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A former Emporia High School instructor charged with multiple sex crimes against former students had a potential trial date set during a brief appearance in Lyon County District Court Friday afternoon.

Tyler J. Bosiljevac, 39, could now face trial by jury as early as Oct. 26. Agreeing to a list of potential alternate dates, attorneys said they expected a decision could be delayed until sometime in November pending the resolution of cases involving suspects in custody at the Lyon County Detention Center and other matters which were unable to proceed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bosiljevac pleaded not guilty during an Aug. 30 appearance.

He currently stands accused of nine separate counts including: two felony counts of indecent liberties with a child between the ages of 14-16 during which Bosiljevac was said to have engaged in lewd fondling, two felony counts of attempted sexual exploitation of a child under the age of 18 during which Bosiljevac was said to have requested nude photos of the victims; two felony counts of attempted unlawful sexual relations with students 16 or older; a felony count of indecent solicitation of a child between the ages of 14-16 during which Bosiljevac was said to have attempted to entice a student into unlawful sexual acts; and two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery during which Bosiljevac inappropriately touched two students above the age of 16 without their consent.

Initial investigations began in February after a student made complaints to an EHS staff member who then reported them to the Emporia Police Department.

Bosiljevac’s contract with the school district was terminated by the USD 253 Board of Education later the same month during a closed executive session. Stated reasons for termination included “failure to demonstrate sound professional judgment” as well as several violations of board policy relating to sexual harassment and a failure to maintain “a positive and safe learning environment.”

At the time of his dismissal, Bosiljevac had been employed with the district for 14 years.

Updated Lyon County District Court dockets can be accessed online every Monday at 5thjd.org/dockets-and-lm-cases.

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I want to know who evaluated this guy at EHS. I want to know what staff worked closely next to him but "didn't notice anything." I want to know if other reports were made by students, staff, or concerned parents about this guy being "too friendly" with children. I want to know who hired this guy and if his references were called. I want to know if he was accused of pedophilia in another district or in another setting. I want to know if the school or school district was aware of any questionable behavior because if they were aware, they are complicit.

An alleged pedophile was placed among our children. Let's not sugar coat that. Trust between the school district and community has been broken. What are they doing to ensure our children are not preyed upon by the very people they hire? The school district owes the community answers.

I also want to know why media dance around the charges and don't label them for what they are: pedophilia.


Pedophilia is a disorder that having is not illegal. The actions of a person having pedophilia that is caused by the disorder is illegal and they are defined as such in the article.


Don't normalize pedophilia by calling it a disorder. To do so implies that those who view pornographic images of pedophilia are doing nothing wrong since they were not participating in raping a child. Pedophiles should not be accepted in any culture.


Donald Trump thought Jeffrey Epstein was a really nice guy. Today he claims he "didn't know" Epstein, but there's plenty of photos and a video of them at a "party" together, pointing at different girls who are all dancing for them while they laugh together... not only was Trumps old buddy a pedophile, but also a sex trafficker with had his own private island that was known as "pedophile island." Wonder why Trump would hang out with someone like that?

In a 2002 interview Trump said “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” Sounds to me like Trump knew exactly what was happening. Complicit??

I'm sure Trump knew Epstein was a pedophile, but you won't care about that. You keep saying "I wAnT tO KnoW" about the people who were around this teacher, but you don't actually care. Trump 2020, right? Saad!!


Riddle me this:

Then why did POTUS sign this Executive Order?



So gullible idiots will believe he is a good person? [beam]

Hollowed Ground

I would focus more on jailing the man for 50 years, or hanging him, than on blaming schools. These perverts are the world's best at hiding their behavior. They have to be, for if they weren't they would get caught early in their careers. Many continue this behavior into their 60s and 70s if not caught. They depend on (a) instilling fear into the victims so they remain quiet, (b) our high reluctance to speak about sexual things, so warnings and complaints are ignored, and (c) our blame-the-girl mentality which infuses a sense of futility in the victims. Republicans always seek to blame the girl. Her clothes were too tight, her neckline was too low, she only reported after the third incident, she wasn't a virgin, her underwear was too small, etc, etc, etc. Therefore the teenage girl deserved to be assaulted, touched and fondled at the pedophile's pleasure. That's their logic, that's the way they think. Exhibit A must be the great moral crusading couple of Jerry and Becki Falwell. If the top dog of that so-called university is such a despicable pervert, you can bet much of the staff and many of the students were recruited solely for "entertainment".

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