EHS senior Alvin Arriola (10) pushes the ball across the field during the Spartans’ 2-1 loss to Seaman on Thursday evening.

Throughout most of Thursday night, the Emporia High boys soccer team seemed to have possession of the ball or some form of pressure on its opponent.

That wasn’t enough, however.

Seaman scored twice in just a three-minute stretch late in the second half to steal a 2-1 victory from the Spartans.

“We had the empty possession, that we like to call (it),” head coach Victor Ibarra said. “There was nothing creative being done.”

When the Spartans’ forwards got the ball, the Vikings’ defense collapsed quickly back toward the goal, giving few, if any, good looks at the goal. Even so, E-High had a few shots on goal in the first half, the final of which found the net as Wilber Landaverde scored with less than four minutes until the break.

Even his shot deflected off a defender’s leg, redirecting the ball well out of reach by the keeper who was moving to his right, while the ball caromed into the opposite corner of the net.

That score held up into the game’s final 10 minutes when EHS had just enough breakdowns to suffer its third loss of the season.

“They were extremely disciplined in the back,” Ibarra said of Seaman. “(There wasn’t anything) I didn’t know from (playing them) before. They weren’t very creative going forward and they rely on mistakes, (but) they have a lot of heart and that makes up for a lot.

“(In) the last 10 minutes, unfortunately, we had a couple players go out because of injuries or unnecessary things ... and everything kind of fell apart.”

The Spartans are back on the road twice next week before finishing the regular season with a pair of home games following that stretch.

“One thing I’ve noticed about these guys this year is that after losses or after big moments, they tend to improve quite a bit,” Ibarra said. “That shows a lot of character on the team, unfortunately we can’t do it on the run.”

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