Abortion rights, the governor and other important offices are up for a vote this year in Kansas. KCUR assembled a guide to help you navigate the 2022 election, including information on how to vote and what to expect on your ballot.

Kansans will be in the national spotlight when they make their choices in the upcoming August 2 primary. Several big questions will be on the ballot, most notably an amendment to the state constitution on abortion, plus some hotly contested party races for U.S. Senate, governor and Congress.

Kansas will actually be the first state in the country to vote on abortion rights since the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. In the August election, voters across the state will be asked whether abortion should be removed as a right from the state constitution as well.

Kansas has a closed primary system, meaning you have to declare yourself a member of a political party if you want to vote on Republican or Democratic ballots, and decide who will qualify for the general election in November. If you’re already affiliated with one party, you can’t switch parties at the polls.

Unaffiliated voters, however, can choose to join a political party at the polls to vote in their primary. Unaffiliated voters may also remain unaffiliated and still vote on ballot questions (like the abortion amendment) and non-partisan races.

KCUR assembled a guide to help you navigate Kansas’ 2022 election, including information on how to vote, and a brief rundown of what to expect on your ballot.

Key dates:

Deadline to change party affiliation if already registered: July 1, 2022

Voter registration deadline for primary: July 12, 2022

Advance voting begins: July 13, 2022

Last day to apply for advance mail ballot: July 26, 2022

In-person advance voting ends: Aug. 1, 202

Deadline for mailed ballot to be postmarked: Aug. 2

Primary election: Aug. 2, 2022

Last day for mailed ballots to reach the election office and still be counted: Aug. 5 at 5 p.m.

Voter registration deadline for general: Oct. 18, 2022

General election: Nov. 8, 2022

Am I registered to vote?

You must be 18 years old by Election Day, a U.S. citizen and a resident of Kansas to be able to vote in the Kansas primary and general elections. However, you can still register if you are currently 17 but will turn 18 by Election Day.

The deadline to register to vote before Kansas’ August primary is July 12, 2022.

If you think you may already be registered but aren’t sure — or need to double check your party association — there’s an easy way to check online through the Kansas Secretary of State’s office. This site will also show you where your polling place is on Election Day.

In order to register to vote, you will be asked to verify a driver’s license or a non-driver’s ID and fill in some personal information. Those without a driver’s license or non-driver ID can ask for a paper form at the online address below.

You’ll also be asked whether you are currently serving a sentence for felony conviction, which includes probation or parole. If so, you are ineligible to vote. Once probation or parole is finished, you are eligible to re-register to vote.

Your completed application should be returned to the county election office, where registration in person is also available.

Here’s where you can can register to vote, or update your registration:

Online at https://www.kdor.ks.gov/Apps/VoterReg/Registration/Index

In-person at your nearby election office, city hall or driver’s license location.

Spanish language voter registration forms are also available on the Secretary of State’s website.

Can I vote in advance if I’m not able to on Election Day?

Kansas offers several options for no-excuse advance voting, both in person and by mail.

All Kansas voters have the option to vote by mail without submitting a reason. However, a new request for a mail-in ballot must be made for each election. Blank forms are available on the Secretary of State’s website.

Advance by-mail ballots can be requested any time, but Kansas won’t start mailing those out until July 13, 2022. When you mail back in your completed ballot, it must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received by the county no later than the close of business the Friday after the election. Find your county election office here.

Advance mail ballots can also be dropped off in secure drop boxes provided by the county.

Drop box availability and locations will vary by county and from election to election, so the Secretary of State’s office advises voters to check with their county election office for details. (For example, here are the drop boxes in Johnson County and Wyandotte County.)

Once you’ve mailed in your advance ballot, the Secretary of State’s office offers a way to track your ballot and make sure it’s been received and processed correctly.

In-person advance voting works the same way as regular voting, except you do it before Election Day at one of your county’s advance voting sites. You still need to bring appropriate ID and sign the poll book.

Advance voting sites also vary from year to year, and are not the same as your Election Day polling location. Check with your county election office to find where and when they’re open.

How do I vote on Election Day?

