Early Thursday, The Gazette was made aware of posts circulating on social media alleging inappropriate and sexually-charged behavior toward students by an instructor at Emporia High School.

During a closed executive session at Wednesday’s meeting of the Emporia Public Schools Board of Education, board members voted unanimously to terminate the contract of Tyler Bosiljevac, who taught social studies at the high school.

The district could not confirm whether the decision was related to the aforementioned allegations.

“As you are aware, we do not comment or share information on specific personnel issues,” Emporia Public Schools Director of Community Relations Lyndel Landgren said. “Know, however, that we do take all concerns and allegations seriously. When this concern was brought to our attention last week, we acted quickly and took appropriate initial action.”

A separate call to the Emporia Police Department confirmed there is an ongoing investigation involving a teacher at the high school.

Both former and current students at EHS alleged receiving inappropriate messages and commentsfrom the teacher.

According to Board of Education USD 253 Teacher Termination No. 2020-13, publicly available on, Bosiljevac’s employment was terminated effective immediately for the following:

Failing to demonstrate sound professional judgment;

Violating Board Policy GAAC, Sexual Harassment, which prohibits sexual harassment;

Violating Board Policy GAF Staff-Student Relations, which requires staff members to maintain professional relationships with students which are conducive to an effective education environment;

Violating Board Policy GBU Ethics, which requires an educator to recognize the basic dignities of all individuals with whom he interacts in the performance of his duties;

Violating Board Policy EBB, which addresses the provision of a safe environment for students while in school attendance; and

Failing to maintain a positive learning environment for students.

The full resolution can be found at$file/2.%20Teacher%20Termination%20Resolution%202020-13%20(3).pdf

We will continue to update this story as more information is released.

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Not surprised, I went to school with this guy, he was the cool kid, his dad a dr, he played sports, he was so cool he had relations with a teacher from EHS, she went to a party had a fee drinks and one thing led to another, (everyone knew about it), This teacher taught 25% of class and trash talked gossip the rest of class time. So of course this guy is like this. As of the bro code, its all over emporia (courthouse and lawyers) the school district, even jobs. Everyone knows everyone, place is toxic, i left.


As a previous student of his i tried to turn him in for multiple things and nobody ever listened. Back in 2009.


There has been inappropriate things going on at that school for years from teachers hitting on and/or dating students, to bullying. Admins always turned a blind eye to it.


Anyone else not able to find this" teacher termination. " form they keep talking about that is supposedly public ??


After trying FOREVER to figure this out, I finally found it, but the PDF file link just doesn't work. To view it, you need to go to and use the search function at the top to search "Tyler" and then open the file Feb. 26 2020. It's a pain so I saved and re-uploaded it for anyone else curious to see it or having problems.



Out Of Here Prev: SnowGypsy

After the first line of that song, I couldn't listen to another word!


EHS ADMIN is a boy's club....protect the bro-code. As it was and always will be.

Out Of Here Prev: SnowGypsy

Makes me wonder who called the Emporia Police Department, the school or the parents of a student. Looks like if there is a "bro-code" that anyone that has something to report needs to make a police report and not bother with the school. The more that step forward, the better. Geesh, the admin is always in the paper talking about making improvements to make the school safer, well, in this case, a storm shelter would not have helped!


You do know that two of those admins are women...right?

Out Of Here Prev: SnowGypsy

I am not sure that makes a difference, yet it would make the whole thing more sad. Looks like from the website there is 3 males and 2 females. "Bro-code" can exist even with women present unless they are confident enough to challenge it, and many women are not and sadly don't see anything wrong with the behavior which they may be subjected to also. Sad, but true.


Inappropriate contact is not a new concept to Emporia hi there was a time when a teacher was having sexual relations with a student who was a senior and nothing was done about it however both her parents were teachers at the time


This is nothing new to Emporia high school there was a time when a teacher was having sexual relations with a student and nothing was done but both her parents were teachers at Emporia high at the time the couple is now married if it matters

Out Of Here Prev: SnowGypsy

Getting married doesn't matter, it should have been dealt with in an appropriate manner - termination of the teacher. There was a case in 2012 that upheld the KS ban on student-teacher sexual relations, even if consensual and the student was 18+.


Tyler Bosilavac

Out Of Here Prev: SnowGypsy

Both current and former students? I think a seminar on inappropriate behavior by school staff needs to be given so that students will know that the behavior needs to be reported and to whom. I think this needs to fall under "See something, say something." as I am betting many knew that this was going on and just let it slide! It is so sick when adults in positions of authority target children, and teens are children too!


The fact if the matter is as a student of EHS, this was common knowledge. Students did report this, teachers did know, and to my knowledge administration did too. This was first brought up a long time ago and was not taken seriously, I also dislike the wording of the title of this article. It inadequately shows the actions. The behavior wasn't just innapropriate messaging. He called students sexual names in class, and pursued action in some cases. I have friends who were hurt by this man. Why should our education be jeprodized?

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