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The Emporia Gazette

Lyon County Public Health reported a nearly 300 case increase of COVID-19 Wednesday, bringing the number of active cases to 601.

The county has recorded 500 new cases since Monday.

Public health officials also reported 176 recoveries and one new confirmed death. A total of 99 county residents have died since the start of the pandemic. Five additional deaths are still pending review at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. There are eight current hospitalizations.

According to a comment on social media, public health officials say looking at active case numbers is not the best way to measure cases.

“We would like people to remember that Active Cases is not the most important metric we measure,” they said. “[Cases] are currently considered recovered after five days or their symptoms are better.”

Because recovery requirements have changed, officials said its not possible to fairly compare the current surge in cases to Nov. 2021, “when isolation periods were 14 days.”

“A more accurate metric is either Weekly New Positive cases, or Daily New Positive Cases,” they continued. “We have nearly double the amount of daily new positives as we did during the November 2020 wave. That only includes the cases reported to us. The majority of home tests are mostly likely not reported.”

Out of 601 active cases, 154 are considered to be breakthrough cases at this time. Out of the 154, 20 received Janssen, 64 received Moderna and 70 received Pfizer. There have been 835 collective breakthrough cases. 158 were Janssen, 410 were Moderna, 267 were Pfizer.

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Aim High

I didn’t, and don’t, trust Donald Trump. I 2016 I wrote in Marco Rubio. I really liked his views on the value of labor in the economic equation. I was hoping for a Rubio/Sasse ticket. In 2020 I had nowhere to go again. I did trust either candidate, so I wrote in again (Rubio).

There us no doubt that Donald Trump lies. There’s no doubt that it’s not just a Republican trait. Some journalists have called Hillary and Bill “congenital liars.” And, Joe Biden doesn’t have a stellar track record. He’s been known to be a serial plagiarizer. He’s lied about his academic credentials. He’s stretched the truth in his campaign that his economic plan would not increase the tax burden on any American making $400K per year. He lied to the media when he said no one from the Joint Chiefs had told him we should leave 2,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. In Congressional testimony the Joint Chiefs said they had made that recommendation.

I wouldn’t begin to know which man tells the most lies. You say it’s Trump. Fine. I’ve already said I don’t trust him. But for me this isn’t a matter of the man who tells les lies is the winner. It’s a matter of trust! And, I don’t trust either man.

When it comes to Anthony Fauci and origin of the virus, gain of function, etc, I don’t know for certain, but given China’s track record I don’t think a bit of digging and investigating would hurt. In terms of veracity I don’t believe he's even close to being squeaky clean. Early on he made several public pronouncements about masks. He said clearly they were not needed. When he reversed himself he said he had to resort to a noble lie (Plato) to preserve the supply of masks for medical people. Beyond that, he and Francis Collins used the media yo smear the signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration, signed by hundreds of thousands of scientists worldwide, including immunologists, Nobel laureates, scientists who simply declared that there needed to be serious national effort expended on the elderly and immuno compromised, etc. They weren’t anti vaxers, conspiracy theorists. They were good people who cared. That’s all. Yet, for some reason, Fauci and Collins went to the media, vilified them, and got the compliant media to cut them off. They succeeded. If you care to, find the email exchanges between Fauci and Collins and you’ll see ruthlessness on


For me, this all comes down to trust. While I’m prudent enough to comply as best I can (I’m vaccinated and boosted), I wear a mask in public, etc, my trust level is not very high. I volunteer at a local hospital wheel patients to various places for tests, procedures, etc., I’m now learning that, despite my efforts to comply and the empty promises if safety, I can get a breakthrough infection wheeling patients around the hospital.

So much for trust.

One last thing. It doesn’t help having public scorn heaped on the skeptical, the stubborn, the doubtful, and mistrusting. It only serves to make things worse.


Aim High, I totally agree with you that Trump is a liar and the worst thing for this country, but do you believe that Communist China is telling us the truth about everything? The lab is in China so how can we possibly believe what they say. If that is the case that you believe China then that is a stance that most people are going to disagree with you.


I believe in science, and science says the origins of covid-19 are still unknown, and most American scientists believe the virus originated in a live animal market. American virologists have found no evidence of the virus being manmade, and have said evidence actually goes against the manmade theory. Sure, Chinas probably not being cooperative or totally honest because they know it originated in their country, but that doesn't mean Fauci funded gain of function research which ended up creating a biological weapon which then escaped their laboratory... that is a conspiracy theory with no evidence to back it up other than right wingers being suspicious of "communist China." Also right wing conspiracy theorists are not "most people." They are just louder than people.


Way to go Republicans! Hope you anti-mask anti-vaccine did-my-own-researchers don't overload the hospitals too badly with your stupidity.


Trust should be the coin of the realm, but it’s missing. Until/unless the public regains trust in our government and medical authorities (science) this problem will continue to fester.

NewsNation Poll: Voters’ trust in Biden, health officials eroding


I'm not a huge fan of Biden myself, but he was the only viable candidate running during the 2020 election, and his current low approval rating is only two points lower than Trumps highest ever approval rating. I also don't believe Republicans can't trust Biden, they're just brainwashed to hate liberal socialist democrats and would rather see Biden fail than America succeed.


I see. So, anyone who disagrees with you is stupid or under the influence of brainwashed Republican politicians. And concerning the failures of trust (you call it faith), I certainly don’t believe that it’s a one sided problem.

I can see there is no possible way to come to common ground or live together with some sense of harmony and good will. That’s really unfortunate.


I didn't say anyone who disagrees with me is stupid, I've compared the list of lies Biden has told and the list of lies Trump has told... If you're one of the people who trusted a compulsive liar like Donald Trump, but you can't put a mustard seed of faith in a mostly honest person like Joe Biden, you're probably not thinking objectively, and that makes it pretty hard to find common ground.



Why is trust in our leaders and experts such an important component of a free society? When trust falls, when our leaders and experts fail in their duty to be honest and transparent with the people they serve, there is an even greater danger than a pandemic looming.

A brief snippet from a Rod Dreher essay illustrates this:

“ Allow me to point out, though, that these lies from our top scientists and public health officials have been telling about Covid are likely to have a tremendous effect. (“Trust the science”? Please.) What I’m talking about is the key role that widespread loss of faith in hierarchies and authoritative institutions play in moving a society towards totalitarianism. Hannah Arendt observed that a “new terrifying negative solidarity” among the masses in pre-totalitarian Germany and Russia, after a collapse of trust in the traditional authorities and authoritative institutions in those societies.”


I looked up a list of lies Donald Trump has told about covid and the list was 21 pages long! I looked up a list of lies Joe Biden has told about covid and I'm stuggling to find anything other than the "pandemic of the unvaccinated" statement.

The widespread loss of faith is limited to one side of the political spectrum, and is based off of misinformation and outright lies. Dr. Fauci gives us the best information he can, and corrects himself when he is wrong. This is not what "lying" is.


Maybe you can summarize these lies from "top scientists and public health officials," Dilly. I'm not aware of anything that has not been documented in scientific literature and backed up by scientific research. I'm also curious what reasons scientists and public health officials would have to lie. The Dreher paragraph just doesn't flow.



Websites like this are why Republicans have no trust... this website is planting seeds of doubt with claims like "covid was created in a lab" with zero proof...

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