Emporia Hot Flashes

The Emporia Hot Flashes celebrated the bronze medal at the Kansas Senior Games over the weekend.

The Emporia Gazette

TOPEKA — The Emporia Hot Flashes granny basketball team took home the bronze medal at the Kansas Senior Games on Saturday.

The Hot Flashes opened the tournament with a 55-40 win over the Kansas Grayhawkers. They were led in scoring by Kathy Coble with 15 points and Carmen Leeds with 14.

They went on to beat the Classic Roadrunners in 46-44, wth Coble putting up 18.

The two wins in pool play pushed the Hot Flashes into the championship stage of the tournament. They fell to the Harper’s Ferry Fireflies — the defending national champion from northeast Iowa — 60-42 with Leeds contributing 18 points.

Their nailbiter 53-50 loss to the Oklahoma Twisters earned the Hot Flashes third place. Leeds scored 18 and Candy Montgomery added 12.

Born in Lansing, Iowa, granny basketball is a revival of the 1920s-era rules of girls basketball, which were chosen both as a result of nostalgia and after a realization that those rules — which limited contact as well as exertion — were conducive to providing “a gentle game for women of a certain age” who wanted their exercise fused with the spirit of competition, according to its website.

Teams consist of five or six women aged 50 or older wearing uniforms consistent with those worn in the 1920s: bloomers, middy blouses, and knee-high stockings. The court is divided in three zones and each player must stay in her zone. No running, jumping or physical contact is allowed, and each player is only allowed two dribbles per possession.

There are 2-point shots and 1-point free throws, but interestingly, a player scores a 3-pointer when she makes a basket with an underhanded shot.

For more information about the Hot Flashes, visit facebook.com/The-Hot-Flashes-Emporia-KS-108994040640343. To learn more about Granny Basketball, visit grannybasketball.com.

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