A woman lifts up her sleeve to get vaccinated against COVID-19, Jan. 16, at the Bowyer Community Building.

The Emporia Gazette

Lyon County Public Health will hold a closed COVID-19 vaccination clinic this week to help reach the more vulnerable populations in the community.

The clinic will be health Friday, Jan. 29.

“We are continuing to receive a limited supply of vaccine, and this week was no different,” said Marketing Manager Justin Ogleby in a written release. “Instead of opening scheduling to the public, we are working with our partners at Newman Regional Hospital to identify those vulnerable elderly populations without Internet access, and to schedule them to be vaccinated.”

Public health will work on future clinics based on the size of the allotments of COVID-19 vaccines received. The clinics will open with 24-hour notice before scheduling opens to the public.

“We will announce when registration is open for each new clinic in the media, on our Facebook Page and on our website,” Ogleby said. “Booking an appointment online is the quickest and easiest way to schedule a vaccination. For those who need assistance in scheduling their vaccination, or do not have internet access, please call our COVID Hotline at 620-208-3741.”

Lyon County Public Health does not currently have a waiting list for the COVID-19 vaccine, working on a first come, first served basis.

“No one will be scheduled for an appointment until we open registration for the public,” Ogleby said. “We are trying to be as equitable as possible when vaccinating our community. You may have loved ones that fall into our current phase that may not have Internet access or have other difficulties in scheduling an appointment. We ask that you reach out to them and help guide them through the process of scheduling their COVID-19 vaccine. Our community is stronger when we all care for each other.”

Additional information can be found at www.publichealth.lyoncounty.org.

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Ma Barker

And furthermore, I believe if you don't know how to spell "poring" when referring to the Congress reading over their coronavirus relief bills, and instead you say "pouring", I think you don't have the editorial capacity to write for a newspaper.

Ma Barker

Did I read this right? Gazette I received today had Madison News enclosed. A Mr. Murphy had an editorial titled "To Tell It Like It Is" and sure enough, if he's the same Mr. Murphy on Madison City Council, I assume he's a resident of Greenwood County. What the Hell is he getting my Lyon County Covid-19 vaccination for? I sure can't get on their list. How?? I am older than he is. Call the Health Department and they say go to their website. Go to their website and they say they are full up.

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