Kansas agency low on COVID-19 test kits; state offers loans

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly, left, talks to Chuck Magerl, right, the owner of the Free State Brewing Company pub in Lawrence after a news conference to announce the launch of a new state loan program, Friday at the Statehouse in Topeka. The new program will make $5 million in short-term, no-interest loans to bars, taverns, restaurants and motels struggling to cover their operating expenses.

During a press conference early Monday afternoon, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly included Lyon County in a shelter-in-place order that included a handful of counties.

Lyon County Emergency Communications Center said in a Facebook post, however, that as of yet an order has not been signed.

"If you are monitoring Gov. Kelly's address, she stated that Lyon County has issued a 'Stay at Home' order," read the LCECC post.

"We have not yet issued this order, but we are working on one currently. It is not yet official.

"Any order that is implemented will NOT close any essential services like food, gas or medical/pharmacy services.

"Keep calm and please don't overwhelm our stores more than they already are.

"Further information will be released as soon as possible.

"Be kind to each other."

Exact details are still pending on the order and The Gazette has reached out to Lyon County Public Health for more information.

Typically during a shelter-in-place order, essential services are still available. The list usually includes emergency services, health care workers, pharmacies, grocery stores and postal service employees, among others.

We will update this store when more information is available.

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