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Lyon County Public Health officials reported one additional COVID-related death along with 31 new positives and 36 recoveries, Monday morning, bringing the county’s active cases down to 94.

Overall, there have been 4,034 positives since March including 3,864 recoveries and 76 deaths. There are four deaths pending review at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Five people are currently hospitalized.

The updates come as the health department prepares to hold a rescheduled second dose vaccination clinic on Thursday this week, after last week’s severe weather held up COVID-19 vaccine distribution to the county.

Questions arose on the effectiveness of the vaccine if the second dose was given outside of the required wait period — 21 days for the Pfizer vaccine and 28 days for the Moderna vaccine.

“The first dose primes your immune system to build up defenses against the spike protein on the coronavirus,” said Flint Hills Community Health Center marketing manager Justin Ogleby. “This takes a bit of time, usually 10-14 days. ... If you take the booster dose early, you body hasn’t had enough time to prep for it.”

While taking the second dose too early has no benefit, the CDC says you can go up to six weeks between the first and second doses for either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

“[The] CDC is stating that the data at this time supports no more than six weeks between doses,” said Lyon County Public Health Administrator and FHCHC CEO Renee Hively. “Further research is pending. With routine vaccinations it is always better to give the vaccine late rather than early if you miss a dose in your series of vaccinations.”

Ogleby said it is still best to get the second dose on time if possible.

“Patients only get partial immunity from one dose,” he said. “Canceling and rescheduling is also a strain on our resources. A case like this where a clinic is pushed back by a week will have zero affect of the efficacy of the vaccine.”

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