Ayn Rand was a Russian immigrant who wrote “Atlas Shrugged.” She was a fervent capitalist and a favorite of President Reagan and others. She had little respect or liking for religion and she despised the socialists/communists for what they did to the human character. Edward Younkins is quoted in the next paragraph about her fascinating book which is titled “Atlas Shrugged” This was written by her in 1957. Do you think that her reference to “looters” and who they are made up of have application today? (see next paragraph) The leftists hate Ayn Rand.

“Edward Younkins describes “Atlas Shrugged” as “an apocalyptic vision of the last stages of conflict between two classes of humanity — the looters and the non-looters. The looters are proponents of high taxation, big labor, government ownership, government spending, government planning, regulation, and redistribution.”

Please keep in mind that economically no government enterprise or its labor may be used to add to a nation’s Gross National Product. Therefore they produce nothing. This is the most basic of Econ 101.

“Atlas Shrugged” is a very sad presentation of what could have been if humanity was free. It is just that simple. Ms. Rand wrote:

“When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from the men who produce nothing — When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors. When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you. When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming self-sacrifice. You may know that your society is doomed.” — Ayn Rand “Atlas Shrugged,” 1957

I respect President Truman. He was an honest man who left the President’s office no richer than when he went in. One of my favorite quotes from “Give’em Hell Harry” was that if a politician got rich after or while in office know that person is a crook.” Can you point to our past Presidents and others who became hundred of millions of dollars richer after leaving office? If not you are not paying attention. Truman was broke when he left the Presidency. President Truman was a brave man to be the first in line to request that his commission as a Captain in WWI be returned to him to join up to fight the Japanese after Pearl Harbor. (He was denied by a general as being too old at the time and that his efforts were better used here at home).

I would not change or paraphrase one word of our Constitution. One cannot grasp it’s rich meaning by doing anything but to read it exactly as it is written. It starts out with what our founding fathers thought to be our most important right. Here is the exact First Amendment. Any child should know what “no” means unless your intent is to close down churches due to Covid. It would appear that the Supreme Court gave the “looters” a setback when they ruled against those who would shut down churches on their say so. Just so you know the Court ruled against closing places of worship because they pointed out that the First Amendment was not suspended due to Covid. (I am not in any way opposed to any amendment that would adapt this if citizens and the States would approve). Here are the exact words of the First Amendment:

First Amendment

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

I wonder what Ayn Rand would think about those “know it-all” looters that cannot read this and as a result shut down churches. I wonder how long it will take to add Supreme Court justices to fill the Court with Justices that cannot read? Or who might then overturn their recent 5 to 4 opinion telling some government officials that the Constitution has been suspended due to Covid; or any other reasons at their whim. The Court’s recent opinion was in effect to tell some government officials to leave churches alone. I am certain that the left will see this as an affront to their all knowing attitude, but I for one will not tolerate those who cannot read or who paraphrase our Constitution to meet their all knowing purposes. Did you notice how “looters” who set about to dictate what churches had to do, by their edict, were cowards when they were set back by The Supreme Court? They sure turned tail to cover themselves?

I strongly feel that there are still many citizens who feel that the Constitution should be adhered to. If it needs updating then they should get off their lazy butts to make it better via any amendments. They constantly say that all should trust science. If science is correct we can expect more of these viruses every ten years or so. Amendments have been done before. The “looters” must refrain from telling me that there is not time to start the process if they refuse to get to work. After all it would seem to be likely that a new virus could come again, so get to work on something which we will be agreeable to as a nation of equal citizens or bug off.

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An Expatriate Emporian

Bill, bill, so you try to write some drivel and doing your best to make it sound intelligent, but using "looters" explicitly sets it up along a bias.

So it's good to know that like your last stimulus check you'll shred the next one, refusing to accept it since it's an exercise in socialism since you find it such a horrible bugaboo. Like your ravings about tip sharing - you are aware that's standard practice in any upscale restaurant. It's more common in upscale, since those diners actually leave more appropriate tips, rather than someone at applebees only leaving a 5-spot.


Did Mr. Hartman use the word "looter" or was it the right wing thinking Ayn Rand? One thing for sure he generates conversation.


To those that say people before profits an complain about workers not getting a fair share an how the restaurant owners should , I guess give the business to the cooks an waitresses . Next time you are selling a car or house or have a yard sale, can i come over an take what you have an give you what i think it is worth? I mean people over profits right, if you have a house to sell then to most you are rich, why not share it, if you have a car to sell then you must have 2 cars, why so greedy, split it up share those profits. . Socialism is great til they want what YOU have.


