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With the completion of Phase 2, renovations resulting from the Inspiring Wranglers: The Campaign for Tomorrow’s Chefs are now complete.

The campaign was kicked off in 2018 with the goal of helping students achieve success. The recent upgrades will help the Hospitality/Culinary Arts program achieve certification from the American Culinary Federation, giving graduates a jump start on their careers.

Construction of Phase 1 was completed earlier this year and included a chemistry lab, upgraded Student Commons area as well as two kitchen labs, a senior teaching kitchen and demonstration kitchen. Phase 2 renovations saw an expansion of the main kitchen.

The footprint of the southwest corner of the building was reconfigured, allowing enough space to make two separate kitchens: a dedicated baking kitchen and a culinary kitchen. Upgrades in the main building hallway were also made, with several study and seating areas for students incorporated throughout the area.

“This renovation gives our students immense opportunities. One of them being the potential for American Culinary Federation certification,” said Kendra Smith, FHTC hospitality/culinary arts instructor. “We’ll be perusing that certification soon and once achieved, students who receive their associates will be able to take their ACF exam and become a certified culinarian straight out of school.

“This would be an advantage for our students as they enter the workforce as this certification is internationally recognized as a level of culinary competency. The kitchen is amazing, and our students have been extremely graceful in handling all of the challenges that came with learning through a renovation. We continue to strive to be an elite culinary school in the Midwest.”

For more information about Flint Hills Technical College, go to fhtc.edu.

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