As many of us recently learned, KBOR empowered Emporia State President Ken Hush to forever change ESU for the worse by destroying tenure and limiting options for students.

Tenure is important and should be respected. It makes it possible for teachers to be unbiased and free to express ideas without fear of reprisal. Also limiting programs and terminating faculty is not a good formula for growth. Students deserve to have choices in education at a “university.” Dismissing faculty like Robert Catlett, who is an exceptional professor of Economics that has dedicated over 45 years to Emporia State will only hurt this institution.

Dismissing faculty for unspecified reasons with little to no appeal is a hell of a way to treat a dedicated public servant like him. He inspires students to do their best and be excited to learn, this only helps student retention. He was the reason myself and many others chose to stay and finish with Emporia State. I would have a hard time recommending or supporting ESU in the future if these sneaky, underhanded terminations go through.

I hope for future generations of students and our current ones, along with the city of Emporia, we rid ourselves of the unqualified Mr. Hush along with his asinine ideas.

Joel R. Dicks


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jean b

Ken Hush has done nothing but cause trouble for ESU students, faculty and the community. He must go! KBOR must do their job and hire a qualified president, not hand the presidency to the Kochs so they can install their lackey.


Good luck. The KBOR hired him and endorsed his plan.

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