Eight new cases of COVID-19 were reported Friday afternoon, bringing Lyon County’s total active cases to 25.

Lyon County Public Health officials also reported three recoveries for the novel coronavirus. Overall, the county has seen 523 cases of COVID-19, along with 490 recoveries and seven deaths.

Three local patients remain hospitalized with the disease, though the severity of their illness and overall condition is unknown at this time.

Lyon County has the ninth highest number of recorded infections in the state. As of Monday, Lyon, Ford, Sedgwick, Finney, Leavenworth and Seward — all of which opted out of Gov. Laura Kelly’s mask mandate — had collectively recorded more than 8,000 cases, representing 47% of the state’s totals.

In surrounding counties, Chase County has one active case and five overall cases.

Chase and Greenwood counties were reporting one active case each. Chase County has had five total positives and Greenwood has had 11 total positives.

Wabaunsee County was reporting 38 total cases. Osage County was reporting 28 total positives. Morris County has had five positives and five recoveries. Coffey County has had 53 total cases, with 45 recoveries and eight deaths.

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Hollowed Ground

These figures are for Lyon County only. Given the population of LC as compared to Florida, which just set a new daily record of 15,000 new cases (wow!), this rate for LC is almost exactly equal to that of Florida. There are enough people in LC to make mathematical model of Florida applicable here. Florida is full of goobers who poo-poo masks, too, and it shows. Dozens of Florida hospital ICUs are full up! We don't have dozens of ICUs here, but our ICUs (all 2 of them) may soon be full up too. Pray you don't ever need one, because if you think a mask is uncomfortable then you definitely don't want to try out a coronavirus infection. Better encourage your friends to stay masked, and mask up yourself so you don't send them to ICU land.



Gary Lukert

Tell that to the families of the 130,000 dead from the Virus! Many others having lifetime problems...will die way early! Trump is a Murderer!

Gary Lukert

But, with Florida's 15,000 in one day, Trump and the Republicans believe the curve has flattened. The Virus is over! Trump and The Republicans should be charged with Murder!


😱 25 active cases!!! Everyone to the doomsday shelters, now! CA, FL, and TX have no clue how bad it is here in KS!

Gary Lukert

So you are proud of these states. 15,000 in one day is nothing, for you, right! If Trump had gotten after it way back in January, like he should have, Covid-19 would already be a distant memory! Instead, Trump and Republican Governors did everything they could to get Covid-19 exploding. Trump had said that the Virus would magically disappear by April 1st. Also, the Summer heat would kill it. Well Trump LIED...And, the further south you go, the more Virus. Trump is the most evil person there has ever been. With Trump, it's "Devil, Move Over!"


So besides closing off travel to China (which was called racist) and other countries to stem the influx of infected people, and forming a task force to help make decisions, and using the data given at the outset (which was proven to be wildly incorrect) he recommended shutting down society, what else should the president have done?

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