Lyon County Public Health officials reported 93 new positives for COVID-19 and six new recoveries, Wednesday afternoon, bringing the total number of active cases in the county to 682.

This is the highest number of active cases on record, as a statewide surge in cases continues.

To date, there have been 1,976 cases recorded in Lyon County since March including 1,253 recoveries and 41 deaths. There was one death certificate pending review at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Public Health officials are no longer able to confirm the number of local hospitalizations. To date, 111 hospitalizations have been reported.

“Due to inconsistent reporting from local sources, we are unable to report active hospitalizations at this time,” the database read.

According to the state’s hospitalization data, 118 Lyon County patients have been hospitalized since March. Of those patients, 110 have been discharged, 24 were ICU admissions and 13 required mechanical ventilation.

The Emporia Gazette has received multiple reports, Wednesday, that Newman Regional Health is currently at capacity.

According to McKenzie Cinelli, public information officer for Newman Regional Health, the hospital was seeing higher COVID in-patients.

“Yesterday, [Tuesday] we were at 11 COVID positive inpatients,” she said in an email to The Gazette. “Over the weekend, we reached 15. Along with many other Kansas hospitals, we are seeing high patient volumes regularly now that are putting us close to capacity. Due to timing of transfers and discharges, this is constantly changing.”

Newman Regional Health has six ICU beds, 25 regular beds and 21 staffed beds. A section of the hospital on the third floor had also been converted into a COVID unit.

The state added 5,853 cases to its pandemic total since Monday, increasing it to 128,594. The state reported 60 new COVID-19-related deaths over two days, making the total 1,326.

Hospitals around the country are seeing worsening conditions as the pandemic rages across the United States.

The number of people in the hospital with COVID-19 in the U.S. has doubled in the past month and set new records every day this week. As of Tuesday, more than 76,000 were hospitalized with the virus.

According to the Associated Press, newly confirmed infections per day in the U.S. have exploded more than 80% over the past two weeks to the highest levels on record, with the daily count running at close to 160,000 on average. Cases are on the rise in all 50 states. Deaths are averaging more than 1,155 per day, the highest in months.

The out-of-control surge is leading governors and mayors across the U.S. to grudgingly issue mask mandates, limit the size of private and public gatherings, ban indoor restaurant dining, close gyms or restrict the hours and capacity of various businesses. New York City’s school system suspended in-person classes Wednesday amid a mounting infection rate, a painful retreat in a corner of the country that had suffered mightily in the spring but had seemingly beaten back the virus months ago.

Cindy Samuelson, spokeswoman for the Kansas Hospital Association, said hospitals are converting spaces such as chapels and cafeterias for use by COVID-19 patients. In Reno, Nevada, Renown Regional Medical Center began moving some coronavirus patients into its parking garage.

In Topeka, Kansas, Stormont Vail Health devoted an entire hospital floor to COVID-19 patients as their numbers swelled, hitting 90 on Wednesday. The hospital also converted two surgery waiting rooms for use by non-infected patients, spokesman Matt Lara said.

Kansas health chief Dr. Lee Norman said a system that he likened to air traffic control for coronavirus patients is being put in place so nurses from rural hospitals can make a single call to find a larger hospital that can take their sickest patients. In some cases, nurses and doctors have been spending up to eight hours looking for a large hospital with an opening.

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Hollowed Ground

Nurses in SD report the hospitalized goobers there are denying Covid on their death bed. Their last dying gasp is, "It's all a hoax"! So in a way, Covid isn't all bad. That's probably not limited to SD. But it would be nice if the EG would report on our own Lyon County victims. Are they equally stupid? What are the front line workers hearing in the death wards?


Whole new level of viciousness.

You seem amused by other's suffering.

You're a sadist.


More liberal B.S. quit lying to the community.Pump up the numbers so you can get more money from the goverment so we have to pay more taxes.

Hollowed Ground

The money doesn't flow to individuals. It flows to socialist businesses who don't pay taxes on it.


It's liberal bs until you're mom, dad, or whoever dies from it then you're just stuck feeling stupid cause you think it's fake

A family friend had the same mentality until his dad got it and died and I really didn't have sympathy for him because he had the same idiotic response and sentiment you do. To me I laugh at people who get it and die from their own stupidity and lack of accepting reality

People care more about their right to be stupid and wrong than they do trying to protect their families and themselves



I followed the mask guidelines and I STILL got it. The mask did not stop me from getting it.

I didn't get any extra meds other than one breathing treatment. I didn't get a hospital stay. I got sent home. I was told to quarantine.

I have an autoimmune disease in addition to asthma. I get pneumonia typically twice each year after bouts of bronchitis. I survived. C19 presented as bronchitis in me. I already take steroids for my lungs so nothing else was prescribed.

My doctor did not want to prescribe hydroxychloroquine. So I started taking selenium, heavy doses of vitamin C, and zinc gluconate. I also added tonic water to my diet because of the quinine in it.

BTW Other meds weren't available at the time I got C19, just hydroxychloroquine but I couldn't get it.

I fired that doctor from Newman Regional Health.

No one around me at home got C19 even though I didn't wear a mask there.

So don't tell me you know anything more about C19 than I do. It is my right to be my own health advocate. I accept reality. The medical community failed me with their mandate. I live in reality daily. You are sadistic for laughing and making light of people who are suffering. You are sick.


