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Lyon County will receive more than $625,000 in funds through the Kansas Department of Transportation’s Off-System Bridge Improvement Program for fiscal year 2023, Gov. Laura Kelly and Secretary of Transportation Julie Lorenz announced Tuesday.

The $626,123.20 awarded to the county will go to the project 3.5 miles south and 3 miles east of Americus.

Lyon County was one of 13 counties chosen to receive a portion of the $7.5 million dedicated to bridge revitalization. In Kansas, there are more than 19,300 locally-owned bridges, of which 1,230 are in “poor” condition and an additional 3,844 are either unable to carry legal loads or accommodate modern truck sizes. Off-system bridges are located on roadways not otherwise eligible for federal aid.

“My administration is committed to improving the overall transportation system in our state, including bridges owned by cities and counties in need of long-overdue repairs,” Kelly said in a written release. “We look forward to fostering further partnerships among all levels of government to continue building the kind of robust, responsive infrastructure system that moves people and goods as efficiently as possible across Kansas and boosts our state and local economies.”

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If this was the Brownback administration, he'd have stolen all that money and put it into his lousy budget "shortfall" just like he did everything else. I wonder where that lousy crook is these days?

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