Kansas polling places are open from at least 7 a.m.-7 p.m. on Election Day, August 2. Some counties may choose to open polls an hour earlier and keep them open an hour later. If you are in line at the time of closing, you have a right to cast a ballot — stay in line!

Find your polling place and sample ballot at the Secretary of State’s website

By law, Kansas voting must be accessible to voters of all ages and disabilities. If more than 5% of a county’s voting-age population is from a single-language minority and not able to understand English, alternative printed materials or interpreters must be available.

Five counties meet this requirement: Finney, Ford, Grant, Haskell and Seward.

In addition, each polling place must have at least one machine compliant with the Help America Vote Act to allow voters with disabilities to vote in secret.

Do I need

voter ID?

Yes. Photo identification is required in Kansas to vote in person, either in advance or on Election Day. (If you vote by mail, you will be asked to provide proof of acceptable ID when you apply for a ballot).

Kansas accepts the following forms of photo identification:

Driver’s license or ID card issued by the state of Kansas or another state

U.S. passport

U.S. military ID

ID card issued by a Native American tribe

Employee badge or ID from a government agency

Student ID card from an postsecondary Kansas school

Concealed carry license issued

Public assistance ID card

If you don’t have your ID at the polling place, you will be given a provisional ballot. That means your vote won’t be included in Election Day totals. You must return to the election office to present your ID before your ballot can be counted during the vote canvass.

Provisional ballots can also be issued if you show up at the wrong polling place or if you voted by mail, but then voted again in person.

Registered Kansas voters can apply for a free, non-driver ID card from the Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles. You can download the form online here, or find it at all driver’s license offices and county election offices.

What am I

voting on?

In the August primary, Kansas voters will pick their candidates for a number of major states offices — from governor on down — and weigh in on a major abortion rights ballot issue. The entire Kansas House is also up for reelection this year, so you may see those primaries on the ballot too, along with some contests for the State Board of Education and a number of local races.

Here’s a rundown of constitutional amendments and major primary contests in Kansas. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order, and campaign websites are included where they could be found.

You can request a sample ballot from your county election office. Those are also available online as early as 45 days before the election from the Secretary of State’s office, once the counties submit them, but there have been some delays this year due to redistricting. That link also lists your Congressional, state House and Senate, and local districts.

Abortion amendment

Abortions are currently legal in Kansas. But that may change depending on how Kansas vote on a proposed constitutional amendment appearing on the August 2 ballot.

Passed by the Kansas Legislature, the “Value Them Both Amendment” would change the Kansas Constitution to declare that there is no right to an abortion in the state. After the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, there are no longer nationwide protections for abortion access.

The Kansas constitutional amendment would not ban abortions outright. However, it would open the door to state lawmakers to then pass laws restricting abortion access.

Here is a link to the full ballot language. Voting “yes” means you are in favor of removing the right to an abortion from the Kansas Constittuion, while voting “no” would reject the amendment and keep existing protections for abortion access.

All voters in Kansas are allowed to vote on the constitutional amendment, whether or not they are affiliated with a political party. A simple majority vote is required for the amendment to be approved.

Read more about the amendment from the Kansas News Service.

U.S. Senate

Jerry Moran, who has represented Kansas in the U.S. Senate since 2011, is running for reelection. With the balance of the U.S. Senate at stake this year, expect a lot of attention on the general election race.


Mike Andra, Wichita

Paul Buskirk , Lawrence

Mark Holland, Kansas City

Robert Klingenberg, Salina

Michael Soetaert, Alta Vista

Patrick Wiesner, Overland Park


Joan Farr, Derby

Jerry Moran, Manhattan

U.S. House of Representatives

Members of the U.S. House are reelected every two years, so every representative in Kansas is on the ballot this year. However, not all primaries are competitive.

Another thing to note: Congressional boundaries in Kansas have changed this year, under a redistricting plan passed by the Kansas Legislature and upheld by the state supreme court.

Here’s a rundown of Republicans and Democrats running in the primaries for each U.S. House race.