Lol stop lyin.


And before you go with the snowflake / libtard nonsense .. I find both left and right to be equally ridiculous and terrible. Covid don't give a damn if you're left or right. Bullets don't care if you're left or right. Cancer don't care if you're left or right. Real issues don't care what side anyone is on everybody is in harm's way


According to an October Emporia Gazette article titled "Newman Regional Health Board discusses future of foundation," this was written:

"The hospital recorded $875,975 in inpatient revenue during the month, which was about 28 percent under budget."

So what kind of money can Newman charge by admitting a Covid patient?

Is there an incentive to "encourage" an increase in inpatients?

Are these patients receiving treatments or are they just under observation?

Timing is everything and it seems Newman's ship just sailed in. Convenient.

It's worth looking into.

Ryann Brooks Staff
Ryann Brooks

Two notes: The article you've linked was published in October 2019. We are set to speak with NRH to get more information on the current state of things at the hospital.



There a lot of unanswered questions I have. I will look forward to your reporting.


Your questions will have a higher chance of being answered if you let Ryann know what they are.


It's her article, not mine. She's the investigative journalist. Let's see where her questions lead her.


Not worth looking into . Go get covid and spread it to your family and see if it's fake for yourself


Another mouth breathing trog emerges from the cave.


Watchman, your response to RRM is equally inappropriate. You're being especially caustic in this thread, using terms like "sadist" and "mouth breathing trog." This behavior is beneath you--I've seen you engage before in much more productive and thoughtful ways.


That is unkind, RRM. I have had relatives and friends suffer with COVID-19. I personally know people who have succumbed to it. No level of disagreement with another person justifies wishing potentially deadly consequences on them. Ever.


The federal Coronavirus Task Force (which the President hasn't attended in at least 5 months) released a report this week that stated: "There is now aggressive, unrelenting, expanding broad community spread across the country, reaching most counties, without evidence of improvement but rather, further deterioration. Current mitigation efforts are inadequate and must be increased to flatten the curve to sustain the health system for both Covid and non-Covid emergencies."

I recall that the President told the country that America wouldn't be talking about Covid after November 3rd. Why can't the Republicans admit that they were taken in by a huckster who has zero interest in trying to control the spread of this virus? Let's pray that the Lyon County Commission reverses their prior decision to not require proven methods of reducing community transmission by fashioning a local face covering solution in accordance with the new executive order of Governor Kelley. Otherwise, we may have to "opt in" to a statewide mandate.


Clarification: Although the County Commission did enact a mask mandate effective November 6th, such is without a sufficient enforcement mechanism. As currently written, the county mandate will expire on January 14th. The only mechanism for enforcement of the county ordinance rests with the prior authority given to the county health officer under K.S.A. 65-129b to order a person into quarantine if medically necessary. The City of Emporia's mask mandate includes an escalating series of fines ranging from $25 - $100.


Wow, this is terrible... it's unfortunate that any minor inconvenience like simply wearing a mask is viewed as many lives could have been saved.


People here are almost all wearing masks, Aim_High, and have been throughout the pandemic. The single biggest reason for the recent uptick -- the curve we all sacrificed to flatten in the spring and summer -- is undoubtedly largely attributable to the reopening of the university and the decision to go ahead with in-person K-12 education as opposed to remote learning.

The majority of lives lost here were lost early on, before Remdesivir was approved and/or available, along with convalescent plasma. It's also hoped that adding bamlanivimab to the toolbox will improve recoveries.

Right now, though, the lack of available hospital beds here and in the larger cities where local Covid patients had been being transferred is of grave concern, and the overwhelming majority of people are taking this very seriously. Still, the fact that 50 percent or more of people who test positive are asymptomatic is a mountain to climb in any working class community like ours, where most residents are "essential workers."

An Expatriate Emporian

Wait, what? "almost all wearing masks"? Where were you earlier in the summer when people were galavanting around wal-mart, bluestem, and various restaurants (do you recall the abject mocking of people wearing masks of customers as well as employees). I mean even the employees at the Phillips 66 on E12th only recently started wearing masks because and I quote, "because management told us we had to". So no, "almost all wearing masks" is not what had been happening there around Emporia for the bulk of the year.


Give credit where credit is due, though. Reframing "inconvenience" as "infringement" is brilliant. By creating confusion between the two, the powers-that-be have strengthened their hold on their base. Machiavellian as it may be, it has been effective.


How to define "at capacity". is it bed capacity, or the number of staff available to care for these very sick patients? Healthcare workers are getting sick too, or home with a positive family member. How many covid positive or suspected patients are inundating the ED every day? How long are transfers delayed due to all area hospitals- they are at capacity. It. is bad. Mask up or stay home.


There are other patients in the hospital and COVID pts either need to be in pressurized rooms or isolated to specific hospital areas.


The hospital is classified by the federal government as a "critical access" hospital, meaning that they can have a maximum of 24 beds filled at any given time. Of course the hospital is capable of housing more patients than that, but in order to secure greater federal funding, they voluntarily placed this artificial restriction on the hospital.


The hospital is licensed for 25 in- patients, plus observation beds, SDS beds, Rehab beds, ER, and nursery beds. They are not limited to only 24 beds at any given time. Know your facts.


They're not sending their best.

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