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The Emporia Public Schools district has issued a statement on staff and employee expectations, four days after a former Emporia High School teacher pleaded guilty to two felony charges of sexual misconduct with students.

Tyler Bosiljevac, 39, entered a plea bargain to charges of Attempted Unlawful Sexual Relations — Teacher with Student (a level 7 person felony) and indecent liberties with a child under 16 (a level 5 person felony), during a Wednesday appearance in Lyon County District Court.

Bosiljevac was subsequently found guilty of both charges and must register as a sex offender as part of the agreement.

Community Relations Director Lyndel Landgren issued a statement to The Gazette Saturday morning that, without referencing Bosiljevac directly, said the district had “high expectations” for its employees in order to protect the “health, safety, and welfare of our students and staff within the district.”

“The district makes every effort to ensure that we maintain the highest standard of professional conduct throughout our school campuses,” he said. “Our students’ well-being and safety is a top priority. Any unlawful and/or inappropriate conduct by an employee will not be tolerated in this school district.”

Landgren said school counselors, psychologists, social workers and therapists from CrossWinds Counseling & Wellness were available to students.

The Emporia Gazette had reached out to the school district immediately after the verdict was rendered, and was told by Landgren that the district was consulting with legal counsel to issue a response.

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I remember some students posting about an art teacher, either on this website or facebook, but I can't find them... I do see some deleted comments... Now today on the facebook page for this article, I see more comments from multiple people about an art teacher... just putting this out there that maybe we should be concerned with an art teacher... I see there are 4 art teachers at EHS and I don't know exactly which one they are referring to, but I don't think it would be that hard to figure it out. I do think I've figured it out, but am not going to post any name here since I can't be certain, but maybe someone who knows for sure can inform the proper person.

Hollowed Ground

Everything spoken by the spokesperson is pure bunk. Having high expectations is nice, but meaningless. Just what is expected? No fondling of students while on the job? Students' well being is Priority 1? Hardly. Read the last sentence. Protecting themselves is Priority 1, students Priority 2. Not unusual for school systems. Not unusual for businesses either. Read the newspapers. The real ones.


No dark sarcasm in the classroom.

An Expatriate Emporian

So the School District is basically saying: "okay, now we really, really mean it!"

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