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Emporia Presbyterian Manor

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An Emporia Presbyterian Manor non-direct resident care employee tested positive last week for COVID-19. The employee is in isolation and quarantined at home.

“Our top priority is the safety of our residents and staff members,” Jeanne Gerstenkorn, infection preventionist and vice president for health and wellness, said. “We were notified by the Lyon County Health Department on Friday that an employee has tested positive for COVID-19.”

The employee is not involved in providing direct care to residents and staff have verified that this employee had no direct contact with residents that meets the Lyon County Health Department’s criteria — closer than 6 feet for more than 10 minutes — going back three days pre-onset of symptoms.

The employee last worked on June 2, and wore a mask and gloves as recommended by the CDC. On June 3, the employee reported for work, but was sent home before their shift because they did not pass the employee screening. The employee was tested for COVID-19 and the positive results were received on June 5.

The CDC defines exposure as being within 6 feet of another person while he or she is symptomatic for 10 minutes or longer. At the direction of the Lyon County Health Department, employees who had prolonged direct contact with the infected employee will quarantine for 14 days and monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.

The employee who tested positive will recuperate at home and return to work once they are COVID-19 free. Per CDC guidelines, the employee must have negative results from an FDA Emergency Use Authorized COVID-19 molecular assay for detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA from at least 2 consecutive respiratory specimens collected at least 24 hours apart (total of two negative specimens). Upon their return to work, staff will follow CDC recommendations related to work practices and restrictions.

Families and residents have been notified of this case. All federal, state and local agencies have been notified. Presbyterian Manor will follow any additional guidance from the Lyon County Health Department and the CDC.

Presbyterian Manor implemented a strict no visitor policy at the community and discontinued group activities and communal dining for the entire campus per guidelines released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the CDC on March 13.

All employees are encouraged to follow CDC guidelines and best practices as these are continually updated. The community regularly reinforces with all staff that an employee should not report to work if he or she is experiencing symptoms of a respiratory illness or not feeling well.

For more information about Emporia Presbyterian Manor’s response, go to PMMA’s website, room.

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Vintage Queen

I see all employees who had direct prolonged contact (that they know of) are isolating, but wondering why all staff isn't being tested? As we know 30% can be asymptomatic, never showing identifiable symptoms but being contagious, and what about those who are quarantining now who may be asymptomatic and could have passed it along to those who ARE in direct contact with residents? As SO many cases have been at places throughout the country like Presbyterian Manor, wouldn't it be a good move to just test all employees now?


I've been told part of the problem is the rapid testing is so unreliable, as we know, the tests are famous for both false positives and false negatives, with only 96% accuracy on positives and only 98% accuracy on negatives when compared to molecular PCR tests. With testing being so unreliable our only option is infecting as many people as possible to gain herd immunity. Only a tiny amount of people will die anyways and it's their own fault for making poor life choices like not eating perfect or getting cancer, or living too long. Plus testing all employees might lead to more restrictions, and I reeeaally enjoy getting my hair cut bi-weekly.

Comment deleted.

There's tons of different manufacturers of tests, I went with a widely used one manufactured in KC, MO named Abbott ID-NOW. I can understand why you'd pick results from Dubai though, it's probably the lowest accuracy number you could find, and fits the narrative you keep pushing. I checked the accuracy of several other American covid test manufacturers, and they are all about the same accuracy. These rates are also directly from humans, collected from urgent care clinics.

A test with an accuracy of 30% would never pass FDA approval.... think about it!

Comment deleted.

Really? A farce? Over 100000 DEAD. And yes it strikes people of color more seriously due to not just other conditions such as diabetes but also because they tend to have jobs that were considered essential and didn't have the ability to just sit at home like others did. But I'm not certain saying "If I don't see black people dying from Covid in a few weeks it was all just an elaborate conspiracy" actually sounds like something that should ever be uttered.

Aim High's first post was pure unadulterated sarcasm that both you and that imbecile TrumpLicker that talked about the inaccuracy of the tests though he picked a test seemingly by choosing the least accurate. The pandemic was real. Black people are more than test subjects (though white people did that to them too). 1 out of every 1000 black men in our country will be killed by police. That's a true statement. This ain't politics. It's allowing ALL members of our society to be treated not as if they are guilty when being glanced at. Giving them the respect that white people seem to be given instead of considering them automatically of suspicion. And what might actually help the situation is that since they're protesting police brutality maybe lay off the military flavor riot gear, equipment, tear gas, batons, rubber bullets and the general feeling of the police seem to have come to a protest armed for war. Nobody beat the crap out of those idiots in Michigan who brought ar-15's and other weapons into a state congressional building or shot them with tear gas when they screamed obscenities or beat them bloody and arrested them under charges that would be dropped 24 hours later. I. CAN'T. BREATHE.

Gary Lukert

This is the answer I would expect of you

Gary Lukert

I can see it October, Trump will say there was never a Covid-19, that it is a made up story, FAKE NEWS. (NO, Not Fake like Obama was NOT born in the United Sates! It was Bald Faced Lie!) Also, Trump is now Tear-Gassing Peaceful Protesters like he said he liked at the same time he was having Protesters peacefully protesting in front of a Church Tear Gassed! Just so he could pose for a picture! Trump is just a Mob Boss! Evil.

Gary Lukert

I give up

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