First District


James “Jimmy” Beard, Garden City


Tracey Mann, Salina

Second District


Patrick Schmidt, Topeka


Jake LaTurner, Topeka

Third District


Sharice Davids, Shawnee


Amanda Adkins, Overland Park

John McCaughrean, Kansas City

Fourth District


Bob Hernandez, Wichita


Ron Estes, Wichita

Governor and Lt. Governor

Kansas is the only state won by former President Donald Trump in 2020 that has an incumbent Democratic governor. Now, Gov. Laura Kelly — who took office in 2019 — is facing a tough reelection fight.


Richard Karnowski/Barry Franco

Laura Kelly/David Toland


Arlyn Briggs/Lance Berland

Derek Schmidt/Katie Sawyer

Secretary of State


Jeanna Repass, Overland Park


Mike Brown, Overland Park

Scott Schwab, Kansas City

Attorney General


Chris Mann, Lawrence


Kris Kobach, Lecompton

Tony Mattivi, Topeka

Kellie Warren, Leawood

State Treasurer


Lynn Rogers, Wichita


Steven Johnson, Assaria

Caryn Tyson, Parker

(39) comments



Display at Kansas City church defaced with anti-LGBTQ message.

A bit of “gentle” pro choice persuasion? Or is it intimidation?


I guess that should have read A bit of “gentle” religious persuasion? Or is it intimidation?


I’m not an LGBT proponent, but I am not a proponent of anti LGBT vandalism. It’s ugly and criminal.



A bit of “gentle” pro choice persuasion? Or is it intimidation?


A little paint cleaned in 4 hours is a lot more gentle than the shootings and firebombings of planned parenthood clinics, that's for sure!

And it's funny to see Dilly, who admits to standing outside abortion clinics with signs intimidating women is suddenly up in arms about intimidation when it's his side on the receiving end of things.


I did carry a sign and always did it within the law (distance from clinic, etc). I have never firebombed an abortion facility and have condemned any who either did so or threatened to.

You seem to hint that my “admission” is a hint of criminal guilt. Nothing could be further from the truth and I think you know it. Ithink you know the difference between carrying a sign in protest and the criminal vandalism involved in the pro choice “artwork” used on a Catholic church.

I doubt you’ll realize that resorting to veiled ad hominems doesn’t bolster your case, but most people reading these forums do.


You can carry a sign and do it legally, and also still be intimidating. I wasn't comparing vandalizing a statue to carrying a sign... I compared the vandalism to shootings and firebombings.

My finding it funny you're worried about a church feeling intimidated when you're out intimidating people in the name of the church was just an afterthought, in its own separate paragraph. Whether it's done legally or not is beside the point. Intimidation is wrong morally.

I don't think either one of us will be praising anyone breaking the law. I'm also sorry you feel I'm attacking you... I'm just trying to make a point. I respect your opinions and read everything you put here. I just don't agree with some of it.


I’m sure I was needlessly worried. Pro life Cath


I’m sure I was needlessly worried. Pro life Catholics aren’t easily intimidated. They’re part of a long line that includes people like Mother Theresa, the Little Sisters of the Poor, etc. I’m not a Roman Catholic, but I admire Theresa’s moxie. Her work on behalf of India’s poorest, neediest, and neglected is universally recognized. Her work on behalf of the pro life

movement is legendary, I remember this frail looking, physically unappealing woman speaking to a national prayer breakfast, declaring that “Abortion is the greatest destroyer of peace in the world.” Seeing Bill Clinton and Al Gore relegated to stunned silence was a real sight to behold. She was walling to suffer the slings and arrows and keep advocating for the lowly and the unborn. Christopher Hitchens called her a “Romanian dwarf.” The insult never phased her. She remained beautiful until her death.

The Little Sisters if the Poor ministered to the poor and needy in their “homes.” The housed, clothed, feed, bathed and nursed their needy clients. They ran afoul of the pro abortion when they refused to make abortificants available on their health care plan. While they had taken vows of poverty and chastity to do their service, they were anything but shrinking violets. When politicians and judges tried to bring them to heel, with threats of fines and jail terms, they held fast. They’d have gladly made license plates or busted rock rather than betray their faith and their principles. They won out, rightly so.

They won out using peaceful means. That’s how it should be. Firebombs are the tools of terrorists dnd criminals. That label includes those who deface Roman Catholic, Unitarian, or other churches.


