One of the suspects in the Jesus Avila murder case will be sentenced in July on three revised felony counts, in an apparent plea deal.

Court records obtained by The Gazette Monday confirm Armando Nunez, 21, pleaded no contest to interference with a law enforcement officer, attempted burglary of a motor vehicle with intent to steal a firearm and criminal damage to property.

The pleas were entered Wednesday, May 11 before Lyon County District Judge W. Lee Fowler. Nunez will be sentenced Friday, July 15.

Prosecutors say Nunez stole items from the trunk of a car in rural Lyon County Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Avila, 17, was shot twice and killed there, with his body left behind after the car was torched.

“He was an aider and abetter in the overall theft of property,” Assistant Lyon County Attorney Laura Miser said during a preliminary hearing for Nunez last November.

Defense attorney Vincent Rivera had asked Fowler during an April hearing to dismiss all charges against Nunez.

The original charges last summer included murder, arson and aggravated robbery. The murder and arson counts against Nunez were dropped during the preliminary hearing. The aggravated robbery count apparently was revised with his plea in May.

Nunez currently is free on bond.

He becomes the second suspect in the killing of Avila to reach a settlement.

Defense attorney Frederic Meier told The Gazette in late April that Jordy Cornejo-Campoverde, 22, agreed to a plea on the eve of his murder trial. He said the terms are secret, pending a court conference Friday, August 12.

As for the other suspects in the Avila case, Alan Alanis, 20, and Samuel Garcia, 22, are scheduled for preliminary hearings Monday, July 25. Prosecutors say Garcia was the gunman.

A.J. Granado, 22, and Jovan Pecina, 20, both are scheduled for final pretrial hearings Wednesday, August 17. Pecina remains charged with murder.

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