar.

Republicans want the worlds focus to stay on Hunter Biden while Trump continues to lie about his tax returns, owes over $400 million, some of that from foreign governments like China and Russia... Trump is deep in debt.

Mr. Bazil mentions "China Joe"... but he made no mention of Trumps secret Chinese bank account? Trump also calls his system sucking $750 tax payment a 'filing fee' but tax experts have said no such thing exists. People like Mr. Bazil are who Trump was talking about when he made his comment about shooting someone on 5th Ave and not losing a single voter.

Mr. Bazil says "We want people running and leading this country just like people who run and lead businesses to be our leaders" yet he is supporting a guy who has bankrupted 6 of his own companies... If you want a businessman to run the country, at least choose a successful one...


So the $29.10 a hour I am making now is not better than the $16 hr I was making under Obama ? I imagined it? The American Pride I feel everyday is what.. fake? Oh Ok you convinced me hair smelling Biden it is

Gary Lukert

Don't know if you remember PAUL HARVEY, but, NOW, "GIVE US THE REST OF THE STORY." Hey when Bill Clinton came in, I got better than a 50 per cent pay increase! Better percentage than you got...and I got it right here in Kansas.


NAFTA sent jobs to Mexico- Clinton was responsible for that monstrosity.

Clinton was responsible for creating a service economy while shipping manufacturing jobs south. Through GATT, other factory jobs were sent to China even more so after China was given Most Favored Nation status repeatedly by Clinton.

If you made that kind of increase then you worked a government job or a service job like fast food or hospitality.


You've already said you have a different employer who pays better... there's definitely nothing Trump personally did to get you a raise at your job... Your old $16 an hour job probably still pays its new employee... $16 an hour. Hopefully your next job pays even better.

I used to make $7.25 under Bush, I got my current job under President Obama and made $34.00 an hour and that has only went up $1 and some change since 2016... I guess I'll give all credit to Obama since he happened to be President when I moved and changed jobs. The American Pride you feel is normal... we all have it, even the democrats and liberals.


Let's see.

You're saying the IRS- that always gets its pound of flesh- is somehow being cheated by a...conservative?

Are you talking about the Lois Lerner IRS?

Are you talking about the IRS that knowingly targeted conservative groups?

Is this the same IRS that apologized for its "scrutiny" of conservatives?

Are you saying the IRS gave Trump a pass?

Are you saying Trump isn't a conservative?


Shame on the Gazette for publishing this diatribe when you publish only one more time before Election Day! Obviously this letter requires a response as I’m sure you’ll receive many and many phone calls too. It just gives more reasons to stop subscribing. The Gazette is really proving itself irrelevant today!


To be fair, the Gazette has published two anti-Trump pieces by Jim Calvert and Bob Glover recently. It's my understanding, moreover, that the Washington Post published 35 pro-Biden articles today alone. By that standard, the Gazette is positively virtuous and a model of journalistic integrity. .

Gary Lukert

Hey, Trump wants people who rip be Identified. Of course, he doesn't care where the lies come from...that "expose" his enemies--and, Trump's enemies are everyone who does not agree with him 100 per cent of the time. SO, CSD, like me, who are you. Chicken, for sure!


You done't personally know our president , He's our president of the united states, and your not liking anyone that disagrees with you ether , Kansas democrats support abortion of baby's ? every day by supporting planned parenthood , and abortion has hurt and killed countless young girls because of democrats , plus planned parenthood preforms illegal abortion from other states were they took away there license in kansas for years ,,,, pieces of dead baby's are left, virus and sickness and cancer has been proven , by science, your sick to support that and voting Biden supports that ?

An Expatriate Emporian

@ibtirish - First off, you assume that someone has never met Trump, are you so very positive about that? It used to be in New York he was forever gladstanding around the social scene, especially at gala events. It's hardly any real feat to have done so. He's even more annoying now, but he was still insufferable then. Have you met him in person to know he's so glorious? He's gone from self-absorbed to full blown narcissist, but again, once you meet him take your own measure.

But let's get to your main point, anyone who's not hung up on sharia law sees abortion procedures as what they are. None of your business. You want a "less government is better government" except when it comes to being able to imposing your particular flavor of morals on someone else. Liberals have one central tenant, let people do their own thing in peace. You might stop trying to impose your religious world view on others, you're like a poor man's version of ISIS.

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