A bicycle is moved off of the road following an accident at 12th Avenue and East Street Monday morning.

One person was airlifted to St. Francis in Topeka following a bicycle versus vehicle accident Monday morning in east Emporia.

Around 9:35 a.m., the Emporia Police Department and EMS were dispatched to 12th Avenue and East Street for the report of an injury accident involving a bicycle.

Emporia Police Department Lisa Sage said in a written statement that, according to witnesses, a bicycle operated by a 21-year-old Emporia woman was northbound on East Street while an SUV driven by a 56-year-old Emporia woman was westbound on East 12th Avenue.

“The witnesses reported the bicycle did not stop at the stop sign at 12th and East and collided into the rear, driver-side door of the SUV,” Sage wrote.

The cyclist was unconscious when first responders arrived on scene. She was transported to Newman Regional Health and the Emporia Police Department was informed LifeSave Helicopter was dispatched to transport the cyclist to an outside hospital.

The cyclist was not wearing a bicycle helmet. The driver of the SUV was not injured.

The Emporia Police Department did not know the condition of the individual involved at press time and, therefore, did not release name information. Once her condition is known and it is known that her family is aware of her condition, that information will be released.

We will update this story with more information as it becomes available at

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I do not understand why people on bikes think they can run stop signs and lights. I was coming home tonight and there was 2 bikers. One ran the stop sign and the other stopped. I had to slow down a great deal not to hit the idiot. I see bikers run signs and lights all the time. It is past time the cops issue tickets.


Let me fill all you speculators in. She’s not a senior. She’s a young girl who is disabled. She was on her way to work, unlike some who aren’t disabled and don’t work. Nobody knows why she didn’t/couldn’t stop because she isn’t able to give her side of the story because she is in ICU, on life support, with a brain bleed. It was an unfortunate accident no matter the reason and I’d hope you wouldn’t want people being accusatory if it was your child that this happened to. Please be mindful of other people’s tragedy’s. Geez.


When it comes to running stop signs, etc., on a bicycle, I see it happen almost every time I drive in town. Since they painted the biking lanes, it is as if they think they own the road. Oh well, as the saying goes, you just can't fix stupid.


The order of right-of-way would be pedestrian, bicycle, and then motor vehicle.


Bikers are suppose to follow the same rules as cars

show me

All this commotion and the resources used due to some biker choosing to not stop at a stop sign. It was a completely preventable incident. It's way past time for the EPD and Lyon County Sheriff Office to ticket these who ignore stop signs and stop lights.


Says the biker didn't stop at the sign. All the bikers I have seen fly through stop signs and red lights. How more accidents have to happen before police issue tickets for running stop sign and red lights these bikers do? I am tired of having to play tag with these nuts!


Looks like a tricycle.


It is an adult tricycle, actually very popular in some parts of the country for seniors.


there was another bike accident today that was involving a female there was a bike accident involving a male that happened yesterday as well to clarify

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