In the effort to promote some degree of tolerance, I share this history. My observation of the present intolerance of historical figures and our history simply represents a false premise that we are something that is not overall outstanding in human history. A final perfect union may never be reached, but the betterment of our republic is a constant goal. The United States is unique in its effort to correct wrongs and to keep on going.

It is my observation that our history has become unacceptable to some Yardbirds who wish to either revise it or tear it down. But even though history may be offensive to some, it does not point to a good reason to destroy any historical fact or objects. Perhaps past traitors, who broke their oath to protect and defend the Constitution should have their statues stored in museums or put somewhere else. Public action installed the statues and only legal public action should remove them. Attitudes change, but democratic action is the only avenue instead of the Yardbird anarchist’s approach.

I would insist on never destroying any part of our history, or for that matter, destroying people’s personal property for no reason. This is the identical approach used in Bleeding Kansas by anarchist Yardbirds of a similar outlook in our past political troubling times.

Those who are ignorant of history are often surprised when it is revealed and then comes right back at them. They also presently take actions that they can to suppress such information.

Very recently Rep. Louie Gohmert (Texas-R) delivered a resolution to ban any party from Congress due to their past racist history. Here is the conclusion of his resolution which was delivered on the floor of the Congress very recently:

“Whereas on June 18, 2020, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered the removal from the Capitol portraits of four previous speakers of the House who served in the Confederacy, saying that these portraits ‘set back our nation’s work to confront and combat bigotry.’ The men depicted in the portraits were Democrat Robert M.T. Hunter, Democrat Howell Cobb, Democrat James L. Orr and Democrat Charles F. Crisp. Resolved that the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall remove any item that named symbolizes or mentions any political organization or party that has ever held a public position that supported slavery or the Confederacy from any area within the House wing of the Capitol or any House office building and shall donate such items or symbols to the Library of Congress, and two, that any political organization or party that has ever held a public position that supported slavery of the Confederacy shall either change its name or be barred from participation in the House of Representatives. With that, I would yield back.”

Fat chance that the Democratic Party will have to be removed, but this is making a very important point. We as a Republic can only prosper via an attitude of tolerance when appropriate.

I have included some references to get citizens to read for themselves the history that I am revealing in the following. Hopefully here is some background that might reveal how ignorant the anarchist Yardbirds are for burning your and my federal property and the personal property of other citizens.

I listen to those who say that reparations must be paid to those descendants of black slaves. I would imagine that reparations might be paid by those who were the perpetrators of owning slaves. Might this include the second largest group of masters after white citizens? That group of U.S. slave owners was in fact the nation of Cherokee Indians. Not only did the Cherokee Indians own Black slaves they sided with the Confederacy in the Civil War with their misplaced hope of getting some benefit from doing so. They erred greatly because after this misstep they in fact lost more of their nation.

Just because a group of predominantly Democrats burned Lawrence, Kansas, when William Quantrill raided the town, does not mean that a group of Republicans would not do the same. This can be verified by reading about the Pottawatomie Massacre here in Kansas that Rev. John Brown, the less than reverent preacher, lead to murder slavery sympathizer Democrats in Franklin County in May 1856.

Even Brown might be seen as a racist. His efforts to steal firearms to provide guns to those who wanted to fight in order to free slaves is marred by the following fact. Brown took pikes for Blacks in the area to use in his proposed uprising. The reason was he had no faith in their aptitude to use firearms. His lack of faith in the quality of the Blacks to fight was crushed when they rose up and joined the Union cause. Black soldiers put it to their previous white Confederate masters at several battles where they were victorious.

A quirk of history is that Col. Robert E. Lee captured Rev. John Brown. Lee later joined the Confederacy to be its military leader.

Does it temper your view of our history to know that the Republicans had their own revenge on Democrats in Missouri during the “War Against Northern Aggression?” Have you heard about how unfair an action by Republicans was towards Missouri Democrats who were slave sympathizers? Then you should know about a law called “Order 11” which affected “all rural residents regardless of their allegiance. Those who could prove their loyalty to the Union were permitted to stay in the affected area, but had to leave their farms and move to communities near military outposts. Those who could not do so had to vacate the area altogether”.

The Republicans were the Liberals of the past who wanted open borders and the removal of slavery. They were indeed “liberal” and this party reversed roles in later years to become conservatives today. Do you find that Republicans in a very liberal stance was impossible?