Unions Get nothing? really? Come to Detroit an see how the Unions Bosses live, UAW folks have 2 houses new cars trucks snowmobile boats an RV that they never use and most are mean as hell, They dress like slobs , an are the first to throw a federal case fit if they have to wait 10 seconds for anything. Unions own a piece of Ford an GM , . Unions put Dolly Madison into bankruptcy . Unions are the reason Manufactureres looked to other countries in the 1st place. . If you like Unions so much why are you in Emporia? Come up tO Toledo Cleveland , Detroit , They have a union job waiting for you

Hollowed Ground

The writer should consider the latest rule change for restaurants at Trump's DOL In response to restaurant owner lobbying, the rule allows restaurants to shift,under the phony baloney banners of "equality" and "disparity", server tip incomes from the servers to the non-tipped workers like cooks, dishwashers and busboys. In other words, instead of paying the back-end workers what they're worth, the socialism loving business owners are taking money from the front end window dressing workers and handing it to the back end workers who are the ones who do real work. How would the writer like for his boss to reduce his wages by 20% and hand it over to lower paid workers rather than raising the pay of the lower paid workers directly? It saves the business a boat load of money! Talk about upward re-distribution! Pure communism! All demanded by and lobbied for by restaurant owners! That's the way restaurant owners think. Remember that when you think about dining out.


A (capitalist) business owner takes advantage of a law designed to make him wealthier.... Tell me again how this wealth-building scheme is communism...?


Galts Gulch would be an awesome place to live.

Hollowed Ground

Much more socialism is about to be unleashed. For businesses, that is. Workers shut out by 'job creators' are going to get a big fat one-time check for $600! That should cover about 2 weeks of rent out of the year. Unions get nothing but churches (yes, churches!) get billions. Illegal immigrants get nothing even though they comprise the nation's most critical workers. Businesses will lap up over 5X what the workers who make them succeed will collectively collect. They get hundreds of billions in accountability-free socialist handouts (they call them "forgivable loans", a term akin to "compassionate conservative"). There's a trickling-down trickle for schools, daycare and a few crumbs for broadband for those poorer students who have to try learning on a dial up or smooch off a McDonalds hot spot. God Bless America! Socialism is great if your in business, ain't it?


Again, Hollowed, you're saying that the wealthy are profiting off the misfortune of the poor.... How exactly does this qualify again as "socialism"...?


If "looters" didn't say it all, "leftists" did.

Declaring that presidents who make money after leaving office is somehow a problem is comical. Every president since at least Nixon has increased their wealth after their presidency. Truman didn't have the opportunity for book deals, speaking fees, public appearances, brand deals, or honorary positions.

This is a thinly veiled attempt to throw a fit over how Covid has been handled in most places in the country. Laws allowing public health officials to shut down businesses, stop public gatherings, etc. have been on the books for over a century. Thankfully we just haven't needed to use them very often.


Wrong on so many levels.... President and Mrs. Truman retired to Independence, MO with nothing more than his WWI officer's pension on which to live. The President needed to make some money and fast, and so he sold his memoirs. He was the first retired U.S. president to do so in our times. He had the opportunity for public appearances and brand deals. He chose not to cheapen the Presidency by selling his name as an advertising gimmick to corporations.


I think it means " Make mine freedom Baby"


Huh,,,,"LOOTERS" ,says it all.


Didn't many churches and synagogues in New York and several other States have to shut down? The point is protect your rights against them being removed. Amend the Constitution when and if called for when it is agreeable via the Constitution. Otherwise follow what it says.


They weren't forced to shut down, they were forced to not have in-person services. Other businesses had to adapt by using contactless delivery/curbside pickup, and lots of churches are doing online video or assembling in a parking lot and using the radio. We're in the middle of a pandemic... churches should have to abide by the same health orders as everyone else, especially when churches are able to get taxpayer $$$ from covid relief funds... I don't think the government is prohibiting exercise of religion. Its not like government agents are arresting preachers for what they're preaching...

Anyone who still supports Trump knowing his desire to declare martial law to stay in power needs to just shut up about the constitution.

Hollowed Ground

I'm not sure what the point of this meandering nonsense is. Does the writer even know? "Looters are proponents of...government spending...regulation....redistribution." That of course would make most if not all of our businesses looters. Looters! Farm subsidies, energy subsidies, tax deductions for every imaginable expense, "depletion" allowances, subsidized interest, special exemptions and dozens and dozens of other special tax regulations and business regulations designed to make business a risk-free operation, all on the backs of workers. All this spells nothing but wealth redistribution, upwards. Upward wealth redistribution; that is business mantra pure and simple. Just look at the value of Amzaon vs the collective value of its employees. Upward redistribution funneled through regulation and government spending. And churches! Churches are among the biggest looters! Just look at the Catholic Church for starters. Gold-plated, marble covered churches all over the world, protecting sexual predators in every corner with, by law and regulation, no accountability. And they are filled with worshiping peons without money for clothes. Upward redistributing looters if there ever were any. Oh, any by the way, our government has never "shut down" any church, save for a few sham churches over the years. Even the Westboro Baptist Church, a church about as phony as you can get, is allowed to operate.


Speaking of difficult-to-follow, meandering writings, Hollowed....

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