"Physically unappealing woman?" Really, Dilly? Yeah...no misogynist, you. A person devotes her life to ministering to society's most vulnerable, and you see fit to mention is that you weren't attracted to her? Get some help.


Aim, you attack everybody that doesn’t agree with your opinion. I know you will deny that but that is just the way it is. There have been a lot of fire bombings and other intimidations done by the pro choice against the pro life side. None of it by either party is justified but you make out that it’s a lot worse against the pro-choice which that is just not true. You also claim that you respect other peoples opinion which is just a total BS. You’re always accusing other people of lying, but you make them look like amateurs.


Ricky, disagreeing and giving my rebuttal is not an "attack," it's just how online conversations are. Maybe you're just being overly sensitive? Maybe it's because you can't just fire me for disagreeing with you...

I've also re-read my comment several times and I don't even see any attack whatsoever. I also do not see anywhere that I "hint to criminal guilt" of Dillys actions. I've told Dilly more than once I believe he has every right to stand on a public space with his sign. Simply saying his sign intimidates women isn't a "veiled ad hominem"... It's just saying we shouldn't seek to intimidate anyone to further our religious beliefs, but that's just my opinion. My belief is that if Jesus were alive today, he would think someone who's harassing women at an abortion clinic is a jerk.

Dilly said putting paint on a statue is intimidation... I said holding signs up at abortion clinics is also intimidation. It's that simple. No need to make it complicated by bringing legality into it. The message is simple. Intimidation is wrong.


Dilly919 , I showed your post to my wife and she started crying. She has been a devout believer in mother Theresa She has spent countless hours learning more about her over the years. It is a very special and wonderful tribute you gave to her just now. Thank you



This is a link to Mother Theresa’s words to the National Prayer Breakfast:



Aim, to attack. anyone who disagrees you is the right word you can call it whatever you want it’s still smells the same.


Moderate, 🙄😂


Ration A1 it is your side of this disagreement that has made fun of her all the years that she was alive because of her luxe but mostly because of her beliefs so Shame on you to try to bring something like at up after such a great tribute to her. You should be ashamed of yourself. But I’m sure you don’t feel any shame since you’re pro death to all unborn innocent babies.


It's good to see that everyone seems to be in agreement with this article itself, it's just that one issue. Most everyone seems involved in reinforcing and insuring that our elections are absolutely secure. This recent stress test on Democracy and sanity has awaken most everyone by now. Politics seems to be popular again, ugly as it. Valuable information here, plan your vote, it could get crowded. Be Heard!


I agree 100%. If you don't want to deal with the crowd, vote my mail! You can fill out and print the application at:


The mailing address is on page 2.


Men, over the age of 50, are the largest demographic group that oppose abortion. This is the same demographic that opposes gun control. This group DOES NOT believe that the congress (legislature) can fairly, effectively regulate their guns but they BELIEVE congress (legislature) can do a fine job of regulating a women’s reproductive rights. Women are still the minority in both our state and federal legislatures. Women, who are personally effected by these laws, are represented but realistically cannot dictate the ultimate direction of reproductive rights legislation.


Dear readers,

I am a Devout Catholic Christian. I am voting no August 2nd. Here's why. In May of 2005, I married my wonderful husband Marc. Within a year, we were expecting our first child. Unfortunately, like many pregnancies, this one ended in miscarriage. Normally, a woman's body takes care of the dead fetus on it's own, but sometimes it doesn't, and the woman needs medical intervention. Even though the doctors were removing a dead fetus, the procedure is called an abortion. In my case, had I not had an abortion to remove the dead fetus from my womb, I would have died. I would have never given birth to my 3 beautiful children, and my husband would have been a widower at the age of 23. What happened to me, happens to women all the time. We use medical intervention all the time to save people in car accidents, but we can't save a woman who had a miscarriage? All over America, states are fully banning abortions, with no exceptions for medical intervention such as mine. That is what is about to happen here in Kansas. We will not be saving lives, we will be killing innocent women and denying life to their future children.

Please join me in voting No on August 2nd. Thank you.


