The Regional Development Association of East Central Kansas voted to move forward with expansion plans for a staple Emporia business Friday morning.

Dynamic Distribution — which is classified as a separate business entity from Dynamic Discs, LLC — will now set its sights toward moving into the soon-to-be-vacated Detroit Reman building at 840 Overlander St. The 81,000 square foot space would be used to consolidate Dynamic Distribution’s current warehouse operations at 3601 W. 6th Ave., additional storage containers and a separately-leased warehouse into one facility.

According to Dynamic Discs CEO Jeremy Rusco, the proposed expansion has become much more viable in recent years thanks to a steady rise in sales, including a sharp increase in online business during the pandemic.

“We’ve been growing for years now,” Rusco said. “Much like everybody during the pandemic, we were uncertain as to what the future would hold. Fortunately, we’ve seen that there’s been a huge increase in the number of people interested in playing the sport and purchasing equipment right now.

“We’re up over 100% with our online operation, and on the warehouse side we’re up over 50%. We never could’ve guessed that we’d experience that type of growth this year.”

In the coming weeks, the City of Emporia — under recommendation from the RDA — will vote on providing Emporia Enterprises with a partial cash contribution to help facilitate the sale of the original 3601 W. 6th Ave. property. Emporia Enterprises will also borrow a portion of the cost, which is expected to total approximately $650,000. The nonprofit would then own, manage and immediately list the warehouse for sale.

The proposal is conditional on Dynamic Distribution submitting the city with documentation outlining an approved bank loan for the 840 Overlander St. purchase.

“There’s risk to it, but it’s measured risk,” said RDA President Kent Heermann. “There’s going to be some job creation, maybe even more than [Rusco] is thinking. But, that will be up to him and how the volume of the business goes … [The 3601 W. 6th Ave. warehouse] is a nice building at about 20,000 square feet ...You could have a small general contractor or a truck repair shop; there’s a lot of uses for it … The risk is worth the reward.”

Heermann estimates the new Dynamic Distribution warehouse could create as many as 15-20 local jobs.

“This should mean that we’re able to hire more people, and we’ll hopefully have more space for people to safely work and practice social distancing while we still need to do that,” Rusco said. “We’re really excited about the next couple years as we can continue to bring more jobs to town.”

Dynamic Distribution has plans to renovate the 840 Overlander building if the sale is completed, but will remain at its current location for several months, regardless. The company will be leasing its current warehouse into the first few months of 2021, continuing to pay for utilities, snow removal, mowing and other maintenance costs.

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Hollowed Ground

If online operations are up 100% and warehouse operations are up 50%, all in a single year, then how much of that increased profit is shared with the workers who after all ae the ones who made it all possible? What are their raises and what are their bonuses? Do they get meaningful rewards or just a thank-you email with a side note indicating they may be laid off if Biden wins?


Prayers to the Detroit Diesel workers and families. These months of closing different lines and sending your jobs to Indiana has been terrible and heart wrenching for you. Hang in there.

Hollowed Ground

Maybe they will find work here. At a higher rate.

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