After finishing my U.S. Navy tour of duty, I returned to Baker University to complete my degree. In November of that year, 1948, I became 21 years of age, eligible to vote for the first time.

I watched Movietone News, listened to radio reports and read magazins and newspaper articles on candidates Truman and Dewey. After learning that information, I voted for Harry Truman. I was not a Republican or a Democrat. I voted for the man I felt would be best for our country. I have followed that premise ever since then.

I consider, after all my years of voting, this current election to be the most vital for Kansas. These important issues must be considered when we vote:

  • A woman’s right to control her own body;
  • Expansion of Medicaid;
  • Public education;
  • Climate change;
  • The dismantling of ESU by an educationally unqualified man, Ken Hush, which is devastating for this community and all of Kansas.

I do not have the right to tell you for whom you should vote. I can tell you my wife, Mary Sue, and I will cast our votes for Mic McGuire to replace Mark Schreiber in the House of Representatives.

Mic is honest to the core. He has the energy to address the important issues before us. He has spent half his life serving humankind. He will represent all citizens of the 60th district, regardless of political party.

Milie Wade


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You demos are in for a night of pain on Election Day,,,, America is throwing your party platform where it belongs. We the majority are threw with you … ruining our economy , devastating our communities,, and placing us on a knifes edge of a potential world war 111…


+1 for Mic McGuire. Everything I've read about him makes him an excellent candidate. I am looking forward a giant blue wave. Don't worry Republicans, come down from your Poison Tree, you'll still be able to breathe under all that blue water.


Thank you for your thoughtfulness, service and good citizenship, Milie Wade.


How in the world anyone could vote for a Democrat after the destruction they have caused America over the last 2 years is an example of national mind control. No one with half a brain would vote for a party that 1. left Americans behind in Afghanistan to be murdered by the Taliban 2. is in favor of transitioning a minor from one sex to another with irreversible surgeries that have no foundational science 3. allowed into the U.S. 3M immigrants (including get-a-ways) that included felons, gangsters, drug smugglers, human traffickers, fentenyl distributors, rapists, pedophiles...4. printed trillions of dollars (billions of which were stolen) digitally and caused record inflation destroying the poor and middle class 5. issued nationwide mandates for a vaccine that does not work and fired those who refused to take it 6. forced children to take vaccines and wear masks and sit thru virtual learning with no foundational science to support it 7. promoted the lie that there is more than 2 genders and allowed boys in girls bathrooms and to take over women's sports. I hope Lebron James does not decide he is a woman. Say goodbye to the WNBA 8. promoted the insanity of climate change and destroyed our energy industry. If we made a total transition to the green new deal it would do zero good for the planet. The worst polluters are china and india and they don't buy the green new deal hoax 9. reformed the criminal justice system to remove cash bail, commuted the prison sentences of dangerous criminals and made many crimes legal (shoplifting, vagrancy, public indecency laws.....) 10. promoted national homelessness and drug addiction that turned our major cities in to toilets (NY, SF, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, LA, SD...) 11. promoted riots from BLM and Antifa in 2020 that caused $2B in property damage, killed dozens of people, destroyed hundreds of black owned businesses and then blamed the "Insurrection" for the violence in the U.S. 12. fortunately, in about a week this nightmare of Democrat rule will come to an end.


Nob0dy reads your nonsense. you are ignored.


+1 for Mic McGuire. I've read about him and he is a great candidate.

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