You arent a Catholic because any woman who goes and gets an abortion is automaticly kicked out from the Church and anyone who gets abortions can never become a Catholic again. Any woman who votes no isn't catholic either because you can't vote against the Church but expect to stay in it. God will punish you for your vote and you can count on that


You're a nutcase. Have some decency.


It’s after midnight your time. “I’ve never posted in the middle of the night” 🤷‍♂️


Midnight is only the "middle of the night" for old people who go to bed at 8pm lol.


Can’t argue with that. Lol


The law that set this proposed amendment was passed in 2015 and prohibited “dilation and evacuation” abortions unless the life or health of the mother was in danger. The “procedure” that was banned was the termination of a LIVE unborn child by dismembering the fetus piece by piece in the womb. While the language of the procedure made it seem almost pleasant, an evacuation to a safer environment, a rescue of sorts. That’s quite a clever linguistic touch. While the abortion in your case was tragically necessary. But, the child was already dead, not alive. The Kansas law banning the grisly procedure was caught up in the court system, with about 450 of these abortions done every year. The KS supreme decision (Hodes) and a subsequent appeals court ruling opened the door to what’s going on today. They are still being done!

I doubt that if the child in your womb had been alive that you would have chosen to abort. I’d like to think you value life.

The proposed amendment also has provisions built in to protect the life of the mother.


First I'm sorry you lost your baby... and I'm happy you now have 3. I'm also glad you see past the ridiculousness of the church and are standing up for your rights as well as the rights of other women. I agree with Dilly that removing a dead fetus isn't really an abortion, but all common sense goes out the window when conservatives write laws, which is what a YES vote is asking for. I also agree with you that removing abortion protections from the constitution will lead to an abortion ban. I have looked for these "provisions built in to protect the life of the mother" Dilly speaks of, but I don't see any abortion related legislation other than Value Them Both, which certainly does not contain any provisions or language concerning the life of the mother.


First of all, The original bill, Senate bill 95, had provisions for the life and health of the mother, provisions for rape and incest as well as the prohibition against dilation and evacuation (dismemberment, piece by piece) abortion. It was the Kansas Supreme Court and the subsequent appellate court ruling that “invalidated” that law, this re-opening the door to about 450 of these grisly abortions per year in Kansas since the rulings. The death toll is currently about 1,500, which is far from being an inconsequential number.

I realize that the pro abortion/pro choice camp often makes the argument that is being “evacuated” is nothing more than blobs of tissue that only appears to be human. The pro-life argument is that these children are members of the human family, entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I’ll grant that an unborn child in the womb can’t manipulate quadratic equations, throw a 105 MPH fastball, or compose a symphony or sonata, but I will not surrender to the idea that an unborn child is human, a member of our family.

The value them both amendment’s language is far clearer than the pro abortion/pro choice camp will admit:

“Because Kansans value both women and children, the constitution of the state of Kansas does not require government funding of abortion and does not create or secure a right to abortion. To the extent permitted by the constitution of the United States, the people, through their elected state representatives and state senators, may pass laws regarding abortion, including, but not limited to, laws that account for circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, or circumstances of necessity to save the life of the mother.”

The reason the value them both amendment is needed is make room for good faith laws concerning abortion, laws like Senate bill 95, which was “invalidated” by the Kansas Supreme Court and the appellate courts. It’s time to re-inject some sanity into this situation.


Correction: “but I will not surrender to the idea that an unborn child is NOT human, He or she is a person, a valued member of our family.”


What about the lives of all the innocent babies that are killed every year in Kansas. I do agree there should be exceptions for the life of the mother and for rape and incest, and I believe the Kansas legislature will not go as far as a banning all abortions. People are just scaring people by saying that’s what will happen but there are plenty of moderates that won’t go for that.


Simply stated if you support abortion vote no. If you support life vote yes.


Simply stated if you support abortion vote no. If you support birth vote yes.

Voting YES doesn't support life, it supports removing Kansas womens constitutional right to an abortion, which will lead to the otherwise preventable deaths of women. YES also supports child sex victims being forced to carry pregnancies resulting from child rape... 10 year old girls are more likely to have complications than an adult female. If you are "pro-life" you'd have to accept the fact that life saving exceptions for abortion need to exist... in which case you should vote NO because those protections already exist.


