Lyon County Public Health

Lyon County Commissioners officially approved the county’s newest health order during a regularly-scheduled action session Thursday.

Referencing their encouragement by the area’s current COVID-19 situation — which included 20 active cases as of Thursday afternoon according to information provided by Lyon County Public Health — commissioners said they didn’t see much reason for “altering what was already working.” Set to run through Sept. 18 after going into effect at midnight Friday, the new order does not mandate masks but “highly encourages” them in situations where proper social distancing cannot be maintained.

Guidelines regarding mass gatherings remain unchanged — with the limit still set at 45 people — as does language providing recommendations on travel, high-risk individuals, proper business protocols and promoting the safety of individuals currently residing in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities. A full copy of the order will soon be available on the county’s website at

“I think we’ve in some way developed a plan that fits [the situation] and a plan that the people of Lyon County want,” said Commissioner Rollie Martin. “They want to have their own individual rights to wear a mask or not wear a mask and have the responsibility as an individual to move this community forward, move [cases] back down and to hopefully make it so schools can open in the fall. That means wearing a mask when there’s no opportunity [for social distancing], wherever that may be.”

“We have to be very careful about overwhelming [Public Health’s] systems,” agreed Commissioner Scott Briggs. “Our numbers are great right now and I think the reason for that is about what the people have been doing. Of course there’s going to be exceptions to that. When you talk about the word ‘universal’ that means any and everybody has to wear a mask … I support the theory of universal masking, but I don’t know how that would be able to be enforced. That’s the main concern.”

“[COVID-19] is a scary deal, and it’s not something that’s going to go away immediately,” Commissioner Dan Slater added. “We’re going to have to watch it every week, especially if the numbers start going through the roof like they’ve done in Arizona and some other places. There’s a chance that maybe we’ll have to come back to it, and maybe it’s something we can look at each meeting moving forward.”

Lyon County Attorney Marc Goodman agreed that it was highly possible the order would be restructured in some way during the course of its lifetime. He encouraged commissioners to see the order as a “living document” and keep updated on the latest information and recommendations from health agencies in order to promote the safest possible environment for county residents.

“A special meeting can be called at any time should the trends and tendencies reflect that the commission needs to change this order,” Goodman said. “That can be done with minimal notice. So, saying Sept. 18 [as a deadline] is not so set in stone.”

During the meeting, the Lyon County Commission also:

• Approved a contract for administrative services between Lyon County and Western Consultants for the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

• Tabled the purchase of ProQA Emergency Medical and Emergency Fire

Dispatch online protocols in the amount of $154,961.48. The matter will be discussed again on July 16.

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Hollowed Ground

Since the commissioners "recommend" a mask, I recommend hydroxydotardoquine for them when they get the bug.


I ran into an old friend at Dillon's recently. He was kidding me about my mask. I assured him we were more alike than he realized. I, too don't care if I get him and his family sick, they probably won't die, I said. I just wear this mask so I won't be recognized as an arrogant, selfish a$$hold.[smile]

Hollowed Ground

That's what I tell customers when i don't wear a mask! I say, "Look, I'm a Republican. I don't care if you get sick and die or not. Money is what I want!"


SnowGypsy..........if you weren't self-center and cared about your fellow man, you would wear one while shopping. You could be infected right now.

Comment deleted.

Of course there have been ZERO instances of children getting COVID and passing it on to an adult. Not to mention the REALITY that children seem to be nearly 100% unphased by COVID. But, yeah, your hatred as a liberal is typical.


You are mistaken, Common Sense.

Gary Lukert

Liberals Hate Slavery. Conservatives want it back!


🙀 oh my gosh!!! They are letting people retain their liberties to CHOOSE?? What is this county coming to??? Where are the other commenters here who regularly demand the heavy government hand to PUNISH all those people who think FREEDOM? is a good thing??? Stand with me!🙀🙀🤯🤬

Comment deleted.
Lisa Grey

Notice how the commissioners believe we the citizens would like to take responsibility for the keeping the community safe and healthy and not getting to the point that we are unable to open schools in the fall...or having to close businesses again. I know we all want businesses and schools open, so I hope you will take your responsibility seriously. If you are hellbound on not wearing a mask, please stay out of businesses and stay home so that business owners can be open and so that the rest of us can enjoy them.

I also wanted to add that you are right, you wearing a mask is not protecting you, sort of. You wearing a mask protects me, and others around you. Me wearing a mask protects you and others around me. Also, the purpose of the mask is to keep us all from breathing in the droplets of spit that do come out of our mouths every single time you talk or breath. So yes...if you think about it just a little, it does protect you to some extent.


Except there’s this:

I guess maybe they do...


Well said.

Gary Lukert

Well, my Dad wasn't allowed to Choose, ErvIn Lukert, at 33...with 3 kids, was DRAFTED to go fight for your right to be a jerk. That's a lot worse than wearing a Mask.


Aww, well God Bless your dad! He is a true hero!

Gary Lukert

My Dad was not allowed to Choose in 1943, when the Government drafted him into the Army in 1943. I was 3. Dad and Mom had 3 kids. Where was Dad's Choice? Over 250,000 Americans were killed in action in world war II.. Get a Life! Trump is criminally insane!

Hollowed Ground

Stand with you, die with you!

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