The movie “Birth of a Nation” was so anti-Black that the main Black actors in the movie of 1917 were in fact whites in “Blackface.” It inspired the Democrat President Wilson so much that he gave a private showing of the movie in the White House. It was so bigoted and threatening to whites that it inspired the KKK to rise up again in the South. After Wilson viewed the movie in the White House, he ordered the total segregation of Washington. Even the drinking fountains and restrooms right in the halls of Congress were marked for “Negros” and “Whites.”

Did you know that the longest filibuster in the U.S. Senate was to prevent the Civil Rights amendment from passing into the law? A filibuster is the action of some in the Senate to prevent a law from being voted on. Would you like to venture a guess as to what party held up the vote and which party voted in favor of it by 100%? The record breaking filibuster happened in 1964 and went on for 60 days until the 67 votes to end it were realized.

I would also compare the Democrat President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis with President Lincoln — our first Republican President. Lincoln’s second inauguration speech was full of forgiveness and outreach to the former Confederacy. On the other hand, his counterpart Jeff Davis, dressed up like a woman as he attempted to escape the South with as much Confederate gold as possible.

I could go on for a long time with more examples. But my main objective is to encourage those remaining fair minded patriots to follow Lincoln’s advice. Shame on those who don’t know what he said so read it here should you not want to go forward in ignorance of this outstanding advice by our wise president.

Here is his main thrust at his inauguration after the War was won:

“With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation’s wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan — to achieve and cherish a lasting peace among …”

After delivering his entire speech he directed the band to play “Dixie.”

Today such benevolence would kill off some haters that are attempting to even destroy his monuments.

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KB Thomas

For more than 40 years the United States Congress has shamelessly used payroll taxes intended for social security to fund big government.

Gary Lukert

Well, Social Security is a Monument. Trump has no problem with tearing it down. Same with Medicare, a Monument...Trump is tearing it down.

KB Thomas

As election gets closer, the Dems speak with forked tongue. I notice a lot of double speak. It's not going to work unless 51% of the people on the dough come out and vote the Socialist in. It could happen as the progressives have been working on it for 100 years.


It's dole not "on the dough" . If you can't figure that out KB perhaps you'd ought to check your figures.

KB Thomas

Gary, we are all slaves to the Federal Reserve and the New World Order. Review Prophecy Happening Now with Charlie Kirk youtube.

KB Thomas

Surprise, surprise, surprise and what does the Bible say about statues?

KB Thomas

I hope they don't tear down a statue of George Henery Thomas, my great, great Uncle who was born in the south but, fought for the north. General Grant said he was one of the great Generals of the Civil War and he declined to run for President.

Gary Lukert

Robert E. Lee and other Traitors SHOULD NOT have their Statues in places of honor.

Has the South ever erected a Statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. on State grounds? Robert E. Lee is no different than HITLER, and we don't have Statues of Hitler on our Government property. Lee was brutal. Beat his own Slaves, then, poured brine into the open flesh. And, for that WE ARE SUPPOSED to Honor Robert E. Lee?

KB Thomas

What is the answer? Review Bible Prophecy Happening Now With Charlie Kirk YouTube.

KB Thomas

Now for a heartfelt video on history and monuments. Review Tom D'Ambra What's going on? A Patriot makes the Difference.

KB Thomas

Review Tom D'Ambra Cover Ups Galore 178 videos YouTube.......more on the dirty birds.

KB Thomas

Review Tom D'Ambra Operation Lockdown youtube 178's the dirty birds I'm worried about.

KB Thomas

Now review Tom D'Ambra A Nation Enslaved by Dept......Unbelievable

KB Thomas

Review Tom D'Ambra Freeman or Slave Video.......Go to Ton D'Ambra 178 videos and scroll down.

Gary Lukert

You need to give a brief "synopsis" of what was said, written. I am not going to check it out. Do you Support Robert E. Lee, Slave OWNER, Traitor?

KB Thomas

Review Tom D'Ambra Freemen or Slave YouTube........Most people have never heard this about America.


Did you even read what Gary Lukert said for you to do? Do you even understand what "brief synopsis" means? I'm sick of seeing your posts.

Gary Lukert

KB. Do YOU Support Slavery? You don't say anything. I am taking it that YOU Believe Black People Should Be Slaves. Sick.

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