Right now in Kansas, abortions are already banned after 22 weeks, tax dollars don't pay for abortion unless it is to save the life of the mother, doctors are required to give education and do a sonogram, and abortion clinics are already safe enough that not a single person in Kansas has died during an abortion procedure. There were also zero post-viability abortions in Kansas in 2021.

The majority of VTB funding also comes from the catholic archdioceses of Kansas City, Wichita, Oklahoma City, and other catholic organizations. The goal of Value Them Both is a total abortion ban, with no exceptions. Their website is full of lies about "protecting existing laws" and "safe abortion clinics" when their goal is the opposite. They have to lie because 80% of Americans believe abortion should be legal at least in some cases. Many YES voters believe they are preventing abortions "the day before delivery" and stopping "tax dollars funding abortions" but that can't be further from the truth.

Support the Kansas Constitution and it's very moderate right to abortion and late it's current ban on term abortion. Reject the Catholic church forcing their personal beliefs on the entire state. Value Them Both contains zero provisions for rape, incest, and gives zero thought to the health of the mother. Patriotic Americans don't go out and vote away their rights. VOTE NO!


"Right now in Kansas, abortions are already banned after 22 weeks, tax dollars don't pay for abortion unless it is to save the life of the mother, doctors are required to give education and do a sonogram, and abortion clinics are already safe enough that not a single person in Kansas has died during an abortion procedure."

But any one of those requirements could be challenged as unconstitutional if the amendment doesn't pass. That's because, in Hodes v. Nauser the KS Supreme Court ruled that, "governmental regulation of abortion is constitutional only if it passes a test of strict scrutiny. Passing this test requires a compelling government interest and government action that is narrowly tailored to that interest."



But please do not let appeals to our lowest and worst selves -- Arthur M. Schlesinger Sr. characterized prejudice against Roman Catholics as "the deepest bias in the history of the American people" -- influence your vote.


Yes, someone would have to challenge the constitutionality of abortion requirements if the amendment does NOT pass. If the amendment does pass, there will be no constitutional rights, protections or requirements left to challenge because you would have voted your rights away.

You're also the second person I've seen have the YES/NO backwards... Existing regulations allow abortion up to 22 weeks... if ENSURING THAT THE EXISTING REGULATIONS REMAIN IN PLACE IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, then you would be voting NO.

If you believe women should have no constitutional right to an abortion, you would vote YES. It's confusing enough that even I've had it backwards myself.

I am very aware the ValueThemBoth website states they want to protect existing regulations, but they are liars. If you believe any abortion should be legal, (rape, incest, unviable, protecting the life of the mother) then you should vote NO. All the other protections on their website are already currently covered by the state constitution.

Saying you shouldn't let religious bias influence your vote when the vote exists because of religion is silly. I have nothing against Catholic, but it's important to know where political money comes from, and I pointed it out since over half of VTB money comes from only a few Churches.

If you're religion says you can't have an abortion, don't have one. It's when your religion starts trying to dictate the choices of others that I have a problem with. Jews can't eat pork, but they don't try to make it illegal for everyone else to eat pork... Amish can't have modern luxuries, but they're not protesting the Apple store. Catholics have every right to practice their religion, but zero right to force it on others.


Comparing a life of a unborn innocent baby with people not eating pork or giving up luxuries is incredibly ignorant. You’re comparing life with food and extravagance. Like many times you have accuse me of not being very smart, this applies to you now. If you can’t see it then you really just need to stay out of the argument.


Also with you saying you have nothing against Catholics is a joke you have done nothing but bash Catholics in the way of life they lied. You have shown nothing but hatred toward catholics.


Ricky... I'm not comparing abortion with people not eating pork and iphones, lol... I am comparing religions trying to force their beliefs on others-- to religions who keep their beliefs to themselves. Sorry I thought this was pretty clear from my last paragraph...

I also don't have any problem with Catholics... or any religion, until they try to force their views on others. I feel the same way about Sharia law, but that doesn't mean I'm anti-muslim... I just feel people should follow their own religious beliefs and not try to force feed it to unwilling people.

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