Lyon County Public Health added a new category to its daily situation reports for COVID-19 transmission on Tuesday.

The new category is probable positive, which is defined by LCPH as: “A household member of a confirmed COVID-19 case that becomes symptomatic. This person does not need to be tested if symptoms are considered mild and can be cared for at home. Normal case investigation and isolation protocols will be put into place.”

Lyon County also reported its first case found in a person 20 years old or younger on Tuesday. Of the 12 confirmed positives and two probable positives, seven are between 51-60 while three fall in the 41-50 age range. There is one each for 11-20, 31-40, 61-70 and 71-80. Only five of the people to have contracted the coronavirus have recently traveled, meaning nine picked it up through community spread.

See the above graphic for more demographic information and helpful pieces of information from Lyon County Public Health. The COVID-19 situation report is released at around 3 p.m. every day.

Lyon County Public Health’s new website can be accessed at www.publichealth.lyoncounty.org/?fbclid=IwAR1fy9tf_z_0WyNnsycEXQw24cqKf5vPVKIOtgO2Mhh4djIgRlaHJFGR7mY

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The 3 cases linked to the outbreak in Burlington are not the result of "community spread" within Lyon County. Cases resulting from traveling to and from a "hot zone" like Burlington would logically be treated as cases associated with Travel, just as other travel-related cases have been.


Good point, I noticed that also. And, to let everyone know, they were burning off last night from approximately the new Financial Building to the city pool/sports area with lots of smoke which was very visible from Hwy 50. Also, on two other nights there was smoke through the night and haze in the morning from burning off of whatever they are burning on the "prairie". I know they are discouraging burning because some people have allergies and may experience symptoms similar to the COVID19. Also, has anyone seen what the effectiveness of the COVID19 tests are as I read that with the flu tests, they run 40 to 60% accuracy (much like the vaccine itself for the flu in a good year)? Not sure why the "community spread" is being used when cases move into the county. Drive up the numbers?

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