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The Emporia Gazette

Lyon County’s active COVID load stayed above 90 after 21 new cases and 24 recoveries were reported Monday with Lyon County Public’s Health first report since Friday.

The report brought the active case load to 91 — down three from the end of last week.

Overall, 4,984 positives have been reported since March 2020, including 4,805 recoveries and 88 deaths. One death was pending verification from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Seven county residents are currently hospitalized.

Active cases are being reported in nearly all age groups as of Monday, with 14 patients ages 1-11, nine ages 12-17, 11 ages 18-23, nine ages 24-29, 12 ages 30-39, 11 ages 40-49, 14 ages 50-59, 10 three ages 60-69, three ages 70-79, one patient aged 80-89 and one aged 90 or over.

Out of 91 active cases, 19 are considered to be breakthrough cases at this time. Out of the 20, 10 received Janssen, seven received Moderna and two received Pfizer.

There have been 152 collective breakthrough cases. Forty-five people received the Janssen vaccine, 74 received Moderna and 33 received Pfizer.

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ration1, Back in 1918 the US only had 103 million population as compared to 340 million today. Does that make the Spanish flu more contagious? It appears so. But anyway, people, just get the damn shots. Quit listening to these social media post of some kind of ingredient that will make us all zombies.


Thanks for the history lesson, Bubba. You're a kind soul.


In other news, Johns Hopkins University is reporting the number of U.S. deaths due to COVID-19 has surpassed that of the Spanish Flu. We have done it to ourselves.

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