All votes in Lyon County have been tallied. Of 19,504 registered voters in the county, 5,346 were cast — a total of 27.41 percent.

*Winners denoted in bold

UNOFFICIAL FINAL TALLY (elections are not official until canvassed by the county commission):

Emporia Public Schools Bond:

Yes: 2,514

No: 1,450

Emporia City Commission: (3 seats)

Joni Austenfeld: 1,003

Susan Brinkman: 1,755

Rob Gilligan: 2,107

Lisa Hudson-Brittain: 1,164

Becky Jaggard Smith: 1,810

Todd Maddox: 805

Write-in: 22

USD 253 Board of Education: (4 seats)

Jeremy Dorsey: 2,070

Art Gutierrez Jr.: 2,656

Mallory Koci: 1,716

Jeff Lutes: 1,422

Grant C. Riles: 2,034

Leslie Seeley: 2,420

Write-in total: 49

USD 251 School Board District 1, Position 1: (1 seat)

Gary Heine: 166

Wendy Linsey: 136

USD 251 District 2, Position 2: (1 seat)

David Goldsmith Jr.: 141

Lynn McAllister: 80

USD 251 District 3, Position 3: (1 seat)

Angela Anderson: 184

Erin Calhoun-Piper: 71

Matt Gehring: 67

USD 251 At-large (1 seat)

Matt Horton: 439

Thomas Cushing: 416

USD 252 Position 1 (1 seat)

Gene Windle: 196

Amanda Bess: 178

James Cole D Cassity: 68

USD 252 Position 4 (1 seat)

Kevin J. Flott: 427

Write-in total: 4

USD 252 Position 5 (1 seat)

Emily Darbyshire: 424

Write-in total: 5

USD 252 at large (1 seat)

Charles Steffes: 412

Write-in total 11

City of Admire Council (2 seats)

Robert D. Reust: 34

Write-in totals: 15

City of Allen Mayor

Charles Eastman: 48

City of Allen Council (2 seats)

Sidney S. Conger: 34

Write-in total: 27

City of Hartford Mayor

Kenny Hamman: 81

Write-in total 7

Hartford City Council Position 1

Jennifer Hamman: 60

Write-in total: 27

Hartford City Council Position 3:

Lori Fields: 88

Write-in total 3

Hartford City Council Position 5:

Yvonne R. Gardner: 90

Write-in total: 0

Americus City Council (3 seats)

Nicky Nuessen: 124

Larry (Stonie) Birk: 102

Veronica Dean: 75

Kayla Burton: 80

Jason Dye: 54

Bushong City Council (3 seats)

Aaron C. Atchison: 4

Henry Freeman: 4

Manuel L. Jackson: 4

Neosho Rapids City Council (5 seats)

Larry W. Massenthin: 37

Karla J. Mendoza: 41

Brian Shank: 51

Dallas Shepherd: 45

Write-in total: 53

Olpe City Council (2 seats)

Kyle Cole: 81

Write-in total: 14

Reading City Council (3 seats)

Marc Atchison: 26

Malonne Davies: 43

Billy D. Paige: 40

Write-in total: 33

Constitutional Amendment:

Yes: 3,237

No: 1,608

(7) comments


Susan Brinkman getting elected is the worst thing that has happened in emporia since Bruffs down town burnt down


I hope our new elected officials push the county to adopt online payment of property taxes. Our current paper system is obsolete and ridiculous. Congratulations!


Last time I was in the treasurers office (2013) I was told to come back with cash or I'd have to pay a 3.5% processing fee which was almost $60. Pain in the butt, but at least the Treasurer lady was nice and saved me that little extra money.


We now have proof that USD253 parents love their children more than USD251 parents.


No, we have proof that our patrons examined the proposed bond issue and decided that it was the best path for the district. 251's patrons decided differently.


It does say “Emporia” races. I guess they don’t care about anywhere else


How about north lyon county school board?

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